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"Jewish mafia - a threat to humanity" And we all see proof of this: in the war of the Ukraine.

 70% ownership of the former RSFSR was in the hands of 200 Jewish families

The excerpt from the article volume of the unknown author (a link to the source, alas, no longer works) "Jewish mafia - a threat to humanity". Judging by the dates in the text, the article was written just over 10 years ago. But, strange to say, she's not in the least lost its relevance. But on the contrary, the designated problem became only the more acute. And we all see proof of this: the war in the Ukraine.

Just look at the results of perestroika in the economy, politics, law and the media, to understand how it fits into Jewish goals and objectives. But the Jews understood this long before the radical changes in the life of the USSR.
Let me remind you to the highest degree typical "Resolution" of the all-Union conference of readers of the magazine "Sovetish geimland" ("Soviet homeland"):

"Gathered 21 September 1989 at the all-Union conference of readers of the magazine "Sovetish geimland", representatives of the Jewish intellectuals of the thirty cities of the Soviet Union – writers, painters, composers, historians, publicists, artists, teachers, together with lovers of Jewish literature, Jewish culture and art state that at this turn in our society Soviet Jews, the creative power of the Jewish people attribute the fate of their culture with perestroika" (the Restructuring and the Jewish question. – M., AXO, 1989. – Vol. I, p. 10). Bet, as you can see, was made with certainty.
To quote a modern political scientist Sergei Kara-Murza: "the Jews in the crucial moments of acute crises in Russia were active and influential part of the revolutionary or ruling minority, and their participation in the current "reform" disproportionately large - even if not in the form of security officer in leather coat with a revolver, and in the form of an expert Advisor, banker and ideologue.
They took over the functions of a RAM, crushing the “old regime”. They are the most selfless modernizers and Westernizers, the implementers of the projects that the Russians seem to be most disastrous" (hereinafter allocated by me. – A. S.).
In support of his thesis Kara-Murza cites the following statistics: "that the West created the best of possible societies and we need to follow the West, agreed, 13.2 percent Russians and 52.5 per cent of the Jews.
According to a survey by 1991, perestroika was already seen as a disaster. Of a half dozen “eras” in the history of Russia, which had to evaluate all the Nations it occupies one of last places as the worst. Only among Jewish respondents, the restructuring came in first place" (Great internationalism. - “Pravda-5” No. 19/96).
This statistic is extremely telling. She talks about whose interests actually are behind all the transformations in the sphere of economy, external and internal policy of Russia of the last decade.
It is impossible not to tell about the sinister factor of the Jewish-Russian confrontation, highlighted during the predatory privatizationin the reform process and the approval of the new regime in General, in the sphere of ideological struggle in the media, especially on television.
Frankly antagonistic divergence of views on the past, present and future of Russia and the Russian characteristic of Russian and Jewish mentality, which did not bother the Jews: neither of those, it was ruled that the reform was designed in accordance with ideology or those that are justified, promoted and supported these reforms in the media, nor those that participated in the section of the Soviet of people's property rights, or those that tried to remake the very spirit "of this country."
Privatization (in other words, the total plunder of national wealth) has led to a significant result: approximately 70% ownership of the former RSFSR was in the hands of 200 Jewish families. The largest owners in modern Russia are Jews.
Russian aluminum was the Jews - brothers of Black, then Abramovich and Deripaska, the Russian oil – Abramovich, Deripaska, Mamut, with Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, etc. Largest financial flows sent and send the Jews of Smolensk, Aven, Fridman, Rappoport, Malkin, Khodorkovsky, Gusinsky, Berezovsky... etc.
Jews – Mamut, Berezovsky, Abramovich, appeared in the role personal bankers (cashiers) Yeltsin, ensuring their financial requests.
Of particular note is the role of Jews in the management of the economy, the sad results of which are obvious: the Russian economy destroyed, the country dropped thirty years ago the level of development, external debt reached $ 150 billion to pay for it Russia already has shares in enterprises of strategic importance, a quarter of its budget (!!!) out for servicing the loan. Meanwhile, all these years at the helm of the economy were Jews: Livshits, Urinson, Chubais, Nemtsov, Yasin, Yegor Gaidar, Yevgeny Primakov, Sergei Kiriyenko (Israel), it's their "merit"...
Foreign policy was defined first, the Jews Kozyrev and Primakov. The most disastrous outcome of foreign policy was the fall of Russia to the status of the US satellite. And the most dangerous Outlook is anti-Muslim and anti-Chinese Union of three countries: America, Israel and Russia.
After September 11, 2001, this prediction has been coming true at a frightening pace. As a result of this policy Russia was embroiled in numerous conflicts with the Muslim world (although we share with Muslims in principle, nothing), and now even our traditionally good relations with Arab countries, built over decades, became more difficult.
In domestic policy, a great role was played by Yeltsin's advisors. There was a time when 9 from 7 official advisers were Jews. A particularly sinister role played Livshits, Leo, Buchanan, Satarov, pain, Arbatov, Starovoitova, whose opinions Yeltsin was very dear to him, the literary Secretary of Yeltsin-Yumashev...
On the surface of political life constantly flashed and flashed not only pure Jews, but half-breeds: generals Rutskoy, Nikolaev and lawyers, professional politicians, Zhirinovsky, Yavlinsky, Khakamada (prapanca-poluvrak), Nemtsov, Kiriyenko (Israel), etc. with rare exceptions (Rokhlin) these are the same enemies of the Russian people, like the above.
Moscow – the huge capital of the huge state - managed Luzhkov (a quarter Jewish, a quarter of the Bashkirs), based on the Jews and the mongrels (resin, music and more.etc.).
The mainstream media is in the hands of the Jews: NTV, ORT, TV-6, REN-TV, radio "Echo of Moscow", the largest newspaper "Today", "Kommersant", "Independent", "Novye Izvestia", "Moskovsky Komsomolets", "Novaya Gazeta" and many others. etc.
An army of TV, radio and journalists of Jewish descent or related to Jewish (like TV presenter Kiselev – the husband Jewish, the Marina Shakhova Gelievna in charge of NTV advertising business) safely controls the spiritual life of Russian country. Jewish theme does not descend from screens of TVs, pages of Newspapers, as if not Russia, and Israel.
Empathy for Jews, respect for their problems imposed on viewers and readers. So much so, that in Russia, which suffered enormous losses during world war II and saved your blood, among other things, the world Jewry from world destruction, the Russian Jewish Congress intends to organize the teaching in schools of the Holocaust! The audacity is incredible!
The Jews have penetrated even there, where they for some time were not allowed in the FSB, MVD, Prosecutor's office, the Ministry of justice. More recently, two Deputy Minister of justice – Adushkin and renew – were Jews (the second now moved to Arbitration); in the security Council worked the Jews Baturin, Berezovsky, Savostyanov; the Prosecutor of the Central district of Moscow today – Buksman, a Jew; former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the eagles, now an Israeli citizen, a Jew; saying about the Jewish blood in the veins of the former interior Minister Rushailo, currently heading the security Council... etc.
The Jews were determined in the past decade and the national policy of Russia. This is foreign Minister Kozyrev, who had drawn Russia into an international agreement on migration and human rights, and adviser to Yeltsin on ethnic relations – Emil pain and his scientific consultant Mukomel, head of the Federal migration service of the Regent, the Minister for nationalities Sapiro...
In short, we can safely say that under Yeltsin, Russia is once again, as in 1917-1937, was under the yoke of the Jews. And the Russians once again pay tribute to them with their blood and national treasure.
And again, as in the era of the revolution, Jews destroy Russian elite. Just before they did, physically slaughtered her, and today trading in the most mentally capable, talented Russian men and beautiful Russian girls, directing them to established pipeline to work abroad.
Deflate the elite of tomorrow of Russia, behead our people, deprive the country of choice, best of gene pool. Especially notable in this case, the Soros Foundation, but not just him.
At the same time the Jews sent to Russia, the migration flows from third world countries, including the Asian republics of the former USSR, seeking to weaken, liquefy the Russian state-forming ethnos (the authors of the literally lethal to us the Concept of Russia's state policy on migration – referred to Jews pain and Mukomel). They understand that this policy, already used in the USA, will help them to consolidate their dominance forever.

YELTSIN did not divide Jews into "us" and "them". For him, married to a Jew, Naina Iosifovna (according to the Halacha, the law of the Jewish people, the daughters and, accordingly, Yeltsin's grandchildren – Jews), the Jews were "his own".
He loved them, pointedly approaching, preferred to consult with them. The only "victim" in his reign the Jew – banker Smolenskiy – clover lives in Austria, turning a lot of money. The bankruptcy that befell him in Russia and which ruined millions of investors "SBS-agro", not brought him nothing but new big private money.
Putin, it seems, divides Jews into "us" and "them". Although his "persecution" some Jews seem to me to be extremely ostentatious and fake. The "alien" Jews – Berezovsky, Gusinsky – were forced to leave Russia, but preserved life, liberty, and the bulk of their capital. Abramovich lost the Kremlin, but received as a "compensation" gold Chukotka.
Beginning, contrary to the assertions of Putin, behind-the-scenes redistribution of property is gaining momentum, but this does not mean that the property is transferred from Jewish hands – in Russian: no, the Jews divide it among themselves.
For example, in the aluminum business have decreased the proportion of Black brothers, but grew the share of Abramovich and Deripaska, etc. the most prosperous business groups are always in favor of the Kremlin, is still "alpha group" (Aven, Fridman, Rappoport). The ten most successful businessmen of Russia consists of seven Jews, one Azeri (according to some sources, Azerbaijani Jew), and only two Russians.
With Putin in power came new Jews: armaments Minister Klebanov, Minister of communications Reiman, Minister of culture Shvydkoi and others. "Uncrowned king" of Putin's native St. Petersburg was Kogan. Commission on closed articles of the budget (army, police, defence and space industry, etc.) to the budget Committee of the state Duma was headed by the Jew Reznik, a businessman, was not acquired julkisesti "Gosstrakh", and today part of the Pro-presidential faction "Unity".
Does not lose its value in the economy and politics the most sinister figure of the Yeltsin regime – Jew Anatoly Chubais, who, as you know, Putin owes a lot to the career.
Even sadder is the fact that two persons which have the greatest influence today on the formation of the basic constants of the Kremlin's policy, both internal and external, are Jews. This is the head of the presidential Administration Alexander Voloshin, who is aware of the "international Jewish newspaper" called "Jewish nobleman in the Kremlin" and the President of the Foundation for effective politics, a popular political consultant Gleb Pavlovsky. They to a great extent "pulled" on his election campaign of Putin, and he is grateful to them for that.
Also apparent complete dependence of the Russian President of international Jewry, most clearly manifested in the economy – by securing the rights of foreign investors and the adoption of the Land code, and in politics – the country's engagement of Russia in a new war with Afghanistan (read – with the world of Islam in General) as a us-Israeli satellite.
We can assume that with the departure of Yeltsin era Jewish domination in Russia is not only not ended, but rather strengthened than ever.

In RUSSIA today is concentrated the third largest Jewish community in the world. In the first place – America (about 6 million), followed by Israel (about 5 million). On the one hand, everything seems to be clear: “the Jewish community of the former Soviet Union... continues to be the third largest in the world. It is home to more than two million Jews (in Russia - more than a million, in Ukraine - about 600 thousand, in Belarus - about 120 thousand)...” (“international Jewish newspaper”, No. 13/96).
But, for example, sociologist Rosalina Ryvkina indicates that the Jews in Russia by the beginning of 1996 there are only 345 thousand (Jews in post-Soviet Russia – who are they? – M., 1996. – S. 5).
A Jewish publicist Leonid Radzikhovsky in the article “Jewish happiness” contradiction: “Of the 150 million inhabitants of Russia about 600 thousand Jews on the passport. More than a million - “half-breeds”. If you add their families, we receive at least three million people, located in a “Jewish area” (“New Russian word” 17.01.96).
Who is right? Hard to say. Between these data there are large differences, but one way or another and there is relative certainty.
However, on the other hand, an interesting phenomenon is observed: “According to the 1989 census, the Jewish population of Novosibirsk was 9000 people. General demographic processes associated with fertility decline, the natural decline and the impact of emigration, it would seem, should have led to the reduction of the Jewish population.
However, its strength remains unchanged, as introduced in the last ten years, the possibility of familiarizing with national culture has revealed the hidden past of the Jewish population by providing free self-identification in the context of world historical processes” (“international Jewish newspaper” No. 15/97).
This phenomenon is observed not only in Novosibirsk, but also in the entire former Soviet Union, where millions of pre-revolutionary Jewry were added during the Second world war, many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Polish Jews. (Only in the Russian Empire, together with Poland, in 1897 the Jews numbered five and-a-half million; by 1939, increased by another two generations.)
Most are to some extent dissolved or mimicry by the 1980s, the years (to be a Jew was not profitable for the career). But secretly mimicry was weighed and with the beginning of perestroika came out of the shadows, demonstrating the persistence of Jewish ideas, Jewish nature. A typical example of a comedian Khazanov, who at the Soviet power have always been made by Ossetians, but as soon as “it became possible”, in a loud voice talked about his Jewishness and made a career take off.
Antisemite (dissimilation): here's what we waited for! Under the influence of the purposive will of the Jewish leaders, stimulated by monetary prizes, went active process of identifying latent Jewry, its true all over the world and de-Russification.
So dissolved in the tank of the metal particles, is put into the solution a cathode and an anode, begin to flock to one place and form a homogeneous clean ingot. And if you don't spring out of solution electrodes (in the framework of this metaphor – the Russian Jewish Congress [RIVERS] and the Congress of Jewish religious communities and organizations of Russia [KEROOR]), this process will go until the end until the metal will not reunite all their molecules...
And if only! Avraham Burg, Chairman of the Jewish Agency, expressed exactly one of modern Jewry: “considering the growing assimilation of Jews in the world, shoving us mixed families and “half-breeds” and the gap between them and all the people of Israel would be a grave mistake.
If family members of a Jew - his children, spouse are ready to identify themselves with the Jewish people, to associate with him his fate and join him, the solution must be sought to facilitate the process of convert these people, and their eventual accession to the Jewish people, and not to sacrifice a huge part of Diaspora Jews” (“international Jewish newspaper”, No. 12/96).
It is a shame, it is sometimes necessary to state the Judaization of the members of the other ethnic groups of the former USSR, including Russians. Paradox! A small nation assimilates large...
SO, just to answer today, how many Russian Jews - impossible. (I personally think that the rights Radzikhovsky: the Jews and became related with them persons is about 3 million Especially it should be borne in mind that according to statistics, 58% of Jewish women and 56% of Jewish men were in the USSR in mixed marriages.) But there are representative data on Jewish organizations, which allows indirectly judge the representation of Jews in our country. Let's call some of them selectively.

In Russia in General: HAMA, “Hawa”, the JDC, the Vaad, b'nai b'rith, Beitar, Beit Hillel, the Jewish Agency, world Zionist organization, the Russian Jewish Congress, Irgun Zioni - and mn. etc. 
Just as in Russia there are about five hundred Jewish associations of different directions - youth, female, sports, religious, etc.” (Jews unite. - “Russian Telegraph” 30.09.97).

In 1998 created a new significant Association of the Jewish national-cultural autonomy of the Russian Federation “the Jewish community of Russia” (ASSESSMENT). Three co-chairs elected chief Rabbi of Russia Adolf Shaevich, Executive Vice President of the RIVERS Alexander Osovtsov and President of the Federation of Jewish organizations and communities - Vaad - Michael Members (Vaad reconciled, reconciled with Recom - and admitted to “the Assembly”).
The founders of the new Association of eight regional Jewish national-cultural autonomy of Moscow, Kabardino-Balkaria, Sverdlovsk, Perm, Rostov, Kostroma, Penza and Novosibirsk regions. The number of regional ASSESSMENT is growing rapidly.

In Moscow: Jewish scientific center of RAS, Israeli film club at the cinema Museum on Krasnaya Presnya, the Jewish Academy. Maimonides, the Institute for the study of Israel and the Middle East, five synagogues, charitable center “HAMA”, fair employment, children's camps situated near Moscow “the Crystal”, “Mendeleevo” and “Pushkino”, ulpans - the Kinneret and the other, a youth club “Hillel”, SPC “Holocaust”, club “the Ark”, School of conservative Judaism, etc.

In cities (excluding municipalities):
- Astrakhan: the Jewish home, uniting community organizations, Jewish lecture;
- Barnaul: Altai center for Jewish culture, Hebrew school, youth club;
- Bryansk: Jewish Sunday school, youth club, charity organization “Hesed Tikva”, club Dating;
- Kazan: the vocal Quartet “Lehaim”, dance ensemble “Simcha”. All organizations of the city have decided to unite the newly elected Council of the United communities under the auspices of the RIVERS;
- Kaluga: Jewish cultural and educational society “Shemesh”, the club “na'ale”;
- Kemerovo: the Society of Jewish culture, the service of charity “Chesed” (JDC), youth club;
- Kineshma: Society of Jewish culture “Meeting,” youth club;
- Kostroma: club “Green tea”, the Association of Jews with disabilities “Chevrot-Hasad”, the regional ASSESSMENT;
- Krasnodar: Society of Jewish culture “Shalom”;
- Nalchik: “In community life there is a tendency towards consolidation: the mountain Jews, recently reached “Ashkenazi”. This contributes to the effective work of the charity center “Hesed”... Sponsors the work of the charity centre in Nalchik joint” (“MEG” № 1/97);
- Nizhny Novgorod: charitable Foundation “Hesed Sarah”, branch RIVERS, Open Jewish University;
- Novokuznetsk: the Association of Jewish culture;
- Novosibirsk: charity Fund “Esther”, a Regional ASSESSMENT, a Department of the Jewish Agency, the Israeli information and cultural center;
- Eagle: Jewish cultural center “Shofar” unites all Jewish organizations of the city: Jewish Sunday school, women's organization “Kesher”, a youth center;
- Orenburg: the Center for Jewish culture, the youth theatre, its own newspaper as a liner in the regional (!) the newspaper;
- Perm: Perm municipal community, “the Society for progressive Judaism”, sport club “Maccabi”, “Yad Ezra”, Jewish cultural centre “menorah”. Perm organises Jewish cultural autonomy;
- Saratov: city ASSESSMENT, charitable organization “Hesed” (JDC), Jewish school, Jewish film club;
- Smolensk: in the Jewish public-cultural center successfully operate a Sunday school, a branch of the Jewish Agency, the youth branch of the “Beit Hillel”, youth club of the Jewish charity Fund “Hesed Akiva”;
- Taganrog: Society of Jewish culture “Lech”, a youth club, Sunday Jewish school, the Jewish community of the city. From city authorities obtained a room for Jewish libraries;
- Ulyanovsk: cultural and educational society “Shalom”;
- Khabarovsk: secular children's Sunday school. Funding community life is carried out by JDC and local philanthropists is gaining momentum, the regional office of the RIVERS;
- Yaroslavl: charitable center “Hesed Rachel”, it is the senior citizens ' club, videoclub, chess club, choir “Sing in Yiddish”, a circle of national Jewish cuisine, youth club, children's Sunday school, library, synagogue, Museum of history of the Jewish community of Yaroslavl.

The above sample allows you to imagine how active, lively Jewish activities are carried out in Russian cities, regardless of the size of the community (for example, in Khabarovsk - 12 thousand Jews, and in Kostroma - 700; 650-thousand Yaroslavl - just 2.5 thousand Jews, i.e. 0,38% of the population, and the noise very much).
In almost every issue of the “International Jewish newspaper” there is a large number of activities of various Jewish organizations of Russia. All events - national Jewish specificity, all aimed at the revival and consolidation of the Jewish traditions. Involvement in the circle of his people, his “flock” all-new “the lost sheep of the House of Israel” - and even proselytes.
The result? Many hundreds of thousands of Jews left the lands of the former USSR, but here's the miracle: neither the number nor the impact of them here have not diminished. Radzikhovsky mentioned in the same article writes: “the Jews in Russia today, after 20 years of continuous emigration of young and most energetic of them was stronger than it was 20 years ago”. (Which begs the image of a Hydra, whose heads immediately place cut down grow two new).
Every Jew living in Russia by the very fact of its existence strengthens the Jewish community in the country, serves as a support for the plans of the leaders of Russian Jewry. Since the Russian Jews are mostly well educated and occupy a significant position in business, politics and media, it is clear that the number of Jews is also the problem of quality of the Jewish community.
I should add also that the Jews leave the former USSR to Israel and back. So, according to the official statistics, 15% of Jews who left the Ukraine for "homeland", returned to "prehistoric".
In Russia this percentage is unknown, but he hardly less. Anyway, long known a number of such "re-returnees". Their return marked effect not only on quantitative but also on qualitative parameters of the Jewish community, since migrants are the most active part of the nation, and is configured strongly with a heightened survival instinct.
The escalation of tensions in the middle East will inevitably lead to a mass return of the Jews in Russia. For us Russians, it was tantamount to disaster. But not only for us.

UNDOUBTEDLY, the emigration of Jews to Israel is a danger to the Arab world. It's understandable. But a much greater danger to the Arabs (and all humanity) will represent Russia in the case of the Jewish domination in it will become stronger and will take the same character as in the USA. And it still goes to that.
If today throw all the Jews out of Israel, to "throw Israel into the sea", the Jews will again be scattered in different countries of the world will make their way there to key positions in the most important spheres of life and the combined might of all those countries overwhelm their opponents.
The Jews gathered in one place – in Israel, may be overcome if the peoples who know the detrimental role of this tribe and the whole weight of his yoke, will act together. With the Jews scattered around the world, but occupying key positions in the Finance and politics of the different countries, to cope, no one can and never. For it means that the financial, political and other resources of all these countries will be put at the service of Jewish supremacy. It should be clearly understood.
Russia the story is set today in a key position of the country, where the fate of the new world order or, to speak plainly, the fate of the world Jewish domination.
If the Jewish yoke in Russia will be able to overthrow Israel and America will not be able alone to resist the rest of humanity. (Europe for a number of objective reasons, today is slowly but surely turning its face from the Jews to the Muslim world.)
But if world Jewry would finally prevail over the Russia with all its resources, including human and intellectual, that no one ever in the world won't be able to resist him. In this case, the Jews will be able to win in the twenty-first century global battle with the Arabs, the Chinese and the Indians and establish power over the whole world for all the foreseeable future.
So, this is clear: the fight against Jewish domination in Russia is the main front in the fight against Jewish domination throughout the world. And from the success of the fight against Jewish domination in Russia will determine the fate not only of the peoples of the white race, but Arabs, Chinese, and Indians – all people of the world.
The Jews are constantly and willingly spread the myth of themselves as good, sensible, prudent owners, the rule which is predetermined will of God and is ultimately all people are good and reasonable world order. But everyone who has ever been under the Jewish yoke, know that this is not true.
What you need to do to make the script world Jewish domination wasn't fatal? The answer is clear: not to allow to consolidate the Jewish domination in Russia.
For this purpose, in particular, necessary to thwart Jewish plans to turn Russia into America.
What is that plan and why we cannot allow them to come true?

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