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Vocalist of DeepPurple admitted to sympathizing with Russia and Putin

Vocalist of DeepPurple admitted to sympathizing with Russia and Putin

Former lead singer of Rainbow and Deep Purple declared his love for Russia and the Crimea. According to Joe Lynn Turner, Russian nature is very beautiful. He also admitted that he is encouraged by the love of the Russians to their country.

American musician arrived in the Crimea , which will give as many as three concerts. The day before the speech, he spoke to reporters. In his 64 stylish musician costume all the same as in the 70s in videos and promotional posters iconic Rainbow and Deep Purple. Rocker outfit accessories complement the unexpected - a badge with the portrait of Putin and a ring with a double-headed eagle. In an interview with NTV Joe Lynn Turner has admitted that the first visit to Russia took place during the Soviet period. 

According to his observations, the country has changed a lot. Today Russia, as noted by the American musician, is actively developing economy. 

"I am not afraid of sanctions," Turner told journalists, adding that the sanctions policy imposed on Crimea by the West is "unfair" and "against God."

Joe Lynn Turner : "I think God is now living in Russia. Russian spirit can never be broken. It is this (ring) is the symbol of the unconquerable spirit. I wear it with great pride. " He also shared his thoughts about the events in the Crimea. He noted with regret that due to Western propaganda, Americans and Europeans do not know the whole truth about the country, do not know about the beauty of the region and of the people themselves.

Joe Lynn Turner : "My mind grasped the essence of the propaganda of American newspapers. Personally, I saw a beautiful land, people who love their country and their culture. I was touched and inspired by this spirit, the force with which Crimeans regained his native country. It is very important. " According to Joe, he was tired of the media war, American channels constantly talk about the tanks in the streets of Crimean towns and terrible armed Russian, who occupied the peninsula. 

Reporter: "But at least one tank seen?" 

Joe Lynn Turner : "No . The truth is more important than propaganda waged by the West, where I saw firsthand a great earth, great people. " Information "flashing" Joe Lynn Turner contributed to his Russian wife, Martha. It did not help prevent the State Department "of the undesirability of concerts in the Crimea." Because of them on their tour of the peninsula already canceled electronics of Infected Mushroom, threatened, and the arrival of foreign musicians at the Jazz Festival in Koktebel. One traditional Russian question did not specify just could not. 

Reporter : "Tell me the Americans, what power?" Questioning the  musician was not confused, with a cult movie "Brother 2" Joe watched with his wife, his US-Russian transcription sounds like the name of the films "brothers." His Answer was not canonical, but also interesting. 

Joe Lynn Turner : "I listen to Putin, I listen to his ideology and agree with what he says, I agree with his position. I'm not saying it is specifically for the camera, I feel in my heart. Thank you very much President Putin! For what you stand for truth against the world. " The former Deep Purple vocalist called a halt to the shooting - should devote more time to the music. Music, in his opinion, "has the tremendous strength, the music is given by God to people." 

Joe Lynn Turner : "I felt human warmth, beauty, friendship, passion and inspiration. My concerts reveal these feelings. This feeling is superior to politics, it is above ideology, above all, that we impose. Music rises above this, that's why I'm here. " It is expected that in the next three days, a musician with a group of T.O.P. Gun performs in Feodosia, Sevastopol and Yalta.

He demonstrated a badge with the Russian national emblem, highlighting that he is wearing it on his vest not to amuse the public but to demonstrate his true solidarity with the Russians and their leader.

"I have many friends in Russia," Turner emphasized.

The singer revealed that he would like to move to Belarus, if Belorussian President Alexander Lukashenko permits him to stay in the country. Turner admitted that, unfortunately, he does not feel comfortable in the United States any more. The musician noted that it is not the same country his father raised him in. According to the legendary vocalist, America has undergone a number of serious negative changes.

Crimea's Culture Minister Arina Novoselskaya told reporters that all of the tickets for Turner's concerts have been sold out.

Joe Lynn Turner is an American melodic hard rock singer, best known for his work with Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force and Deep Purple. Turner played the accordion as a child and became an accomplished guitarist in his early teens. Joe Lynn Turner has been ranked 84th in Hit Parader's "Heavy Metal's All-Time 100 Vocalists" list.

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