Monday, August 3, 2015

Mariupol: Hell for blown Headquarters of 34th Battalion, destroyed a warehouse BC, burned equipment

Mariupol: Hell for blown Headquarters of 34th Battalion, destroyed a warehouse BC, burned equipment 

As reported in the battalion "Motherland", was recently blown up the headquarters of the 34th battalion of 57 Ompbr * APU Zaitsevo under Mariupol, destroyed equipment and ammunition depot.

The reasons of the explosion is not exactly established, perhaps careless handling of fire and failure to comply with safety regulations at the facility. According to Ukrainian volunteers, unknown long shot at the headquarters of the artillery.

"The night before last worked art, worked exclusively at the headquarters of the battalion 34, they can not forgive us ... Zaitsevo

As a result of the shelling of one of the shells landed in the warehouse for BC, for anyone who was in the headquarters and began living hell. We must pay tribute to the battalion commander, who did not leave the people organizing their withdrawal to the shelter that saved them all to life. BC began to explode, the glow was on half the sky, explosions rattled all night.

Our intelligence unit until the morning engaged in the evacuation of people, documents, l placement. s., assistance and so on. d.

None of us can understand what the negotiators agree in Minsk, what is the logic of these agreements, if the life of the logic is completely absent. They are not going to withdraw heavy weapons, which time they defiantly spit on us, and on the agreement.

Watching this, I once again want to understand where this our undeserved public humiliation and beatings ingenious plan Poroshenko Commander? "- Said the journalist and volunteer Konstantin Ilchenko.

Help "PB".

57th Separate Infantry Brigade - the three former teroborony Battalion (17th, 34, 42) are converted to mechanized infantry battalion to be mobilized from narhozyaystva trucks, tanks, and no serious defense, with a minimum of towed artillery (Division or less) and mortars.Approximate number of about 2.5 million people.


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