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Pepe Escobar: If peace comes to Syria, the White House will maintain "Assad must go"

Pepe Escobar: If peace comes to Syria, blame will be Putins
The important fact which indicates a questionable intellectual level of the Obama administration, is that they still can not decide whether to continue to "ignore" the Russian President Vladimir Putin or yet to join with him in real cooperation for the settlement of the Syrian geopolitical and humanitarian problems. 

Among other things, when in doubt when choosing between diplomacy and chaos, Washington politicians always tend to simplistic thinking clan uniting neoconservatives and neoliberals. As a result of the choice made ​​in favor of "regime change." Well, of course, there are non-stop hysteria "Russian go!", Which has now switched to the invasion and occupation of Ukraine for military intervention in Syria. 

The White House, which, like the Pentagon, without irony called on the Kremlin to a more constructive behavior and cooperation with a coalition of dubious and unscrupulous politicians (already demonstrated to the whole world an example of blatant inefficiency), which is supposedly fighting against groups "LIH". A spokesman for the White House's Josh Ernest said that when Obama decides that "labor of Sisyphus", which he considers the Kremlin telephone, responds to the interests of America in fact, he calls Putin. 

These Shakespearean anguish may well last for several days, despite the fact that Putin recently reiterated by the Kremlin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, he is always open for dialogue. It is good that the White House at least considering Moscow's offer to start a real discussion of the expansion of the Russian military presence Syria through direct negotiations between the defense ministries of the two countries. The Pentagon will conduct the negotiations, but that he needed at least some clarity, namely it so lacks the Obama administration.Meanwhile, the diplomatic games around this problem in full swing. 

Turkish Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioglu paid a visit to Sochi to discuss the Syrian and Ukrainian problems with the Russian. Ankara's position remains highly constrained and hesitant, since any support Bashar al-Assad is equivalent to additional victims among the civilian population. In addition, the topic of discussion was, and "Turkish stream."Despite the apocalyptic hysteria US corporate media, the project was not buried by Ankara. The problem is that there still can not form an effective government since the June elections. 

The head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, General Qasem Soleimani also visited Moscow last week to promote the cooperation between Damascus and Moscow. But wait a minute, he did not come, simply because Moscow has canceled his visit. Sulejmani was actually in Russia three months ago. The next important meeting to discuss the Syrian problem will be held on Monday between Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Hussein Amir Abdollahianom and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Bogdanov. 

It should be a brief explanation. Syrian head of "Arab Spring" was organized, funded and provide weapons, mainly Ankara to completely abandon its previous geopolitical doctrine of "zero problems with our neighbors", with the support of Qatar, significant participation of the Royal House of the Saudi and the overall authority of the White House. After more than four and a half years of immeasurable suffering of the Syrian population, the true essence of this operation for regime change under the slogan "Assad must go" broke out in an unprecedented migration crisis. Of the four million Syrians have fled their country, more than half of it escaped to Turkey. Ankara has recently released all of them in special camps for the reception of refugees, and they set off in their way through the Balkans on "Teutonic promised land."

 Thus, Ankara has appeared in the center of the biggest migration crisis in Europe over the past seventy years. The same can be said about its supporting Washington. Militants LIH / give away all the weapons supplied via the CIA to help the so-called "Free Syrian Army", as well as tanks and ATVs, left over from the defunct Iraqi army, who teaches American experts. Any possible solution to alleviate the refugee crisis, in addition to armed struggle against the LIH / give, should include the immediate cessation of the huge number of various direct and indirect measures of Ankara to support this false "Caliphate." The problem is in the fact that Turkey is included in the super-inefficient a coalition led by the United States. 

This clear, conspicuous paradox was finally seen by a part-minded adults in Washington. However, the Obama administration is still dizzy game Ankara "tail wagging the dog." Team Obama still believes that "Assad, who must leave" in fact guilty not only to create a false "caliphate", that is absurd, happily and thoughtlessly repeated David Cameron Arabian and General Hollande, but also in inglorious failure of attempts to "coalition" to destroy him. In fact, Ankara is managed by everything happening in the no-fly zone along the Turkish-Syrian border. 

Its true purpose is to defeat the Syrian Kurds, not bandits, "Caliph" al-Baghdadi. Meanwhile, the military machine of the Pentagon, if it is really focused on the performance of its "mission" would pay a so-called "caliphate" in " shock and awe ", not looking up from the Sunday drinking. However, judging by how little they know Iraq is highly unlikely that they have anything like a decent intelligence from the field. This is a more than 400-kilometer stretch of desert along the established Sykes-Picot agreement of the Syrian-Iraqi border between the dam Al-Baath in northern Iraq and the city of Rutbah near the border with Jordan. Some call this area of Iraq "Tora Bora". 

It is somewhat reminiscent of Afghanistan, however, even more deserted. LIH / Give controls the province of Nineveh, Diyala, Ifrit, and Al-Jazeera in Iraq, Abu Kamal and Deir ez-Zor in Syria, as well as most of the Iraqi Furhata around al-Baath which is the center of command and control LIH / give. If the Pentagon analysts have taken the trouble to contact the Iraqi analyst Hisham al-Hashemi, he would have told them that al-Baghdadi himself holed up in al-Baath, along with his two wives. 

However, in fact, the command is currently implementing the Emir of Syria and Iraq, Abu Alaa al-Afar. The United States has never been able to establish control over these desert lands, not to mention Saddam Hussein (in due time). Local tribes - experienced and hardened smugglers. Bandits of the "Caliphate" married local women and are fully integrated into their environment. All the Shiites are considered godless heretics, even more dangerous than the Christians. 

It is not difficult to guess who inspires them these beliefs. Of course, the imams from Saudi Arabia. In other words, the coalition could easily bomb shattered five special battalions LIH / Give, 500 jihadists in each divided along ethnic lines and specialization, which are located in this area. For example, representatives of the peoples of the Maghreb are responsible for the safety of officers, while the eastern Europeans and Asians collect taxes and provide for the carriage of weapons. 

Key Brigade, to "liberate" Mosul, 80 percent is made ​​up of Iraqis. Now they are fighting near the Syrian city of Al-Hasaka. The total number of active militants "caliphate" of up to 125 thousand people, including almost 15 thousand foreigners.However, many "snake head" are in al-Baath. Should they cut down - and the world will admire the Perseus-Obama winning jihadist jellyfish. But instead we witness the sad spectacle played out by four (four!) Trained US "moderate rebels" continue to fight against LIH / Give in Syria, which was confirmed US Gen. Lloyd Austin at the hearing in the Committee for the armed forces of the US Congress last Wednesday.Everyone remembers that the "rebels" - all that is left of the "strong" group of 54 people after the attack Dzhabhat al-Nusra in July. 

That's right, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, which the neo-conservatives and American corporate media presented as "moderate opposition" has lowered the number of "chimeras", generated by the Obama administration (Fifteen thousand! Well trained and armed fighters!) To, well, to chimeras. The Obama administration, for which the next European dull suite, just not able to listen to the opponent. Back in 2014, the special representative of the UN and the Arab League on Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, said that Russian analysts correctly guessed all this Syrian puzzle from the beginning. 

The Nobel Peace Prize winner and former negotiator Martti Ahtisaari recalls that at the beginning of 2012, Russia put forward proposal provides for the phased removal of Assad from power after the peace talks with the participation of credible, non-jihadist representatives of the Syrian opposition. So, what did Moscow now? It is exacerbated and intensified diplomatic game, attempting to build bridges between the government of Damascus and sane opposition (not too much, to put it mildly, large), in parallel with efforts to form whip up a real coalition to fight against LIH / give. 

The fact that Moscow there is reason for concern, since jihadists infiltrate towards Syria and Iraq from Russian regions from the Volga to the North Caucasus, and this is a real threat to Russia's national security.Here we find an important fact: Russia's national interests do not necessarily coincide with the interests of Iran (for example, in the case of Syria, the Lebanese "Hezbollah" and the expansion of Iranian influence in the Mediterranean region as a whole).

However, only Moscow continues here his diplomatic game as a Washington "Plan A" still provides a regime change, and in addition, the West there is no coherent and consistent "road map" that would guarantee both the destruction of LIH / Give and prevention catastrophic devastation of Syria. The positions of Assad and Putin more or less clear. Any unbiased observer informed and have all the opportunities to draw the necessary conclusions.

 Meanwhile, a huge migration crisis is set directly at the gates of the headquarters of the European Union, with none of the Eurocrats, lovers summit, did not go there and talk to people seeking asylum. As greater efforts on the diplomatic front, Moscow, of course, draws close attention to the development of the situation on the ground, in particular, expansion of infrastructure around the air base in Latakia, which placed the Russian military advisers. 

So, launched by US politicians and the media well-organized campaign of hysteria around the expansion of its military presence in Syria, which is allegedly "creates serious complications" for the US-led coalition is perceived condescending as a childish prank. There is no "direct confrontation" between the American F-16 fighters and Russian combat aircraft will not, and the Pentagon on this is well known. Pentagon probably can not come to terms with the fact that Russia will inevitably interfere with the implementation of its venture with Turkey, that is bombing military targets Assad instead LIH / give. 

And by the way, the influence of Ankara on Washington continues to decline: it says the refusal of America to the widely promoted the idea of a no-fly zone over the northern part of Aleppo. Turkey and the member countries of the coalition GCC (Gulf Cooperation) received an indirect warning: you should forget about the attacks against Russian military experts, opposing the "moderate rebel groups" using weapons supplied by Turkey and the Gulf countries and the United States."Complication" of the mission of the coalition, which became the new pearl of the bureaucratic language of Washington strategists, is that you can not continue with impunity to bomb al-Assad forces. 

Disgraceful, in such circumstances it is simply impossible to continue the operation for regime change! In the meantime, the European Union pays the full price of their commitment to "regime change", torn by endless strife, caused by the migration crisis, coupled with the new wave of revitalization of Jihad in the streets and trains linking major European capitals. Since the European Union is really desperately needed some resolution tragic Syrian puzzles, we see how David Cameron and Francois Hollande are willing to put some pathetic air strikes, which are unlikely to make shudder militants "caliphate." 

There is nothing surprising in the fact that pan-European public opinion is more and more clearly aware that in fact it was the Obama administration is the reason for the continuation of the Syrian tragedy. Washington still holds true senseless doctrine of "regime change" chimeras "Free Syrian Army" and "moderate rebel groups" (such as al-Qaeda), not to mention the fierce condemnation of any support for Damascus by Russia or Iran. Putin expressed as It could not be more clear, and serious people in Washington and Brussels have understood his message: "Without the active participation of the Syrian authorities and the armed forces will not be able to destroy terrorism in the country and in the Middle East as a whole. 

Without the support that Russia has to Syria, the situation is even more severe than in his time in Libya, and the flow of refugees would be even greater. "So, if indeed there was at least some chance of achieving a peace treaty in Syria to blame This will be Putin. However, there is another widely discussed scenario in the near future. We are talking about the origin of the Middle East, a plurality of micro, as retaliation against internecine strife.In this case, we can expect the establishment of, among others, countries like Alavistan, Kurdistan Druzistan, Yazidistan, Hutistan etc. - With boundaries, which are already quite really exist on the ground. 

Let's talk about the revival in Europe in the 21st century principalities of pre-Bismarckian era. A precedent has already been established the European Union in the Balkans: the dismemberment of Yugoslavia along religious lines, despite the fact that the majority of its population were Slavs.

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