Tuesday, September 1, 2015

US is Becoming a Third World Economy via Washington's Foreign Policies

US is Becoming a Third World Economy via Washington's Foreign Policies
Recently Ukrainian specialists produced chemical weapons for the IG in Turkey. The war the United States needed to avoid however, was the collapse of its economy. But in a situation of war their collapse in the markets inevitably, it will not help. You see the US made good money on the World by selling weapons to all warring countries of the world. 

Sold exclusively to the Soviet Union for their gold. But on the territory of the United States did not fall any of these bombs. Now the situation is altogether different. Wreaking havoc and insecurity around the world, the United States is receiving back something that Americans feared most - a joint war between Russia and China against the dollar. 

Pressure on China sharply increased after the 9th of May. I did not like friendly conversations in Washington, in Moscow, the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. There was a commotion in Hong Kong, which is cooled quickly enough. The maneuvers in the East China Sea, finally, the accident at the chemical plant. That the Chinese are no longer carried and pulled the trigger of the First World War the economic. To which, in principle, prepared for a long time. 

First, China devalued the yuan, which led to the collapse of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index on the Shanghai 7.6%. Then China began to actively intervene in the currency market, using its reserves. In a short period of Peking sold fantastic amounts of US bonds and this has affected the profitability of bonds. In just two weeks, China has sold bonds more than $ 100 billion. August 24 have already announced Black Monday. 

One of the oldest among the existing US stock index Dow Jones for four days was down more than 200 points. At the close of the stock exchange on Tuesday, August 25, Dow Jones was back in the red zone, setting a new anti-record. First time in its 119-year history of the Dow Jones index dropped rapidly in the 1089 to the level of 15,370 points, which is a new anti-record for all time the existence of the index (previous anti-record was recorded in 2008 and amounted to 777 basis points). 

On August 19 the traditional synchronous movement of the US stock and bond yields has been violated. This way of life was preserved for nearly 30 years, but that changed in one day. Russia and China get rid of US bonds for the second year. But slowly. For the period from December 2013 the amount of Treasuries held by Russia, decreased from $ 149.9 billion to $ 86 billion, as evidenced by the findings of the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve System. 

China since the beginning of 2015 sold treasury bonds for $ 107 billion. And then that's such a jerk. Over the last two weeks as the full year. Large amounts of US securities make the Chinese economy dependent on the United States. For the collapse of quotations has China itself. But what do this have understood everything, so getting rid of securities gradually. To minimize losses. At the end of June 2015 the amount of US Treasury securities on the balance of the PBOC is estimated at $ 1.271 trillion. But losing Securities, China and deprived of influence on the United States. And China still dare strike the blow. If the securities are sold quickly, they depreciate the others, but not you. 

Therefore, China has decided to no longer catch the financial wind that blows out of Washington, and to create a breeze. Now, having made this step, you can not stop. According to experts, the preservation of such sales pace will allow the PBOC to exercise intervention for 18 weeks. Will the US economy hit a power - is unknown. More likely no than yes. 

Such attacks on the US financial system has never apply. Therefore, it is clear that a military conflict is now venturing too late. According to experts, every percentage falling markets the amount necessary infusions growing by about $ 200 billion. For ten days, from August 19, the loss of capitalization of the US economy has already exceeded $ 1.6 trillion. And the process is practically gone out of control. The dollar exchange rate against the euro fell by 1.5% - to $ 1.12 per euro. Come to the growth of oil prices. I went to the growth and the Russian ruble, the dollar immediately after playing 5 rubles. 

In this situation, the United States has to pay more attention to domestic problems and minimize its external presence. Obama is almost multiplied by zero. It requires the immediate adoption of the budget and the next increase of the threshold of public debt. But it only contributes to distrust of the United States. In the United States itself is growing distrust of both the Democrats and the Republicans, and suddenly grow ratings notorious Trump. I do not be surprised if Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, although it is absolutely out of the ordinary. It will ruin the entire political system in the United States. 

A small victorious war to save the ranking Democrat on the elections, the US has not come out. And Ukraine was not the place where the Americans could win. Poroshenko not accidentally invited to Berlin. So he left his military rhetoric, because in Moscow have made it clear that a third of Minsk will not, and will surrender. And Moscow as the guarantor of the Minsk Agreement, which became a light hand Russia document of the UN, in the case of Kiev forces are now entitled to an operation to enforce peace in Georgia in 2008 to spend. 

And the money Kiev nobody else will. There is no one. Crisis. Money can give to the Russian and Chinese. But not this government and provided real federalization, where the regions will get real independence until its own armed forces. Winners are not disarmed and no one ever. Therefore, there were conversations and the adoption of the new Constitution, but it is clearly not capable of current Supreme Council. A World War II with guns and tanks will be gone. 

Black Monday, August 24, 2015 has become a kind of economic Pearl Harbor, and is likely to go down in history as the beginning of the first world economic war. And if the United States loses in the global economic war between Russia and China, Ukraine will still Donbass. I have often seen such signs in Kiev on the walls. They apparently wanted to give a negative meaning. And to present a threat. But time - the Chief Justice. And sometimes the meaning is reversed. Now it will be saved.



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