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"Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, director of the DIA between 2012 and 2014, confirmed that his agency had sent a constant stream of classified warnings to the civilian leadership about the dire consequences of toppling Assad. The jihadists, he said, were in control of the opposition. 

Turkey wasn’t doing enough to stop the smuggling of foreign fighters and weapons across the border. ‘If the American public saw the intelligence we were producing daily, at the most sensitive level, they would go ballistic,’ Flynn told me. 

‘We understood Isis’s long-term strategy and its campaign plans, and we also discussed the fact that Turkey was looking the other way when it came to the growth of the Islamic State inside Syria.’ The DIA’s reporting, he said, ‘got enormous pushback’ from the Obama administration. ‘I felt that they did not want to hear the ‪#‎truth‬.’"

Cliff Kincaid for Accuracy in Media: "Moscow’s Five-Star Treatment of a Three-Star Army General"…/moscows-five-star-treatment-of-a-thre…/
Seymour M. Hersh in LRB: "Military to Military: US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war"…/n01/seymour-m-h…/military-to-military

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