Saturday, January 9, 2016

Recently declassified e-mails Hillary Clinton, which reveal the motives for intervention in Libya

Declassified letters Hillary Clinton revealed the real reasons for the invasion of Libya
The U.S. Department of state published the emails of Hillary Clinton, referring to the motives of the international intervention in Libya. As reasons for invading the country in the documents named her large gold and oil reserves, as well as the extension of French influence in the North African region. Details in the article RT.

Recently declassified e-mails Hillary Clinton, which reveal the motives for intervention in Libya.
The U.S. state Department has published a series of letters that reveal the volume of gold reserves Gaddafi. According to the documents, these reserves is so great that it could become the basis for creating a pan-African currency, which, in turn, could compete with the dollar in the region.
Also the reasons for intervention were identified as the major oil reserves of Libya and the strengthening of French influence in North Africa.
However, in 2011, Western leaders welcomed the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime as a democratic step.
"Long live Benghazi, long live Libya, long live the friendship between France and Libya!", - said French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
"You showed the world that can overthrow the dictator and have chosen freedom!" - said Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron, speaking to the Libyan people.
"The people of Libya got rid of a dictator. Now he has a chance," claimed the Vice-President of USA Joe Biden.
In the past five years in Libya does not stop chaos and violence. Against this background, gaining momentum in the country "Islamic state" and captures all new territory. In January 2016 as a result of terrorist attacks killed dozens of people.
On the eve of the "Islamic state" has claimed responsibility for the attack in training camp in Zliten.
According to the correspondent of the newspaper the Jerusalem Post Ariel Ben Solomon, from the outset it was obvious that intervention in Libya will lead to negative consequences for the country.
"The letter to Clinton is confirmed by the results of studies that began to appear after the invasion of Libya, organized by France with U.S. support. Major oil reserves of the country were the main reason for intervention. Dictators lead many African countries, but the West is in no hurry to intervene in each of them. The Obama administration from the beginning was guided by a rather naive or misconceptions that need to be taken to resolve the situation in Libya after the war," - said RT political analyst Ariel Ben Solomon.

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