Thursday, February 23, 2017

I’m Offended......BY: Herrin

I’m Offended

I’m offended by people that believe their views are automatically correct even though their ‘evidence’ runs no deeper than feelings.
I’m offended by tribal dogma. Otherwise known as argument from popularity, this is the idea that because a lot of other people in my tribe believe the same thing it must be correct.
I’m offended by censorship of any kind. That’s right I’m a free speech absolutist. And yes, this means allowing yourself to hear things you or I may find deeply offensive or even hurtful. Turn off. Log out. Switch off, and grow up.
I’m offended by media outlets that treat their audience like children, no matter what side of the political spectrum they’re on. If you want to be able to call yourself a journalist, your job is to present the facts and then allow people to make up our own minds. Yes we have commentators, and they’re allowed to speak or publish without fear of censorship, but they should allow others the same freedom.
I’m offended by people that justify fascist behaviour under the guise of anti-fascist rhetoric.
I’m offended by people that post anti-science nonsense without referring to any hard evidence whatsoever.
I’m offended by people that are unable to withstand rational, reasonable criticism of ideas, without crying, shutting down and taking it personally.
I’m offended by people who say “I support free speech but…”. These people do not support free speech. Typically they only want free speech when it’s in line with their world view.
I’m offended by people that look at the skin colour, religion, gender or political affiliation of a person in order to know how to act, rather than the quality of their communication and their arguments. It’s entirely possible to agree with someone you don’t like. It’s also possible to disagree with someone you do like. In fact it’s a sign of a healthy, dynamic mind.
I’m offended by people that claim to value diversity and yet reject the most important kind there isIntellectual diversity.
I’m offended by being told to feel bad about something I had no part in. Intergenerational guilt is a mental cancer and only succeeds in hurting those that take it on board and those we’re supposedly having ‘empathy’ for.
I’m offended by people that use accusations of racism, sexism, or bigotry to shut down debate, thereby insulting those in the past and present that have actually experienced them.
I’m offended by people that think being offended counts as a valid argument.
I’m offended by people that have no appreciation for the role that irony and humour play in a free society.
I’m offended by the need to look for simplistic answers in a complex world both inside and out. I prefer to admit I don’t know than to pretend I have answers that are wrong.

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