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Again, the notorious "cunning plan of Putin" why Russia has not yet sent troops

Again, the notorious "cunning plan of Putin" why Russia has not yet sent troops

This theme has been repeatedly raised and covered, but since propagandisty- "vsёpropalschiki" endlessly procrastinate it, their opponents nothing else remains but to again and again to return to it, and then respond to their "childish", then "Therefore adult reasonable "claim.

Let's start with the notorious HPP, which is "a cunning plan of Putin."

Of course, what is called the "cunning plan" does not exist in nature. Here "vsёpropalschiki" prevaricate. This, however, does not mean that the situation in Ukraine was put to chance and there is no plan at all - is not the notorious "cunning" plan to deceit and inefficiency which draw propagandists are so fond of "discharge" in his opus.

And he has a plan - but never "cunning" and unsophisticated, "a simple and effective, striking cudgel in the dark."

However, his understanding of those with childlike requires immediate input of regular troops and not willing to make any objection, still have to do some brain effort.

First of all, you need to understand what impact any action (input or non-deployment of troops) to cause:

1. The citizens of Ukraine,
2. The citizens of Russia,
3. t. N. "The international community"

and the reaction of the first, second and third.

So, imagine that the troops, as it was expected a year ago, were immediately introduced.

Residents of Ukraine in the majority satisfied - it cost a little blood, for the regular army to oppose this Russian APU can not, and what's more - they are now unable to fight with this army, however claimed the opposite, "di ukrainishe vohenshau."

The minority is also quite, as finally got impenetrable argument about Russian aggression, which for so long pipe and which unilaterally declared last year alone not less than forty (!!!) times. But outwardly, of course, angry.

"The international community" also receives an argument, confirming the "aggressiveness" of Russia, and reacts accordingly.

Do you think Europe's trump card - the sanctions? Spit on sanctions, the result will be much worse - Europe, and not only they, will be consolidated with the "peaceful US" against "Russian aggression". By the way, it would be impossible the further development of the SCO and BRICS, and their very existence as the union of humanity against politicians "Empire of Good" is likely to be called into question.

Residents of Russia receive the union with the brotherly people too high a price - the label "invaders" and "aggressors" just will not go Russophobes mouth and liberals of all countries for their development would be a godsend. Plus - all of the above.

Now consider a different course of events.

As repeatedly mentioned during the pull is enough Yanukovych administration and between the European Customs Union, Ukraine without the help of Russia simply be bent - and without war, simply because Europe is not Russia, and will not engage in charity. On the contrary, will rob and confiscate all in a row - that, by the way, is happening now: in fact even for the sale of the famous Ukrainian black earth already in question (and perhaps already held for sale), so that the trains to the ground - is not a fairy tale and reality close ...

On this side of Europe and the United States all right. For this, in fact, struggled.

However, the problem remains with the public. It is not to look at what is happening with indifference and resignation to die of hunger. Start riots, much of the population - the so-called "passionate", read: aggressive, those "rr-revolutionary gidnosti" pravoseki and other Ukrainian Nazis of all stripes - will break into Europe, carrying in her rampant banditry and "revolution" already in its territory. After all, nothing else "with drive" can not, and most importantly - do not want to do.

Hence, the population of Ukraine should be destroyed - by proxy, of course (guess with three times, who planned our patnёrami in Ukraine executioners?); or contain, if not in the fed, at least in half-starved condition.

Until now, Ukraine in fact supported afloat Russia - that significant discounts on energy and lucrative contracts with subcontractors, and purchase a significant amount of Ukrainian products, and lots of mutually beneficial projects. But now, with the irresponsible and criminal decision of the Ukrainian leadership "evrointegrirovatsya" at any cost and the ban on trading with the enemy, this is no longer an option: Russia will no longer contain the regime became openly hostile.

Europe and the United States to do the same will not be - in their plans included "a new world on the ruins of Russia, and at the expense of Russia," not "at our expense."

What's the solution?

And it turns out that knocked about and remembering previous fat years, the population of Ukraine will make an informed choice - and it will be in favor of Russia, and not the treacherous West.

And to prevent that choice can only be a war between Russia and Ukraine.

The war, which seek propagandists "Nezalezhnosti" and "vsёpropalschiki."For the hundreds who have committed murderous and sadistic acts of provocation, in the case where all the victims, including victims of Odessa May 2 bombing of Donbass, who died during the "ATO" - all of them with one chohom can be attributed to the "aggressor".

Not to mention the fact that the Ukrainian families will killed by the soldiers of the Russian army, and in Russian - at the hands of soldiers ... This is what the APU and achieve the "hawks". In order between parts of one nation shed real blood and false propaganda poems, "we will never be brothers" became true.

It appears also that the war in Ukraine, Russia and the hands in which to blame Russia - the perfect way to Western financial elite. Ideal.

In the end, the forces hostile to Russia have long realized that the way of world domination is Russian civilization, which each time breaks off another "unifier of the world" around its outstanding person. Modest KarlXII, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler is able to confirm if it was possible to call them timid person from the dead ...

These forces also have long realized that to win Russian Only Russian - but it needs to create a part of their anti-Russian people, but rather several - Russian and declare their mortal enemies.

The only way to prevent these plans - not to send troops, at least as long as it will not be the only solution.

And here's what else. A year ago, came the words, "The fruit must ripen."

Few have understood their meaning. The meaning of them, alas, sad - Ukraine should not just mature and perespet rot and as a state, revealing a world rotten insides of Ukrainian nationalism. So that it became visible and clear to everyone. First and foremost, it should be apparent to those Ukrainians who still entertain the hope that is separate from the Russian, ancient and great nation that is about to take its rightful place of the Lord of the world, and klyatyh Muscovites show their place - to be slaves in the Great Ukrainian people ...

So, these dreamers should be seen that all great things were created by representatives of Ukraine - was created with the people of Russia; and everything that was going on in spite of the Russian people, in defiance of it - is insignificant, stupid, criminal, or disgusting.

And so it came to everyone - people of Ukraine should apologize for comparing unappetizing, "sip spoon full of shit." Alas, you have to slurp and those who have already understood everything and made conclusions ...

Therefore, there should be no way to blame abominations perpetrated on decaying Ukraine, Russia and the Russian people. Usurpers themselves must show the world his insolent mug, without the possibility to transfer the arrows on the "external aggression" - and set themselves against the world.

And that Ukrainian people should start their liberation from prohindeev perpetrators of the coup d'etat.

Of course, this does not mean that Russia, as the broadcast of each iron, "real colonel" and "Princess Nesmeyana" "merged New Russia" will be detached and watch from the sidelines. Russia will help, and it is already helping - but only so that the international community could not claim to be the nature of that assistance.

Now consider the option "Russia enters the troops" - the one who works in reality.

For residents of Ukraine is not the best option, I mean opponents of the junta, of course. In this case, it conducted a civil war in which controlled Kiev troops shelled towns and villages of Donbass and dump the blame on and do not appear to war Russian regular troops and "terrorists." What bloodshed and that it blame the security forces flout the junta, see the locals and half the rest of Ukraine.

However, no evidence of invasion of Russia.

For residents of Russia, this option is more acceptable - because apart from the volunteers from Russia no one in it is not busy. Whether it another way, the coffins were thick to flow, and this is not observed.Indirectly, it is recognized in Kiev - not for nothing that the number of volunteers from Russia, which prokievskaya propaganda insists on calling "the Russian-terrorist forces of the regular army of the Russian Federation", in the summer of last year is estimated at 7-9 thousand. Bayonets.

Fifth column attempts to prove the direct involvement of the military structures of Russia in the conflict every time turns into a farce, "the dead officers and soldiers of the regular Russian army" are the players, the characters of fiction - in short, a mockery, not evidence.

As a laughingstock, and the fact - chetvertmillionnaya army Kiev loses several thousand Russian soldiers. But apart from the army, in Kiev there are about 300 thousand. Armed warriors in Border Service and the police, the National Guard and the SBU, in the battalions of foreign mercenaries type battalion named Dudayev and various illegal armed groups the Nazis - from the infamous "Right Sector" battalion named Kulchytsky .

"The international community" almost did not believe the Russian invasion, and even officially in it no doubt feels embarrassment: a half years of evidence or that the evidence may be considered too small, and that there are - insufficient quality.

In addition, a temporary "win" in Ukraine, Russia would lose again and her, and all hope of reunification as the Eastern Slavs and the former Soviet republics.

Now, take your time chess game and temporarily sacrificing fine figure, has all chances to win everything at once - both Ukraine and Europe, and eventually bring them to the Customs and the Eurasian Union.

By the way, to remind that such a temporary exchange of Ukraine has already taken place in history that was signed "obscene" Brest and Brest-Litovsk peace treaty ... The result - the young Soviet republic gained a respite, and after six months' pohaben "was canceled and the Ukraine I returned.

All that for the implementation of these plans was necessary - not to make sudden movements, do not go beyond the boundaries of international law, to do everything that unites rather than divides people; and people who find themselves under the rule of the usurpers, to assist in the framework of the right margin. It sucks, but legal, preventing provocateurs confirm their accusations, which should remain unfounded.

We note in this connection it is worth and the announcement of the "Ukrainian government in exile" in Moscow.

If Mykola Azarov day of February 22, 2014 in Kharkov, instead of leaving for ekzilu climbed on a tank on the Constitution Square (or on a pedestal then a whole Lenin at Freedom Square) and announced that the authorities in Kiev seized by the Nazis, Bandera, oligarchs and Western puppets, Yanukovych cowardly fled, and local authorities are willing to conspire with the putschists, and only he - Mykola Azarov - unites all who are willing to confront Kiev, Crimea today would be part of a unified Ukraine and about Yatsenyuk Turchynov, Klitschko and other The putschists have remembered only in human rights issues Western guardians. Solely the two embodiments. Or how about the victims of Putin's puppet, put innocent sheep in jail, or on political refugees, which thereby puppets Putin will not give up.

Kharkiv themselves, without outside help, without the support of the army and the police, with the betrayal Kernes and without arms, six weeks chasing Bandera. In the worst scenario, today the Ukrainian army would be standing on the border of the separatist Galicia, which would require separate from the "pro-Russian Ukraine."

But history does not know the subjunctive mood. Time Azarov and his associates hopelessly lost. "Maemo Maemo scho". By the way, the Kremlin official said bluntly that does not apply to this adventure, and nothing else will understand that they are there nasozdavali.

Yes, the "cunning plan of Putin" is not - there is simple. The Bolsheviks at the time proved that "today is still very early, but tomorrow might be too late." About the "very early" we have long everything is clear. But now there is to know about "too late."

Michael Onufrienko

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