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We live in the territory of endless elections. Election battles, races and technology 
accompanied us all the years of independence. When Ukraine Donetsk region represented the Party of Regions, for which we dutifully vote and hurt both "our". The results of the entire history of the Ukrainian elections, marked on the map in orange and blue, every election season showed a clear dividing line party wins - the Dnieper. 

In a referendum on May 11, we unprecedented turnout unanimously expressed their NO maydanutoy inadequate power. In November 2014, we are realizing the need to legitimize its leaders also came en masse to the polls. Now we have to hold elections to local councils, but will vote whether the Donetsk team with the same enthusiasm and this time? The general state of mind of the inhabitants of the Republic can now be expressed as follows: frustration, confusion, fatigue. 

After the revolutionary romanticism and sunk barricade period came the war and the bitter sobering realization that as easily as the Crimea on a white boat, we will not get to Russia.Although it is for it rallied, fought, died. We believe that the Russian did not throw her. The only light at the end of the tunnel, which gave us the strength to live and fight - it was a dream of returning home. We are sincerely happy for the Crimean and swallowing her tears, watched the broadcast from there: a referendum, the accession, the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory Day, the anniversary of the referendum, "The Way Home". Nashalivshie As kids, we went to hug his mother to forgive us and caressed, but the harsh hand of the empress exhibited us out the door, go to the tutors for science, prescribes rules of conduct. And we learn a lesson, once again followed the motherly blessing. 

Because the love of the mother does not need excuses, and warmth in the heart in spite of everything. The second year of Donbass is suspended deadlock frozen conflict. During this time, we have learned not only to survive under the bombs and shelling, but also reap the benefits of non-recognition of the state. Without a passport, the banking system, cut off the blockade, humiliated at checkpoints and customs, we manage to live, work and build. Only faith gives us strength and courage without feeding, dry out and weaken. Without faith in the soul - the disappointment and emptiness. 

More and more people of Donetsk cease to believe in the future of New Russia, the victory of the Russian world, and a cunning plan. Gone from the most ideological militia volunteers. Grigory, miners and soldiers otpahal this war from the Slavyansk Debalcevo up without a single scratch come home. Hands and feet on the ground, but the soul is eaten by resentment, a sense of uselessness and global injustice. He is a child read right books about pioneer heroes of botanists siege of Leningrad, who, dying of hunger right at the workplace, and not eaten, preserved collection of seeds of food plants. Brought up on the ideals of courage of the Soviet people in the struggle against fascism, Grigory thought that everything repeats that nedodushennyh Nazis in 1945 is now also hunt filthy broom, but he was wrong. 

It turned out that in this war everything is for sale, and that the heights of the city did not take the fighters with grenades and bargain oligarchs each other. It turned out that the crosses and medals handed out right and left, not to those who received five times the fire itself, protecting the Saur-Tomb. It turned out that independent, very talented and daring commanders, removed from the arena of the dirtiest overt ways.I

t turned out that wormhole banal greed and corruption gnawed equally both Ukrainian and Russian elites, since they all come from a bandit nineties. That soldiers returned from the war a hero, and so a misunderstanding ... do not see any progress miners and steelworkers who continue to receive a salary in the Ukrainian hryvna bank cards. This means that large enterprises in the legal field are the enemy of Ukraine and continue to pay a whopping tax enumerate the state pension lishivshemu old, selected benefits for young mothers. Dashed dreams of building a true people's republic without oligarchs openly selling their home. Bold cross on dreams last romantics put event, not in any way shown in the media. 

Four days languished in custody the former speaker of the People's Council Andrey Purgin, and during this time due to his very "transparent" night deprived of voting positions and powers. But why do people know what happens to a person TV? Why make a statement and explain to the people what is going on? The official TV - sterile silence. As usual, if there is something extraordinary, and there is no official explanation for the event, it acquires a variety of rumors. While on TV channels continue to slobber no alternative to the Minsk format of Internet is teeming with revelations and prospects drain of New Russia. 

The facts and conclusions that do not add confidence in the future, but on the contrary, make even the most stubborn defenders of the Russian world to think that it is time to leave the territory. Repeated statements by Vladislav Dana that the transfer of the border LDNR-Russian Federation under the control of the Kiev authorities on the condition of creating some sort of structure does not interfere with the republics, but on the contrary, it would be consistent with the spirit and letter of the Minsk accords any zdravomyslyaschkeo residents of besieged Donbass deprive the latter pivot point . Give frontier for us - it's like crop insurance voluntarily, under the big top. But this is what we offer members and envoys, for whom we should vote again. 

If this is a cunning political move, full of secret meaning mnogohodovochka, we, simple hard worker and retirees, is unclear. And no, we do not explain. No one is advocating with the electorate, are totally confused in what is black and what is white.But, of course, we are waiting for the polling stations. Create spectacular telekartinku and queue for hours to the polls - that is our civic duty. We performed it twice. We can, and for the third time to express their civil position, but what? Agree on large-autonomy within a federal Ukrainian border, and to give "ukram" ?! 

Ask about those who lost their homes and loved ones. Try explaining that to the soldiers, stopped at Mariupol, departed from the Slavic, the fact that almost a year on the positions can not wait for the order to attack and release and Kontstantinovku Kramatorsk, Mariupol and Lisichansk ... Explain residents torn Gorlovka, for which we now need to vote ?! And we never occurred, why should we have to hold elections according to the law of Ukraine? Or the law DNI, which is published in January, but the view of something, as amended on something? 

On the TV screen is sounded one or the other version, the voter feels deceived fool. Recently, on the official website of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, a list of political parties taking part in the local elections in Ukraine in 2015. At number 137 appears the party "Mi maєmo Meta" (in Russian "We have a goal"), whose leader is Pushilin Denis. The one who represents the interests of the blockade of New Russia in endless negotiations in Minsk. The one who took the place of Andrew Purgina after his arrest and displacement, and became Chairman of the National Council of the DNI. 

The one who does not disappear from the TV screens, and non-stop muttering mantras Minsk format. It is for it, we should vote? Or it is clean and very patriotic, and references to it in the list of Ukrainian parties - simply a technical oversight, outdated information? Maybe so, but we do nothing and no one believe. For most people the only secret desires Donbas is a "suitcase - Russia - but only with your station." We are too Russian to refuse it. And if we are to get home after the war, humiliation and blockade, we will be able to endure it. 

By voting for the independence of the head of the Donetsk Republic, we voted for the heart to become a federal districts of Donetsk. Choosing the Head of the republic, we are all agreed on conflicts of unrecognized states in the hope of becoming a completely legitimate subject of the federation. And again we could show the hardness of the Russian character, if our faith is not quenched. If not keep the people in ignorance and explained the plans for the future. The more that people sometimes become the electorate, the results of which will have the will to build the post-election all parties to the conflict. And if people are not respected, it will turn its back on those who believed very recently. 

Svetlana Arsenyev

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