Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ARTICLE. Mom of a conscript-ATO Shnika: Who did our boys kill in the Donbass?

ARTICLE. Mother of a conscript-ATO Shnika: Who did our boys kill in the Donbass?

(Author: Irina Lashkevich) 

Donetsk journalist Iryna Lashkevich on her Facebook page has published a recording of a conversation with a friend about the situation in the Donbass. They spoke with the familiar news of the Central Ukraine (literally). - Our boys dying here yesterday, they came to work, they say three or more were killed in a neighboring village. So I said to her: - If sitting at home, working on the tractor, they would have been alive today.

This is not the Donbass miners that have come to your village and killed children. They came to kill and were killed in Donbass. There is a war, didn't you know ? - Did they kill our boys? - And they make a half years of war, do you think? - Well, I do not know, tell us more ... And if my son will go on the agenda, what do you say that ... and kill him?

You let him go to war, so he came to kill people in the Donbass, they killed. Here is a war, how do you not see? - He goes to protect Ukraine from the Russian army, but not to kill people. -

Let me tell you a secret war, the Russian army is not in the Donbas. He goes to kill ordinary people. They are waiting for the Russian army, but it is not helping us. - Ahh ... so they are waiting for the Russian army? It is our land! - In this land live 8 million people, or it does not count? They are telling Us our land is not fucking ours? Then why are you surprised that those whom you have deleted from this land, for the people do not believe, have taken up arms? - 

Well, I do not know ... We need peace, they say ... - And then, to the people every day killing more the APU kills ordinary civilians not caring who dies... the world does not need this, do not you think they do? Do you think they enjoy hiding from the shelling? Do you think, They like to live under the bombardments and burying their old men, women and children? -

I think that our guys do not kill anyone, that they themselves ... - Do not look TSN, e * neshsya! The tube sniff. After a pause, it: - I want the island of unwanted people, the kind of movie you watched? I'm useless person ... Maybe you will agree that we have brought coal? No coal for the winter at all. Let them our coal, and we give them meat, milk, potatoes. What they need, all will gather! 

They're without our grain starve to death! - So did you watch TSN? Knotted, chokneshsya! On the Donbas not moonscape. Here in addition to mines and steel mills, luxury field. By bombing the harvest gathered, it is a very rich region, TSN says about it? - I do not know ... stop shooting, we need peace. - Let go tractor home, and will not be war, Donbass home and protected, where it should leave to Ukraine calmed down? Talk a stalemate. 

It became clear that coal I did not have to, she told me no meat, potatoes. Outside, began Destination. The shells fell in the Kiev region ... so at this moment someone died, someone has lost his home, someone runs into the basement with a child in her arms. All have gone sooner. Donetsk is ready to go through another terrible night, his teeth, clenching his fists. Near howled signal Metallurgical Combine, change has finished. 

The fall is closer ... those who so need coal, bombed in full. Bombs and amazed - why militiamen shelled themselves? It's like a craze. Believe in what ourselves and our boys ne strelyayut can only people with a severe form of insanity. TSN continues to do their bloody work ...

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