Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A letter to my Twitter Followers | By Adam Baum

A letter to my Twitter Followers | By Adam Baum

I've been posting many news stories on  my "Blog Sites" since the beginning of the Ukraine Coup. However, not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how long this travesty has lasted. I noted from the very beginning where the evidence incriminating Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt was so overwhelmingly and conspicuous, that it should have opened the eyes to the UNSC and the EU that the Obama administration was the instigator of this illegal action, and was purposely using Ukraine as a political weapon on Russia. What followed instead was something that changed my whole understanding of the world around me. Not only were the very institutions that I had believed would've straightened this out right away in an international court case, instead they were abetting the crime with outrageous lies and biased actions. Still they continue to turn a blind eye to the most obvious war-crimes being committed by the unlawfully appointed junta, Nuland had openly admitted to assigning.

 I'm at the point where nothing makes any sense to me anymore. If this was their goal, than it's certainly worked well on me. I am not one to normally choose sides in these type of "who's the enemy affairs," but this injustice has persuaded me to side with the people of Donbas who simply want no part of what is an obvious return to Nazism in Ukraine and soon Europe and who knows where else maybe even the US too. I personally am too old and disabled to have any fight left in me, so I do what I can on my Blog sites to awaken as many as I can to the tragedies unfolding all over the world lately.

I wish to thank all of you who have re-tweeted my posts over the last year and a half. Below is a list of my Blog Sites. I encourage you to share the links to the truth about Ukraine's illegal crimes which are being supported by the people we made the mistake of trusting as our leaders.

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