Thursday, October 8, 2015

"While Americans imitated a fight against ISIS, Russia attempts to organize a true intnl. antiterrorist coalition

Political scientist: "moderate" opposition in Syria head hurts just as IG


While criticizing Russia's actions in Syria, the US and its allies are trying to prevent the creation of a coalition in the region under the leadership of Moscow. Because such a coalition is able to create a new architecture of relations in the Arab world, said political analyst Andrei Manoilo.
Saudi Arabia and Turkey joined Russia addressed to US calls to stop airstrikes on positions of "moderate opposition" in Syria. Meanwhile, neither the United States nor its allies in the region have not been able to explain exactly where this "moderate opposition" and how does it differ from terrorist organizations. 
Funded US and its allies against the government in Syria, forming long-mingled with a purely terrorist organizations - such as banned in Russia organization "Islamic State" and "Al-Nusra Dzhabhat." It is well known, and talk of "moderate opposition" - a political move, sure Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University Andrei Manoilo. According to him, the goal of this course - to save from destruction at least part of the terrorist essentially structures, which in the past have invested a lot of money.
"The United States and its allies - Turkey and many Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf - a long time formed and feed this so-called" opposition ". Spending money on the purchase of weapons for training in the latest techniques of warfare. That is, it is a very serious and costly project. And then suddenly, Russia is making "horse course" and begins to strike at this business project. By the present moment in this project is no longer possible to distinguish between "moderate" opposition of "immoderate". For example, a "moderate" US include "Dzhabhat al-Nusra "and yet it is an organization, which considers itself the successor to the Syrian cell of" al-Qaeda ". The heads are cut in the same way as the" Islamic state ", and perhaps even more intensively. Because many posted online videos that laymen refer to the activities of the IG actually fix executions carried out by militants "Dzhabhat al-Nusra." They are no less dangerous, they are not "moderate", but they are less well known than the advertised "Islamic state", - said Andrei Manoilo on Radio Sputnik.
According to the analyst, accusing Russia in the attacks on the "moderate" groups, the US and its allies began a long sequence, which purpose - to maintain US control over the region.
"While the Americans imitated the fight against the IG, Russia attempted to organize a functioning international antiterrorist coalition. And many Arab countries went to the rapprochement with Russia on this issue. After that, the US and its allies were afraid that Russia will form under his control running a international front. which first tackles puppet Islamist groups that are armed and trained the Americans and the Gulf countries. And then the front will be to build a new architecture of international relations in the Arab world "- suggested Andrew Manoilo.
Speaking in defense of the seemingly beneficial to them today terrorist organizations, countries in the region make a mistake. After all, unlike the US, they are within direct reach of militants, reminds the analyst.
"I, for one, is not very clear what kind of game in this case is Saudi Arabia. Because the risks that it produces for its own security by these statements, much more serious than the damage that could threaten Russia. After all, the same" Dzhabhat en -Nusra "- is" Al Qaeda. "And the house of al-Saud have had big problems with the" Al-Qaeda ", which led the war against them." Al-Qaeda "- the enemy of the house of al-Saud. And defending today" moderate Syrian opposition ", they protect the very enemy who then may come up arms in their own territory", - says Andrey Manoilo.

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