Monday, November 16, 2015

#SaveDonbassPeople #DonbassAgainstNazi Broadcast live to refute the false media!


Broadcast live to refute the false media!

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Information Agency NewsFront is a new project of the information center "South-Eastern front". Information centre "South-Eastern front" began its activity in March 2014. Today we are expanding and growing, and growing volumes of information, requiring the launch of a new online resource website

NewsFront ("News front") and information Agency whose purpose is objective and truthful coverage of events in Novorossiya, Russia, Ukraine and all over the world. NewsFront seeks to protect the interests of Russian civilization, showing the true faces of the enemies of the Russian world. We hope to convey to the public the truth about the crimes committed against humanity and help its readers and viewers to understand the growing flow of cynical lies of the Western media.

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