Monday, September 21, 2015

US condemns Russia and Syria fight against "Islamic state"

US condemns Russia and Syria fight against "Islamic state"
US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power said in a CNN interview that support for Assad from Moscow, even in the fight against the group "Islamic State" is not acceptable. This led coalition in Washington a year bombed rebel positions and despite the fact that the campaign did not produce tangible results, refuses to cooperate with the government of Syria. 

US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power has criticized Moscow for what it sends to Syria of arms and military staff. The diplomat said Russia should not provide assistance to the government of Bashar al-Assad, even to combat extremist group "Islamic State". Here's how she explained Washington's position. "Even if we were talking about Machiavelli that only would have thought that an" Islamic state ", to support such a regime and does not take into account the views of the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people, who want to move in another direction - This approach will bring neither peace nor victory over terrorism. " 

But this, according to President Putin, his main goal, "- said Power. The US and Russia hold very different strategies to combat" Islamic state. " The Russian side claims that extremists overcome without the help of the Syrian army, which currently leads military action against the IG, it will not turn. The US president, in turn, said that "Russia's strategy is doomed to failure." These words of Samantha Power repeated in an interview with CNN. «I repeat what President Obama said on Friday that this strategy Russia is doomed to failure", - she said. 

This begs the question: to what extent has proved a winning strategy for the United States? For example, the invasion of Iraq, where all the country's leadership was overthrown. And where it was unleashed a devastating civil war, which, as acknowledged by Barack Obama, has led to the emergence in Iraq, "al-Qaeda"? Can we call a winning strategy of Washington in Afghanistan or Libya, and now - Syria? The coalition led by the United States for a year bombed positions of the "Islamic state", but the group continues to recruit new fighters and still retains control over significant areas of Iraq and Syria.

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