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OPINION: "San Bernadino Massacre": just another bloody Washington "war on terrorism" fake?

OPINION. San Bernadino: another bloody fake?

(Authors: Nikolay Ivanov, Kevin Barrett is the chief editor of "Veterans today", doctor of Sciences, expert in Arabic studies, Islamic studies, critic declared by Washington "war on terrorism".)

In the world, built "the world behind", wall Street, the CIA and permeated with lies, provocations, which kill innocent civilians of their own countries, have become an integral attributes of the policy. Exploitation of the emotions of fear, empathy for the victims, hatred for the "savage Islamists" essentially no different from the exploitation of labor in sweatshops conveyors, as is yielding the desired dividends.

The Pentagon needed convincing in the eyes of the public a pretext to launch a full-scale operation in Syria against the legitimate government of Assad and his ally Russia (let us make no mistake about ISIS-DISHA, which is only created by the American intelligence services, "a false target" and percussion group to create chaos in the region).

And here just in time "attack" in San Bernardino (California) December 2, during which, allegedly, a couple of Islamists (husband and wife) shot the patients of the Center for the disabled. 14 people died and more than 20 were injured.


On the morning of 2 December at the conference hall of San Bernardino the Center for the disabled held a meeting of patients and the local health Department, followed by a Banquet. The event was attended by Saeed Farooq, the inspector of Department (a U.S. citizen of Pakistani origin, born in the USA) who left the hall before the end of the event, leaving his coat and some papers.

At 11 am Farouk and his wife Tashfeen Malik (born in Pakistan, received a residence permit in the USA), pre-dressed in military jackets with reserve ammunition and machine-gun horns, wearing masks "Terrance" and armed with guns and pistols, burst into the room and opened fire on the audience (there were about 80 people). The campaign took less than four minutes, and the terrorists fled the scene in a rented black SUV until the police arrived.

Some witnesses, according to the FBI, recognized the "voice and physique" one of the terrorists Farouk.
In some readings it was said that the terrorists were miniature cameras military pattern, however, the FBI does not detect them.
The criminals have left the building three explosive devices, connected to each other and made in accordance with the instructions of al-Qaeda, published on the Internet. However, the FBI managed to beat them.

Accident near San Bernardino held anti-terrorist exercises by SWAT, so about three hundred security officers quickly arrived on the scene already in full gear.

In search of criminals were involved in reconnaissance aircraft. It was quickly found that four days before the attack Faruq rented SUV Ford. The police arrived at the house of a terrorist, but seeing headed from the car, started the pursuit. The couple threw under the wheels of the police car metal pipe, which turned out to be a hoax IED.

Once the SUV was stopped, the terrorists began a gunfight with the police, shot 76 times from the Windows of his car. Police and special forces fired upon the car of armored personnel carriers. The shooting lasted for about one minute, Farouq and his wife had been killed.

The FBI identified the incident as "a terrorist act of radical Islamists" based on the Arsenal of weapons, the recent visit of the couple to Saudi Arabia and appeared in Facebook on the page of Malik's post, which was sent during the final shootout with the police, and in which, allegedly, she swore allegiance to the leader of ISIS (later it was said that the oath brought himself and Farooq).

The attack, organized by radical Islamists, Obama said, "has become a very serious challenge for the mental health of the nation".

Immediately after this event, "after the tragic September 2001", in the press and the politicians developed a strong propaganda campaign in favor of large-scale land operation of the USA in Syria. Moreover, Obama and Kerry said that they are ready to apply to Iran, and to Russia's strict measures, if they will "put a spoke in the wheels of the process of political settlement in Syria" — this refers to the removal of Assad from power.

My doubts about the incident shared by the famous American expert, editor of "Veterans today" Kevin Barrett.

As stated in an interview with CNN leading the investigation of the Prosecutor, "the government report about what happened in San Bernardino inaccurate". In plain English this means that the government is lying.

What happened actually? For this we need to answer a few questions that the reporters from "mainstream" somehow embarrassed to ask the government.

1. Since the Windows of the SUV were closed, and the photo shows that they were knocked out during a police operation, could the couple start shooting through closed Windows? Nobody is going to shoot a machine gun through the closed car window. The logical conclusion is that cops are just cold-bloodedly killed those people. There was no "shootout".

2.Both victims photographed after the operation dead in handcuffs. Apparently, we're supposed to believe that they, having put on handcuffs, started shooting at the police through the closed car window?! It seems that actually both "scapegoat" was led away in handcuffs, planted in a car and, according to the scenario prepared in advance, executed without trial. Otherwise why do you need handcuffs?

3.If "terrorists" really "had contacts with the Syrian al-Qaeda organization and al-Shabaab in Somalia" (as stated by the FBI), why the authorities not to make all efforts to capture terrorists alive so they could interrogate and identify alleged terrorist network? The same question arises every time, when the authorities extrajudicially shoot suspects in the terrorist attacks or witnesses — remember bin Laden, Mohammed the Measure, "the killers" employees "Sharlee Abdo", "Boston terrorist" Tamerlan Tsarnaev and a key witness on the case of Ibrahim Dadasheva...

4. If a couple really was a "cell terrorist network" that would allow the FBI to journalists freely roam and search right on the scene?

5. If the alleged "Muslim Bonnie and Clyde" acted together, who was the third action, which was mentioned by many witnesses of terrorist attack?

6.Could the woman growth of 150 cm and a weight of 55 kg to carry military tactical vest with extra ammunition, a machine gun "Smith and Wesson MP" caliber.223, spare horns with cartridges, a pistol, pipe bombs and detonators... to shoot police and at this time less than one minute to write a Facebook message with the pledge of allegiance to ISIS?

That Malik scribbled his message during the "firefight" that lasted less than a minute, the Agency told CNN the three official representatives of the FBI.

7. For some reason, the Center for the disabled in San Bernardino conducted in recent anti-terrorist exercises "almost every month" (as reported in the journal of the Los Angeles Times)?

8. Is "mere coincidence" the fact that the world's only Centre for people with disabilities, conducting anti-terrorist exercises every month (I bet that the second such in the world) was the place where, a) the expected mass execution of people, or b) the "doctrine" and held "live"?

9.And if it was "just a coincidence", there were 46 anti-terrorist exercise held on September 11, 2001 also "matches", as major anti-terror exercise in London on 7 July 2005 (on the day of the famous series of terrorist attacks in "the subway") as "doctrines of bomb disposal," the day of the Boston marathon or "anti-terrorist exercises" in Paris on 13 September (the day of the shooting of "Charlie Hebdo"...or to acknowledge all these events "coincidences", one has to become mad, trying to deny the obvious pattern?

10. If events in San Bernardino were in fact "a terrorist attack radical Islamists", why did the criminals to kill a bunch of people with disabilities, and not to elect as targets senior US officials, who are responsible for killing over a million Muslims, starting with propaganda show staged by "nekogami" September 11, 2001?

If we ever hear: "It has begun! Radical Muslim terrorists killed dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld case, Richard pearl, Douglas Feith, Dov Zakheim and other architects of the war on the destruction of Islam in General and Palestine in particular, which began on September 11 with the terrorist attacks organized by the American special services" — Yes, then I can believe it.

And to this day we can with great degree of certainty that ridiculous story about "the attacks of radical Islamists" directed against civilians and all "Islamic terrorist plots" since 11 September, according to the detailed study of T. Aronson ( are the second part of the same infamous "Operation Gladio", launched after the coup "neocons" on September 11, 2001.

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