Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Citizens of the Russian Federation donate school supplies of a total of 247 tons New Russia

All-Russian action "Day of Knowledge in the New Russia"

Citizens of the Russian Federation could not be indifferent to the trouble to take the DNI young students and LC and took an active part in the collection of humanitarian aid. Notebooks, books, easels, portfolios and many other office supplies and school supplies a total of 247 tons have been delivered on September 1 and distributed to schools of New Russia, where they will help the children of the republic in gaining knowledge. 

According to PA Astakhov, the idea of the action "Day of Knowledge in the New Russia" appeared after Poroshenko speech in which he said that "children DNI and LC will be no study, no schools, and only the dark and damp basement." "We decided to carry out such action in support of the DNI and the LC students, especially first-graders when they heard the words of the President of Ukraine on the fact that children of Donbass will be no schools, no school will only cheese dark cellars. 

We believe it is unfair and wrong. Politicians in our actions no, we just act like human beings. I would like to first of September, the children went to learn and they would be good and the school, and bright classrooms and new textbooks. The bulk of the cargo is intended for first-graders, they go to school for the first time, so everything must be completely assembled. We felt everything should be enough to really meet the September 1 as a holiday "- said Pavel Astakhov.

God bless all who help children!

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