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Russian MiGs thwarted US's blitzkrieg plan in Syria

Russian MiGs thwarted US blitzkrieg in Syria
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Victor Baranez 

Published: September 20, 2015 

The more incoming information about the situation in Syria, the clearer it becomes, why the US has irritated Russia's actions, reports "". His massive arms-humanitarian supplies to Syria Moscow spoiled sophomore attempt by Washington to clean up this country by Bashar al-Assad and his army. The first attempt was when the United States set out under the pretext of the presence of Assad chemical weapons Syria mix with the bloody sand using missile strikes. 

 But the Kremlin for the last time the US pulled out of Syria "loop", proposing to destroy chemical weapons under international control. Putin saved Syria from the war. But Obama won a resounding political slap in the face. But plans to kick al-Assad in Damascus did not leave. 

To this end, the United States, and in fact nurtured groups in Syria the "opposition", inflating them with money and weapons. Over the 4 years of the civil war in Syria, Assad's army is much poistrepalas, but did not give up. And then the US prepared for this fall a new general offensive of the Syrian "opposition". 

Blitzkrieg on Damascus would have to support the guerrillas and LIH. Until now, Americans are lazy digging "prospective areas of deployment" LIH air. But it turns out badly. Military advisor to Obama was forced to admit that "the effectiveness of air strikes on LIH to zero." But the missile strikes could suddenly (or "mistake") transferred to the city under the control of Assad. 

 The US has already begun to cobble together a coalition of European countries for the last attack on Syria, and even a possible final cleaning of Damascus infantry NATO. But Europe politely declined. And then there was that Washington plan that Europe snickering she wants to put an end to Syria and Assad. The European Union, it was decided to flood the hordes of refugees. 

Recommended: The information center in Baghdad, sent a representative of the General Staff of the Russian Federation to the rank of general Welfare funds the US began to finance the transition of migrants from the Middle East to Europe. 

Turkey, a faithful ally of the US, NATO and the fight against Assad, suddenly opened its border cordons for Pruszcz through its territory of refugees. A co-ordinate the flow of people from Turkey to Germany began on Twitter rights activists from the United States and Britain. All this happened and is happening under the US missile gaps, which have become increasingly falling in Iraq and Syria to the troops LIH, and settlements. 

 And here - the stream of refugees. Here is the statement the US State Department and European politicians, in this humanitarian disaster to blame Assad, with whom it is time to end. It would seem that the soil is prepared. The special operation was to start from week to week. And suddenly - bam! On the airfields of Syria began to take dozens of Russian military transport planes with military equipment, flour and medicines. 

And from the sea with the same cargo began to approach the ships under the Russian flag. It was Washington's same surprise as snow in the desert. Analysts at the CIA and the Pentagon believed that Russia, wrestling with the sanctions and support of Donbass is now not to Syria. Because the time and was selected for the attack on Assad. An-no: US intelligence did not have time came to, the Russians quickly, in Stakhanov pace, began to strengthen their items in Syria dislocation. 

In Tartous (the long-lived-point service of the Russian Navy) - settled sailors. At the airport in Latakia - experts at the Air Force and Air Defense. The Russians have begun to train their Syrian counterparts on land, at sea and in the air. Recommended: Russia in Syria: hysterical Russophobes In fact, today we can speak of a combined - naval and air Russian bridgehead on the coast of Syria. It does not erase eraser US on the tactical map. Syrian strategic objects covered by the world's best anti-aircraft missile air defense systems - S-300 and the "armor".

 As part of the Syrian Air Force were modernized MiG-29 and MiG-31, even in the cabins which sit trained in Russia Syrian pilots. And most importantly - this Russian-Syrian bridgehead LIH will not break through to the sea. After receiving ports LIH gained a second wind. Islamic terrorists have started to trade on the sea smuggling oil in exchange for weapons. And the United States for its part, to "watch" this coast to the Syrian "opposition". But now the beach is busy. 

 And the army began to press Assad LIH on all fronts. Russia failed to withdraw from the "Syrian Big Game." Moscow made the strong move, which again put the United States in a disadvantageous position. Prevent the Russians to support the Syrian army in the fight against LIH - it means siding with the terrorists. Attack American F-16s and Russian MiGs bomb an airfield in Latakia - is even worse. 

For this is a war. Moreover, not Syrian-American, and it may already be a US-Russian. That Washington is not exactly right. No head-Assad is not a conflict of nuclear powers. Because the US and Europe is perhaps the only one - to accept the presence of Russia in Syria, and with it, a united front to fight the LIH. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ "LIH" - the activities of this organization in the territory of the Russian Federation officially banned. Recommended: War in Syria: Military US and Russia have exchanged proposals on Syria Source

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