Saturday, May 14, 2016

Australian mom reveals photos of her new born quintuplets

Australian mom reveals photos of her new born
Kim Tucci was definitely a proud and happy new mom when she took a picture after giving birth to quintuplets, all of them safe and healthy. She released a series of beautifully composed professional shots with these cuties two days ago, which have gained quite a bit of attention.
Tucci, the 26-year-old mom from Perth, Australia, had one boy and four girls through natural birth this past January. All five babies weighted over a kilogram at birth. They were kept under special care for six weeks in an ICU before they became strong enough to be brought home.
Before the quintuplets, the Tuccis had two little girls already. Mrs. Tucci also has a nine-year-old boy from a previous marriage. Taking care of seven toddlers under five has been quite a challenge. The young couple has to change 350 diapers per week, and feed each toddler eight times a day. Tough as it is, the Tuccis believe that this is the best time in their lives.

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