Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The British & US governments campaign to overthrow the Syrian government by October

Russia’s ambassador to UK: US planning to overthrow Syrian government

FEBRUARY 19 ,2016

Alexander Yakovenko, Russia’s ambassador to the UK uncovered a story that was kept away from the limelight: that Western powers told the Russians that after the US proclaimed a no-fly zone ISIS would capture Damascus.

The Russian Insider website shed light on the article written by Yakovenko that was published in the print edition of the London Evening Standard, pointing out that “Alexander Yakovenko, Russia’s ambassador to Britain, dropped something of a bombshell on Monday, though one that has gone completely unnoticed.”

Yakovenko implied in his article that the US was planning in the summer to start a bombing campaign to overthrow the Syrian government in the knowledge that this would result by October in the victory of the Islamic State and its capture of Damascus.

The British and US governments have not denied what he is saying.

“Last summer we were told by our Western partners that in October Damascus would fall to IS (ie. the Islamic State – AM),” read the article.

The website’s report assured that Yakovenko is a Russian official who is senior enough to know such details that took place between Russia and the Western powers, adding that “any official appointed to be Russia’s ambassador to Britain is by definition a senior official whom Moscow will ensure is kept well-informed.”“What they were planning to do next we don’t know. Probably, they would have ended up painting the extremists white and accepting them as a Sunni state straddling Iraq and Syria,” read the article, adding “The summer – when these conversations between the Western powers and the Russians allegedly took place – was the time when the US was in discussions with Turkey and Jordan about setting up a no-fly zone and safe havens in Syria.”

Also, according to the Russian Insider, there are a few facts that support Yakovenko’s article, as at the very time the US was pretending to fight the Islamic State it was in fact preparing steps that it knew would facilitate its victory.

The news piece said that “In the summer – having just captured Palmyra – the Islamic State was on a roll, making it not implausible that it might reach Damascus by the autumn. The Syrian army in the meantime had suffered a succession of heavy defeats, and had been forced to withdraw from Idlib province.”

The website continued that “In light of all this, in the context of a US bombing campaign, it is not implausible the US was telling the Russians in the summer that the Islamic State would seize Damascus by October.”

Also to take into consideration are the US’s openly acknowledged discussions about setting up a no-fly zone and safe havens, there was nothing secret about those.

On October 6, 2015, the Russian website said that revealed information confirms the Russian deployment in Syria was intended to prevent a US plan to impose a no-fly zone over Syria - bringing about regime change there - as to defeating the Islamic State.

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