Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A thousand thanks NAF, With such people we can not lose !!! Thanks to you, the New Russia will be! "

6/10/15 article by blogger "Russorum". "A thousand thanks, or an open letter to the militia conscious! Lately we see more and more dismal news from the New Russia. That gruesome details emerge penetrate the elite units (the GRU," Ghost ") Ukrainian spies bandits and outdoor pests, the Boroday recognized as the night secretly carried away by Igor Strelkov from DNR, the policy announced a new rout "negotiations" in Minsk. It is clear that such a terrible perversion of the ideals of Russian spring, most warring volunteers can not accept. Many units have been disbanded by force or soldiers simply simultaneously filed resignation. So, I would like to appeal to the soldiers of New Russia, which, despite all the difficulties remain at his post! Thank you! I admire your stamina! Every day you betray, wipe their feet on the your ideals, put in intolerable conditions! You are not allowed to drive cartridge in the chamber, so as not to provoke a "respected partners." You are not allowed to use a tenth of that power, which today has an army of New Russia! You are forced to obey the dubious personalities without biographies and basic military skills! All this is done by curators specifically, in order to sow doubt in your heart and force quit this war! However, you understand that back any longer - behind Russia! You, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, to continue the war with Raguli crazed hordes that come on your land and you again and again sending a punitive transfer their favorite Bandera Hello! It is your steadfastness, courage, intolerance keeps Russian uprising in the Donbass! That you kept Slavyansk against superior enemy tenfold! it is death you were at the Saur-Tomb, that you forced the junta to tremble and flee without looking back! That you picked out for months, "cyborg" of Donetsk airport! Russian people are very lucky that we have such heroes are in full opposition of the authorities on the enthusiasm to continue to fight the punitive! If not for you, our dear heroes of the Donetsk and Lugansk would already developed yellow-Blue rag! I bow before you and before your persistence! Any other against the backdrop of daily shame would have long ago quit to fight, considering that war "meaningless", but you have already firmly year, firmly standing, fighting punitive, sadists, murderers and maniacs! With such people we can not lose !!! Thanks to you, the New Russia will be! "


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