Thursday, October 8, 2015

The General Staff of Syria: Army launched a large-scale offensive against terrorists

The General Staff of Syria: Army launched a large-scale offensive against terrorists

Chief of General Staff of the Syrian army, General Ali Abdullah Ayub said that after the weakening of the combat capability of terrorist groups, as a result of the actions of Russian videoconferencing, the army begins a full-scale offensive.

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Syrian General Ali Abdullah Ayub told reporters that the army begins offensive against the terrorists "Islamic state" and other groups.

"After the Russian air attacks, which resulted in the combat capability of LIH and other terrorist organizations has decreased, the armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic retained the military initiative and formed headed by the 4th shock body grouping forces provide the necessary weapons and equipment. Today, the sun began to ATS large-scale offensive, which aims - the destruction of terrorist organizations and subversive groups and the liberated areas and villages that have suffered from the riots perpetrated by terrorists and their crimes, "- said General Ayub.

As previously reported RIA Novosti news agency, the Syrian army shelling of positions held preparatory terrorists on the border of the provinces of Hama and Idlib, considered a stronghold of the IG in the country.

Blows were artillery positions on terrorist IG in settlements Leitão and Kafr Zeit.

The army plans to dislodge Syrian terrorists from the settlements located on the highways leading to the north and the central part of it.

According to Lieutenant Colonel of the armed forces of Syria Wasim Khaddam, "it makes no sense to drive militants from place to place.It is necessary to break the terrorists throughout Syria, and the army will do it. "

Since September 30, at the request of the official Syrian authorities of the Russian Federation are videoconferencing operation to destroy infrastructures and command centers of terrorists in the country. It was carried out 120 sorties. In the territories controlled by terrorists it destroyed 110 targets. October 7 to videoconferencing has joined the Caspian Flotilla, 4 ship that fired on the positions of the "Islamic state" 26 cruise missiles. Source.

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