Wednesday, August 12, 2015

US Secretary of State John Kerry: " Well, we did what had to, sorry " Apology to the U.S.

Kerry Spills the beans about the real objective with the Nuke Deal...
Kerry predicted rapid fall in the dollar
Posters Note: "You see the truth is that we are out of plans to keep the dollar afloat" what he really means to say. All of the Gold is gone and without the petrodollar being enforced militarily, we have nothing to back up our notes. Without constant war, how are we to bully the world into following our orders? 

Possible failure of the United States of a nuclear deal with Iran could have a negative impact on the status of the dollar as the global reserve currency, said US Secretary of State John Kerry. The statement was made in New York, in a speech at the event organized by Reuters in support of the agreement with Iran.
According to him, if the deal with Iran will not take place, the European Union and other foreign countries may be reluctant to support sanctions policy against Russia.
"The probability of failure will quickly become a recipe for the fact that foreign partners have left the United States to Ukraine, where they are already experiencing serious doubts and are willing to say to Washington:" Well, we did what had to "" , - said Kerry.
In addition, he said, the deviation of the transaction will also weaken the US dollar: "... If we reject the deal with Iran, and then say the Allies:" You must obey our rules and sanctions policy in that whatever the cost, "it will be very fast a recipe that the dollar will cease to be the reserve currency of the world " .
In his opinion, a possible shift from the position of the dollar the world's reserve currency "will not happen overnight." However, according to Kerry, Russia and China "are engaged in some kind of joint work in the light of the events in Ukraine" aimed to ensure that the world's reserve currency is not the only one.
My advice would be learn another language and defect from the USA ASAP

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