Sunday, August 23, 2015

Scout Nokhcho how Chechens are fighting for Donbass

Scout Nokhcho how Chechens are fighting for Donbass

I made ​​a vow and not leave - until the war ended Scout reconnaissance Gorlovka callsign Nokhcho arrived at Donbass from Chechnya. "I have seen war in their homeland, saw chaos that's going on. And the same is now happening chaos in the Donbass. I wanted to help people. Some said that I went here to make money. So people did not explain until they come here and do not climb under bullets. Here people put their lives and do not earn. 

Yes, I'm Russian, I'm out of Grozny, and I'm proud of it. I made ​​a vow to help these people, and until it's over, I'm not going anywhere from here "- began talking Nokhcho. On the military operations in which he had to take part, does not want to tell Nokhcho. But the reports that have just returned from the n.p.Zaytsevo where the unit has been exposed to shelling. On the Chechens who are fighting on the side of the enemy, the Chechen intelligence tells us that it is the people who participated in armed groups during the war in Chechnya and fled in the latter to Europe. Now they are the Ukraine. 

But besides them against fighters Army DNI fighting Georgian forces under the leadership of a certain David militants and mercenaries of the United States, especially blacks. But the bodies of the militants who were killed in the land of Donbass, the Ukrainian authorities do not rush to pick up and transfer to relatives."Recently," - continues to scout - "came the information that the district was set n.p. Zhovanka checkpoint where soldiers are in stripes with NATO. " This information, according to Nokhcho confirmed. A soldier said that those who fight against the people of Donbass, are much worse than the Nazis: a few days ago in the village they set fire to the house a Zhovanka punitive veteran of World War II, accusing him in connection with the "separatists". But this territory is controlled by Kiev. 

A soldier heard the President Poroshenko expressed his desire to go on the 24th August, the day of independence of Ukraine, the streets Gorlovka that APU is trying to destroy all means available, with the flag of Ukraine. Scout Nokhcho says, "Poroshenko, I am a ordinary simple man. I really want to see as you walk with the flag of Gorlovka. While we can not go on the offensive, but if the enemies try to attack, we will respond. We are waiting. 

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