Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Obama on 60 Minutes: "Ukraine is a Prime example of a country which is ruled by idiots"

Obama on 60 Minutes: "Ukraine is a Prime example of a country which is ruled by idiots"

"Very eloquent assessment gave President Barack Obama the state of Affairs unfolding in Ukraine in an interview with CBS correspondent Steve Croft in his own TV program, "60 minutes,"" — reports CNN presenter Christiane Amanpour.

"Famous American journalist Steve Kroft recently met twice with Barack Obama, asking the President very inconvenient and critical questions. During the second meeting, one of the questions concerned the situation unfolding in Ukraine. Question Croft sounded:

"Mr. President, how do you assess the fact that after the U.S. intervention Ukraine in less than two years, although relatively stable and successful country, has reached the level of underdeveloped African countries, and in some respects it's down below?"

To a journalist's question Barack Obama said that "the United States has done everything possible to the scenario of development of Ukraine had a positive vector. Negative trends in this country aren't even connected with the neighbourhood of Russia and the impact of its policies on the development of this state — the fact that Ukraine is a vivid example of a country where the power in it were complete idiots. In this regard, is now carried out purposeful work to realign US foreign policy towards that state. We recognize some mistakes and preparing to correct them, Americans are able to critically evaluate not only the activities of other States but also your own."

Steve Kroft: "what is the idiocy of the Ukrainian government Mr. President?"

Barack Obama: "In everything. I wouldn't trust them (Ukr. power — approx.) even cleaned the poop from the lawn of my Bo (the presidential dog — approx.)"

Steve Kroft: "And that's it. By the way, how's Bo?"

Barack Obama: "Great. He is not in Ukraine"

"The further laughter of the U.S. President and Steve Croft are not encouraging the people of Ukraine in the short term, at least until the moment when all the idiots in the highest ranks of this unfortunate country somewhere-anywhere" says CNN anchorwoman Christiane Amanpour.


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