Monday, December 7, 2015

The coalition the US has dealt a blow to the Syrian Army | Media reports and comments

The coalition the US has dealt a blow to the Syrian Army | 
Media reports and comments

On Monday, 7 December, there were reports of attacks by aircraft of a coalition led by the United States in the Syrian government troops in the province of Deir ez-Zor. Killed 4 soldiers SAHA, 16 wounded. In connection with this incident, the Syrian foreign Ministry has written to the UN Security Council a note of protest. The situation after applying these airstrikes, has become a subject of discussion in the military section of the forum, "the global Gamble".

MOSCOW/BEIRUT, 7 Dec, 09:33 — RIA Novosti. The air force of the international coalition carried out air strikes on a warehouse of ammunition of the Syrian army in the province of Deir ez-Zor in the East, resulting in four soldiers were killed by the Syrian army, another 16 were injured, told RIA Novosti source from the Syrian national militia.

"The strike was caused by warehouse of ammunition of the Syrian army in the province of Deir ez-Zor. According to our data, killed 4 servicemen, 16 injured. Damaged 2 tanks. The aviation international coalition," — said the Agency interlocutor.

Comments from the participants of the military section of the forum, "the global Gamble":

07.12.2015 10:47 am — k3sv: now we Think the little things won't waste your time. If it is a fact, it most likely will be on duty until the protest of the Syrian government. We (RF) is to build a complete system of air defense of Syria. When she is ready, it will be possible peace offer of the government of Syria to prevent incidents to agree on the delimitation of zones for air strikes and preliminary notification/agreement of the parties.

Well, the coalition naturally will arrogantly refuse and then Syria will declare a no-fly zone. The coalition, of course, again, arrogantly ignore and then the planes begin to shoot down. Then they will start to attack Syria's air defenses, etc.

In General, all clearly smells of a Third World war, the parties clashed in earnest, and no one wants to lose. Maybe would help some kind of large-scale and impressive demonstration secondary player. To and to place. Ready to go to the end.

07.12.2015, 11:05 — tvart: And how long would it take to fully create? Think it's excuses. Could already create a no-fly zone — where-get 400, and to declare it, and then shoot down a few drones to demonstrate the intentions. The coalition would povozmuschalis, and wiped her face as we are now after their stab in the back.

07.12.2015, 11:17 — rusyes: Well, first of all.. If even 400-key, not the fact (really) long hand... probably with the standard ~250 km. Secondly, from Imami.. to Deir ez-Zor — 379 km... It is close to the limit of possibility Ki...

In General, briefly — at a distance (near-limit) missiles already crappy maneuvering, flying by inertia, and target type FA/SHA/IBA or BLAH for her sooooo problematic... Plus height, plus a lot of other factors... in short — you are not right. Need to expand, and this takes time.

MOSCOW, Dec 7, 11:42 — RIA Novosti. Syrian foreign Ministry sent a protest note to the UN security Council about the impact of the air force of the international coalition led by US for the facility of the Syrian army in Deir ez-Zor, reported the Syrian official news Agency SANA.

As confirmed by the Syrian foreign Ministry, four coalition aircraft on Sunday evening launched nine missiles on the object. According to authorities, the victims were three people, injured 13.

"Syria strongly condemns the act of aggression by the coalition led by the US, which was contrary to the purposes and provisions of the UN Charter, and calls upon the security Council to respond immediately to the attack and to take measures not to happen again", — quotes Agency the text of the address.

As noted in the letter, the attack is an obstacle to efforts to combat terrorism and reaffirms that America's actions in this matter are devoid of seriousness.

DAMASCUS, Dec 7, 12:08 — RIA Novosti. Airstrikes air force of the U.S.-led international coalition against the barracks of the Syrian army prove its seriousness in combating terrorism, said in a statement, the Syrian foreign Ministry.

"Aggression against one of the barracks of the Syrian army as an obstacle to the efforts thrown to the fight against terrorism, proves once again that the coalition the US is not serious and not sincere in the fight against terrorism," said the Syrian foreign Ministry.

Comments from the participants of the military section of the forum, "the global Gamble":

07.12.2015, 11:17 — BlackShark (possible answer):

1. Why not N? It is already available in the army.
2. 400 (km range) she (N) a limit of how much can be repeated, and a little bit more. But 380 km, of course, far enough away that the target has some chance. However, about the attack she learns only at the last moment...
3. To deploy the battalions in Deir ezzor till no one: and far, and to provide uncomfortable, and dangerous there. And, of course, the network is deployed according to plan.

07.12.2015, 12:22 — BlackShark (about the reasons of coalition airstrike USA): I would, first of all, considered the option of the error. Apparently, the "distinguished" Franks, according to some warehouse in the suburbs. Information, come from wikimapia collected. From Ukrainian...

Of course, if they decide to continue to "make a mistake" — then it would have to be taken. And so, Vaughn, and our once in Hisban (this refers to the armed forces of the Shiite Hezbollah, fighting alongside the SAA, probably the Lebanese) were, although they themselves are not in the area climbed.

07.12.2015, 12:45 — Hobo with a shotgun: If it was a mistake then coalitionary so the CAA wanted to support? Prior to this coalitionary ever struck there butts?

It is clear that under the pretext of fight against IG in Syria and in the deploy military infrastructure directed against SAHA.

The strike on Deir ez-Zor convenient for them because ATT far, if IG will recover entirely Deir-ez-Zor, we will be able to introduce additional forces to Palmyra and throw SAHA from the Euphrates and the oil fields, where then will come the "democratic" forces of the United States.

07.12.2015, 13:24 — BlackShark: Under Deir ez-Zor — da, was applied, in addition to hunting for excavators and other circus — the oil industry came Yesney (so they were). And, mostly, the French flew there. Im too, but rarely. Usually BLAH.

By itself, this shock was nothing and no negative effect wouldn't give (well, except for 200x), i.e. it is not a sensitive object, and not such damages. Version attempts to test the reaction cannot be excluded, but "Occam's razor" is confidently pushing us in the direction of the krivorukost and retard, navigation errors and "great" work of intelligence.

In General, then we need to see what will happen next. And to react accordingly.

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