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Sovereignty is better than the global independence

In vain Ukraine complains that its not allowed in Europe. Since in Kiev to establish a puppet government, signs of Europeanization are visible to the naked eye. Moreover, now nenku can rightfully be considered part of the global world.

For example, we can understand what sovereignty is different from globalism.

Andlariscy like Konstantin Dushenov, calling to prepare for the impending Third World war, do not understand the point: the global war of globalists is not needed, because it carries risks for themselves. Russia would like to incite local wars such as Georgia or Ukraine. Or with the Kazakh Salafis, if in Kazakhstan there is a change of elites. Unlikely to remain on the sidelines and Belarusian nationalists, as soon as Dad leaves his throne.

It is easily predictable scenarios.

But there is quite natural question: and why should we resist? Is it bad to live in close-knit family of Western democracies? To prosper, to study in prestigious universities, to be treated by the best doctors, to ride on flat roads on a beautiful car, and after retirement, to travel the world.

Of course, to live richly — good. But the increase of our wealth has nothing to do with the EU or some other Western project.

All of the above dreams of high salaries and pensions fit in the capacious formula of the Euromaidan: I want to lace panties and the EU. Unfortunately, dreams were unattainable from the outset. Rather, just the opposite: after doubling, tripling of fees for communal, which was a prerequisite prior to the widespread introduction of European way of life, the Ukrainians can stay without pants.

Meanwhile, the process of impoverishment of the population, loss of sovereignty, is quite natural. And it's not in the treacherous Europeans, lured Ukraine into a trap — the Europeans themselves are having a hard time. And not only them.

M- Il is undergoing a transformation — multinational corporations attempt to replace government. TNCs have a different logic and different values, there is no place where the problems of the people — only profit. It's as if your colleague missed work due to the fact that he needed to care for elderly parents, but would require a salary along with all. How long would the Director of the company at their own expense, such a slave?

TNCs do not understand why they should get in everyday problems: just careless worker retires, its fate the company is not interested. Governments worries more — it should not only contribute to filling the budget, that is, getting the government "profit", but also to provide a comfortable living for those who do not work for objective reasons — children, pensioners, disabled people, etc.

Of course, not all countries can boast that they have enough money for the poor. But no country will never publicly proclaim that throws with this concern. Unlike multinational corporations such humane goals not even set.

You can verify this on the example of Ukraine. Kiev puppets suddenly did something that could not decide their predshestvennikov: multiply increased prices for housing and communal services. Anyone can understand that such a drastic step will inevitably lead to the total impoverishment of the already poor gromadyan or loss of their property. And to hell with them. Not fit into the market — even die.

From the point of view of TNCs, since it is written by them of the government's Directive is economically justified, then it is enough — the numbers on the calculator speak for themselves. They act in the logic of large factories fired unnecessary employees, not to pay them a salary. That "extra" Ukrainians just "cut".

In fact, in the Ukraine soon will earn only those who are lucky enough to get a any position in a subsidiary of TNK: JP Morgan Chase, General Electric, Citigroup, AT&T, Wal-Mart, Pfizer, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, American Express, Boeing, Google. Choose according to taste and pass competitive selection. And hold tight for the work — humiliated, flatter, substitute colleagues.

In other words, for the active population of the Ukrainian metamorphosis do not represent a problem — it seems to young people that they will always be winners. In the more Mature and experienced reasonable doubt. For example, not everyone is willing to meanness for the sake of a warm place with a good salary, and it is this quality, like other unearned relations often help to move up the career ladder.

Cate of transnational corporations, which are implemented quite inhuman methods of governance, radically different from the humanitarian tasks of any government. Consequently, for the population's sovereignty is preferable.

It is no coincidence that the main component of the TTIP (Transatlantic trade and investment partnership), this giant of the free economic zone, are arbitration, which decision will be more important than national courts. The human dimension ceases to exist, TNK insist that disputes be dealt with under other laws, taking into account their economic interests. In practice, this is likely to mean that the employee will never be able to win from your employer. Fire will be without any explanation.

The European Union has been partaking of the delights of the influence of TNCs. Almost a million Parisians came out in 2012 on the streets to protest against same-sex marriages — in response to Francois Hollande signed the decree, and same-sex unions become legal. Not going anywhere, and Catholic Italy. Changed the attitude to non-traditional marriage, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other politicians of the world level. And Ukraine, too, will have to put up with rainbow parades.

This does not mean that transnational corporations are so fond of gays. But once gays have no effect on making a profit, then nobody cares that this crumbling public foundations. More precisely, the destruction of the social fabric — one of the goals of the ongoing evolution. So gays as a battering RAM are quite suitable.

Russia dared to challenge the TNCs and therefore must be punished. And not just challenged, fascinated and harmful ideas of many politicians in Europe, where do not end up obsolete obsolete such categories as morality or patriotism. Where States still consider themselves responsible for the lives of all its citizens, including the unemployed and the poor.

Of course, in the Kremlin understand the problem. That is why the very same Nord stream – 2" is planned to build in cooperation with transnational corporations Royal Dutch Shell, E. ON, BASF, OMV. That they will affect the German government, which has already Julita, and other multinationals with whom it is easier to find common language than us. What the outcome of the dispute between TNCs seeking to isolate Russia, and those who want to work with us and make a profit, yet no one can really say.

Today those who wish to rein in Moscow and put in a common stall, much more. But they have some difficulties.

Like Iraq or Libya, to us impossible, though the destruction would be a solution to many problems of globalization. At war with its neighbors to trigger also failed. So when the other tried and tested method: the construction of the iron curtain, the isolation. What is also quite logical.

"Russia and China are able to use sophisticated and deceptive tools of soft power beyond its borders, and these tools seem more efficient than in the past. Tactics is asymmetric and disruptive nature, including deception and disinformation, which is quite difficult to fight," admits The Washington Post. Among the problems named Russia Today TV channel and Chinese CCTV News.

I think Russia Today with its harmful for TNCs information will soon stop broadcasting in many Western countries that will be the marker that the process has begun. No one will remember about freedom of speech, when at stake is tens of trillions. It will be difficult to shut off the Internet, transnational corporations still rely on the help of Twitter and other social networks for the destruction of rogue States from the inside.

Non know what makes me optimistic? I recently was told by knowledgeable people, the foreign Ministry has tired of isolation — ever since, as it was declared, the foreign Ministry staff work 12 – 14 hours daily, including weekends. They continuously prepare material for the next visit to Moscow always visit the emissaries from around the world and about something are whispered with our policies. Not only with Putin, Medvedev or Lavrov, about than generally known, but also with those who are of lower rank.

In defiance of the TNK, Russia gave hope to the patriots — the supporters of sovereignty in different countries, including European ones. They suddenly saw that nothing was finally resolved, the total resistance may dictate.

And we don't mind having like-minded people. In the end, the world better get used to it.
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