Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Russian Ministry of Defense conduct "precision bombing" training for more than 300 pilots

Time to clear some space to breath...Russian Aviators Practice Precision Bombing near Ukraine Borders
During the exercises will be practiced blows to strengthen the position of the enemy and engineering structures.
Russian Ministry of Defense spends at the border with Ukraine in the Rostov region of army aviation doctrine "precision bombing", said the Russian Defense Ministry.
In the Southern Military District conducted planned aircraft tactical training, says the country's Defense Ministry.
The exercise involved more than 300 pilots, onboard specialists and aircraft ground services of military units 4 Army Air Force and Air Defense Forces, stationed in the Rostov region.
"The exercise involved about 20 of aircraft, including Sukhoi Su-24 M, transport helicopters and Mi-8 transport and landing of Mi-26", - said in a statement.
During the flight to the training and combat use of aviation testing ground "Kopanskii", located in the Krasnodar region, the crew Sukhoi Su-24 M to be done "precision bombing of a full-size target, simulating engineering fortifications, manpower and technology conditional enemy. Bombing will take place at altitudes ranging from 500 m to 2 km. "
"In addition to the practical bombing, pilots will practice methods of avoiding air defense imaginary enemy," the report said.
During the exercises, army aviation crews will make about 50 vertoletovyletov, will work with the task of sending the personnel, equipment and heavy loads on external sling to a place of teaching, landing on unprepared sites, as well as search and evacuation of victims.
The pilots will operate in an environment as close to combat, stress in the Russian Defense Ministry.
As reported, the Russian trained to drop bombs with the inscription "To Berlin!" . Earlier, Russia urgently brought to readiness 500 "Topol" and "Yarsov"

This writes the Russian Spring

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