Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rothschild Conspiracy: Why the organized influx of migrants to Europe? (VIDEO)

Rothschild Conspiracy: Why organized influx of migrants to Europe? (VIDEO)

Rothschild Conspiracy: Why organized influx of migrants to Europe?  (VIDEO) | Russian Spring
The Rothschilds are waging a war against the culture and  identity of the European peoples.
Migrants are like sheep to  the slaughter, and used in this new Civil war culture propagating.
Globalists know it is important to spread out through the traditional values ​​of multiculturalism as was done in the USA, turning nations into  a single biomass yielding financial International manipulation by the bankers.
The goal of the globalists is the transformation of the whole of humanity in the atomized human herd, not having any cultural roots, sense of community or values. Not able to resist the suggestions and forces of an external management system. 

Implementation of migrants into the European societies will break their monoculture. Then where there is no common culture, there is no common values or orientations. Hence there is solid support for the resistance to the destruction of state's borders, nations and religions, hindering financial tycoons make their global shifts into supreme power.

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