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American bases in Eastern Europe clearly violate the INF Treaty between Russia and the United States

American bases in Eastern Europe clearly violate  the INF Treaty between Russia and the United States 
NATO's strategy against Russia
May 13 in Poland, took place the groundbreaking ceremony of the complex of the US missile defense in Poland. Two years later, the Polish missile base will reach full combat readiness and with the Romanian base will become part of the American anti-missile shield.
Based in Poland, and a similar facility in Romania, will be placed medium-range missiles. In other words, there is no guarantee that the bases will be placed missile, and not, say, cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.
Americans, as before, confined to empty phrases-excuses. They say that the ballistic program is currently developing a variety of countries, and the United States should guarantee to European allies security.

However, the European allies do not differ a consensus view about the us anti-missile bases. Former speaker of the Belgian Parliament lode Vanoost believes that the purpose of the complex is not a defense, and the isolation of Russia.
In other words, anything the history of the West teaches. Every hundred years a collective gather an army and advance in the campaign against Russia. Without innovation, of course, is not complete. For example, economic duct tape named Barack Obama tried, but did not have to operate the old fashioned way.
NATO missile defense base already installed in Spain, Germany, Turkey and Romania. After the construction of a missile defense system in Poland, a similar system will ask Estonia.
The highest political circles downright okazyvayut American ambassadors, addressing numerous requests for the construction of NATO infrastructure in the country. Apparently, I can't wait to Balts to become a target for the Russian Iskander.

Generally around Russia created a dense ring of military bases of NATO. Just look at the map below one hundred percent probability to determine who built all those military installations.
The already mentioned Lod Vanoost believes that the establishment of additional military bases the US is trying to gain a foothold in Europe and at the same time to strengthen the faith of allies in the Alliance led by them.
This strategy also includes the statement of the commander of US ground forces in Europe Ben Hodges about the need to create the military of the Schengen area in Europe. Americans want not only to ensnare Europe with its network of bases, but also to freely travel across Europe on tanks.
Polish missile defense base will serve 300 military personnel of the United States. Military of Poland as the Germans, and at US bases in Germany, bases ABOUT the United States is not expected. Most interesting is that the European elite itself welcomes the American occupation. The Polish politicians did not hide their happiness at the solemn ceremony of a bookmark of the base ABOUT the United States.

In General, Europe other than the theater of the absurd will not name. Talk to the EU leadership at this point in time is useless, a reasonable position reflect only former politicians, candidates and a small part of the media.
However, if the European elite is ripe for a dialogue – Russia is always ready to it. Meanwhile, Europe leaves Russia no choice but to prepare for possible hot phase of the conflict.
Ilya Novitsky
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