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Bye-Bye, Miss American Pie ! Built on the basis of a delusional built stock market...

Bye-Bye, Miss American Pie ! Built on the basis of a delusional built stock market

Alexander Rogers
Continued failure - Monday Oh, what's pleasing to the ear of any liberal economist, the term "market capitalization". 

Perhaps there is no more senseless and detached from the reality of economic concepts. Market capitalization - is not the real value of your assets, plants, machinery, raw materials and finished products (which is realistic and not too difficult to find), and an abstract representation of how much it costs your company including other abstractions like "brand", "image" and so on. It even has nothing to do with the profitability of your company, because it is full of examples of how the company makes a profit, and its shares fall, and vice versa. And on the basis of a delusional built all stock markets. Naturally, this can not but cause crises, because instead of the regulatory function of the system plays a speculative (in their previous publications, I have examined in detail the role of debt margin - ..). 

Speculation generates a pyramid and the pyramid inevitably descends. Http:// .. As you can see from the graph, since 2009 the US stock markets is continuously growing, and this growth was purely speculative, because the real economy of the United States most of that time did not grow, and frankly stagnated. fictitious speculative growth stock markets provides an exceptional continuous operation of "printing press" - continuous infusion of tens of billions of unsecured dollars shyly hid behind vague term «quantitative easing» (Quantitative easing, QE). 

Another feature of a financial system - from blowing up the bubble it starts to demand more and more profits, and real dividends from anyone, even the high-tech production activities are no longer able to meet these needs, the system begins to need all greater financial pumped. And the Fed for objective reasons, the last year trying to reduce the swapping (QE volumes gradually decreased). There is a gap that is filled for some time due to the new influx of speculative capital from outside (the pyramid!). When the gap gets too big - the bubble burst. That is, we may see on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange, NYSE) -the beginning of the collapse of one of the most ambitious in the history of bubbles.

What happened on Wall Street on Friday? Index Dow Jones (the 30 largest "industrial" companies in the US) per session lost 3.13% of the value (-530.94 points, to the level of 16459.75), the index S & P-500 - 3.19% (-64.84 points, to the level of 1970.89), "high-tech" NASDAQ-100 index - 4.28% (-187.856 points, to the level of 4197.27). Total market losses are estimated at about 582 billion dollars. Russian liberals like to speak maliciously, that the market capitalization of the «Apple» ten times higher than that of "Gazprom". But they are, as always, broken - not ten, because the beginning of the year Apple "thinner" at 158 billion lost in this very capitalization of about 27%. Only this Friday for one day «Apple» has lost 6% of the shares . This is not surprising, since the Corporation, as well as many other American brands, greatly overstated. 

For example, I'm in the last year, wrote that «Facebook» overrated I think six times (this is the most gentle estimates, but really - 10 times or more). Https:// v = khNJu1Pjeo0 leaders of the fall were shares of «Walt Disney Company», whose price fell by 6.43 points (6.04%), ending the session at around 100.02. And shares of such giants as «Boeing Company» fell in price by 5.70 points, ie 3.99% and closed trading at around 137.02. In fact, the further collapse of the market was only saved by the completion of Friday's trading. In boxing there is even a special term «saved by the bell» (saved gong). 

Now the US government has two days (Sunday, when there will be an article - will have one) to implement emergency measures. To save the market need to throw it comparable, and even superior to the sum of the loss - of $ 600 billion or more. And this is almost the amount of the annual cash infusion QE (and almost equal to the annual US military budget), but one day. Again, to infuse the cash needed to urgently Congress passed a law raising the threshold of US government debt. Otherwise, the Treasury will not be able to release a sufficient amount of US Treasuries, the Fed under which emits dollars. 

In general, it is very problematic to the same needs to happen on the eve of how the Treasury was going to raise interest rates on Treasuries. Without this increase social system the United States is on the verge of collapse as pension and other social funds are holders of Treasuries, and the current low rate on them does not allow pension funds to get enough income to fulfill their social obligations. In general, increases - and valish budget does not increase - valish social programs. And you can not raise or increase too, can not. Although, knowing the American establishment, they spat on social programs - are likely to save the financiers, speculators on Wall Street as they did in 2008-09 (pensioners do not have such a powerful lobby in Congress and they do not sponsor election campaigns of US presidential candidates).

The most important thing is that this crisis within the framework of the current system can not be resolved, it can only delay (devaluation of the dollar will be under both scenarios). And many in the leadership of the United States (as the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and the Fed) is well aware of. So, on Monday it will be very interesting ... Alexander Rogers .

Riots: As Farmers Exposed Totalitarianism in the #EU

Riots farmers exposed totalitarianism EU 

"This is a totalitarian regime, but the propaganda says that a democracy" Russian antisanktsionnye measures - namely, the introduction of an embargo on products from Europe - a serious blow to agriculture in France, Italy and even Germany, disgruntled farmers organize large-scale protests, tow and tire demand to lift sanctions against Russia. Conflict initially arose from the purchase prices for meat, which is not satisfied with any suppliers or buyers. 

Dissatisfied with anti-Russian sanctions farmers blocked the entrances to France in the Ministry of Agriculture of France, have already acknowledged that even if you increase the supply of pork in China, the loss of the Russian market is not compensated . The French newspaper Le Figaro said: "The Russian embargo on order increased simmering which year structural crisis. Care in Russia German pork remained in Western Europe, which led to lower prices in France." 
About the same it was a quarter century ago, when goes bust poultry from -this fact that the United States put pressure on the authorities in Europe, and they have decided to declare war in 1990, Iraq, the former at the time home buyer Breton chicken. "Generally, it is surprising that the workers of our shipyards have not yet gone to the guerrillas: they have lost their jobs because of the failure to transfer to Russia two warships, which were duly sold to Moscow", - reminds the French journalist. 

European farmers are rebelling, because they were in a vice - on one side of their government slavishly following US policy to spoil relations with Russia, and doomed to "antisanktsii"; On the other hand - the very same slashed subsidies. 

Farmers across Europe after the French are ready to start burning tires and put barricades to block the road. The protesters demand to reach an agreement with Russia on the abolition of the food embargo. Naturally, the problem of the globalization of the market of meat and dairy products, and without putting the production of small farmers to the brink of bankruptcy, but it is impossible to make huge shipments to Russia is killing the industry Performances of French farmers and small businessmen, of course, did not begin today, and before the embargo by Russia agriculture in Europe was not all rosy, farmers in southern Europe has seriously complicated the life of the European Union with its policy in Italy seriously affected wine industry. 
But now more than 300 tractors blocked roads and several bridges, in the department of Correze, farmers dumped tons of manure and straw blocks in front of several supermarkets, on the French highway barricades rose from the tires. Can anything to cause the protests of farmers in this time? 
Professor of Economic History in developing countries State University of Padua (Italy), the author of books and studies David Cheletti agree that sanctions against Russia and EU regulations hit agriculture particularly hard hit countries of southern Europe. This expert said in an interview to Nakanune.

RU. Q: In France and Belgium, farmers are rebelling, burning tires, some serious performance. The package demands of protesters entered the Government and the point - the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Why do you think?What caused the loss of the Russian market for European farmers? 

David Cheletti: We have a lot exported to Russia, of course, the Russian embargo - is a big blow to farming. For example, David Cheletti economist, history, Italian | Photo by last count, in Italy we have lost 200 thousand. Jobs - and that's a lot. The protests were not only in France and Belgium, the farmers protested in Italy too. The head of the region was in Russia in 2014, tried to negotiate on their own, but that he can one? I do not think that the trip was a success. We have lost a lot, it's true. Above all, agriculture is suffering. But the question - why do we do it? It's an interesting question - why do we continue to do what brings us loss. 

Q: So the Italian farmers have become hostages of the war US sanctions against Russia? 

David Cheletti: And the French, Belgian and now, and German farmers. The Germans have lost the most. Why did we lose?Because we are allies of the United States, whether we like it or not. And because the Germans think they can in the future to have more influence in Eastern Europe. Here the interests of not only the US but also in Germany. 

Question: That is, in the EU there are certain "distortions" in the economy, and they are due to politics? 

David Cheletti: Yes, they are just due to the policy. German policy, first and foremost. You saw what happened in Greece? It is clear that Germany leads the European Union and the rest of the state can not defend its policy. Both France and Italy - can not. Between us there is a big problem because of this, we understand that Germany has a specific policy. Good or not - we do not know, but we have to follow it. There are, of course, we have people who are against this policy. European farmers, strike | Photo: 
Question: Common EU rules deprived you even a large part of the vineyards, and after wine - it was a big source of income for Italy, and even then the spirit of the Italy? 

David Cheletti: Yes, we were forced to. We took this very restless, not at all. But you know how the European Union? What is the European Commission - is 28 people who decide everything. But for them no vote, each state has chosen one person - and they decide everything. This is not a democratic state. Of course, we are protesting, but still it is quite useless. Germany, Northern Europe have completely different interests than Southern Europe, we have different economic system. This situation needs to be addressed. 

Question: Why do people suffer? 

David Cheletti: Because even though there are European rules, there is still the United States, there is an ideology, propaganda, too. There are people who think that it is still necessary that you just have to endure. Yes, there are people who are protesting, but it came to nothing lead. Look at the case of Greece - what happened? They organized a referendum, the people voted the way they really think. 63-74% were against this policy [of the EU], and then what happened? It's nothing. Because I do not think that our farmers will be able to change something. Very large ideological forces in favor of Germany, in the interests of the United States, we have a democratic system itself, which will change things. I do not think that if Italy could solve itself, it would have made ​​[to support sanctions against Russia]. 
Q: And how would Italy? 

David Cheletti Italy as it was before, to the European Union, it either would not take any sanctions or would take only formally.

Question: What mood at the Italian farmers and ordinary people - all of whom blame?Russia or is it Germany, or even the US? 

David Cheletti: Against Russia conducted an ideological war, the more likely you are reading European newspapers, see European news on TV? If so, you could not help but notice that we have a very intense ideological propaganda against Russia. It's obvious. And people are watching TV, thinking that Russia - a problem that it is an aggressive country and we need to defend ourselves. In fact, this is a very important question, and only seems to matter. But this is the first question, the second - is the European political system, EU decisions can not be changed. For Merkel, it is not very well say it - "the Fuhrer" Fourth Reich, but in principle, there are those who support its policies. Poor to it are farms that have lost market. But the people who are watching TV, they think that what we are doing is correct. 

Q. And do not like Putin? 

David Cheletti: In Europe, always loved the bad or unsuccessful Russian politicians. Very fond of Gorbachev, but do not like Putin. They say that Putin - a dictator, but it is not. He just might be our partner, but a partner who will work on equal terms and does not like it. What I think? I think that the multipolar world a better place than when there is one country that dictates its own terms, as it was until now. And so it is very good that there are Russia and China. But in Europe we have lost our sovereignty after World War II, and still no one came to build a new independent country. As an Italian, I'm sorry about this. The unipolar world - this is what we have now multipolar - a search for a compromise, and it is always good. And I think it positive that Russia is now stronger than in 1990, that now Russia is once again starting to be a strong power. And I think that if there is a strong Russia, then, perhaps we too become more self-reliant. It is possible. 

Q: In the future, but what now? But after the collapse in Greece, do you think, who is next? 

David Cheletti: Most likely, there is a danger for Italy, Spain and Portugal, but it is a very dangerous game for Germany, too. If the crisis will be in Greece, Italy and Spain - this is very dangerous for the whole European Union, but this economic policy is not working for us, the euro - a very strong currency, it is very difficult to export, Greece harder than before it was exported, harder to get visitors, because the euro was worth too much. And this is a problem for us, we are exporting less, we pretty much lost. But Germany does not want anything to change, for Germany - this is not a problem because they export very expensive items of high quality. 

Question: Do you think that the competition in the agricultural market within the EU will continue to grow? 

David Cheletti: You know, not yet, but is a free trade agreement with the United States of the EU. This applies most of all agriculture. Then, the competition will not only within the EU, but will be in the large US market and the European Union. I do not know what it will be, but we are waiting for a big problem, because American agriculture a very competitive, and then have to reconsider everything we do. Everything will be different. None of this is not to say, does not discuss, but this is a very important agreement, because it would be a single global market - the European Union and the United States. And this applies to most agriculture. This is an important contract that will affect the future of Europe, but there is no extensive discussions. Where democratic debate? No, it simply chooses the very European Commission. And then the EU economy and the US economy will merge closely together. 

Question: What about products from the US, which will flood Italy, you are not afraid that it will be of GMO products? 

David Cheletti: Of course, I'm afraid, I'm building a garden. In a very poor quality products from the USA, I'm afraid. In Italy, the GM is still banned, but things can change. Then we will not be able to ban GMOs if it will be one global market - where, who will hear our voice? I think this is a close connection, but still have control, and when the contract will be quite impossible to control the quality.This is a big problem because I am amazed that in the newspapers, on television do not discuss the intention to create a freer market. Building a single market - it is, of course, not to build a unified country, but it's still a very big step in that direction. 

Q. And what, no one is going to resist? 

David Cheletti: There are parties, protest movements against the EU - and in France is very strong, and in Italy, too, has - if these movements become stronger, maybe that's the change. One can only hope.
Question: So the protests of farmers, as well as referendums, solve nothing in the EU?

David Cheletti: What is it? It is a totalitarian regime, but the propaganda will say that this is democracy. 

Question: It is interesting that in Europe a lot of protests happens, many with political slogans, but never none not result in something like the Maidan?

David Cheletti: Never, because the Maidan - it is not a protest, it organized the protest. If it was simply an honest people rally it is likely to be a little turned. But their support, they were given the money, they had a plan. I do not think that all of them - just people who are frustrated by the refusal of the association with the EU. There were honest people out there, I do not argue, who wanted a better life, but they took advantage of - this plan as a plan in Chechnya, as in the Baltic states. Baltic States - a very good example, there is a very strong anti-Russian propaganda, Russophobia. I was in Riga 6-7 years ago, taught the Russian language, I wanted to speak in Russian, but in Russian there was no answer. Of course, they could speak in Russian, but did not want to. It's all part of the same

Video from the local Avengers captures the destruction arranged punitive in the village

Reports from the militia of New Russia

Video from the local Avengers in spite of that continue to terrorize the long-suffering land of Donbass heavy artillery. For APU fired Maryinka of MLRS "Grad"! After the shelling, the camera captures the destruction arranged punitive in the village. We see destroyed houses, broken glass, craters from shells and even hot pieces of mines and shells! On the streets you can not find a single person, the people once again were forced to leave their homes and sit in the cellars. Such monstrous crime against the Russian will not be without reckoning! Soldiers Novorossia Avenge bandits for these atrocities!

Scout Nokhcho how Chechens are fighting for Donbass

Scout Nokhcho how Chechens are fighting for Donbass

I made ​​a vow and not leave - until the war ended Scout reconnaissance Gorlovka callsign Nokhcho arrived at Donbass from Chechnya. "I have seen war in their homeland, saw chaos that's going on. And the same is now happening chaos in the Donbass. I wanted to help people. Some said that I went here to make money. So people did not explain until they come here and do not climb under bullets. Here people put their lives and do not earn. 

Yes, I'm Russian, I'm out of Grozny, and I'm proud of it. I made ​​a vow to help these people, and until it's over, I'm not going anywhere from here "- began talking Nokhcho. On the military operations in which he had to take part, does not want to tell Nokhcho. But the reports that have just returned from the n.p.Zaytsevo where the unit has been exposed to shelling. On the Chechens who are fighting on the side of the enemy, the Chechen intelligence tells us that it is the people who participated in armed groups during the war in Chechnya and fled in the latter to Europe. Now they are the Ukraine. 

But besides them against fighters Army DNI fighting Georgian forces under the leadership of a certain David militants and mercenaries of the United States, especially blacks. But the bodies of the militants who were killed in the land of Donbass, the Ukrainian authorities do not rush to pick up and transfer to relatives."Recently," - continues to scout - "came the information that the district was set n.p. Zhovanka checkpoint where soldiers are in stripes with NATO. " This information, according to Nokhcho confirmed. A soldier said that those who fight against the people of Donbass, are much worse than the Nazis: a few days ago in the village they set fire to the house a Zhovanka punitive veteran of World War II, accusing him in connection with the "separatists". But this territory is controlled by Kiev. 

A soldier heard the President Poroshenko expressed his desire to go on the 24th August, the day of independence of Ukraine, the streets Gorlovka that APU is trying to destroy all means available, with the flag of Ukraine. Scout Nokhcho says, "Poroshenko, I am a ordinary simple man. I really want to see as you walk with the flag of Gorlovka. While we can not go on the offensive, but if the enemies try to attack, we will respond. We are waiting. 

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DNI offers Ukrainian servicemen who do not want to become war criminals to Join Militia

DNI offers Ukrainian servicemen who do not want to become war criminals to Join Militia

Eduard Basurin: APU call on soldiers to side with the DNI authorities DNI offered Ukrainian servicemen to join the militia and be saved from destruction in the new "boiler". This statement was made ​​deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps DNI Eduard Eduard Basurin. "We call on the officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who do not want to become war criminals, sabotage and criminal orders to move to the side of the DNI. This will save your life and eliminate the shame of your loved ones, "- he said. 

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ARTICLE. Mom of a conscript-ATO Shnika: Who did our boys kill in the Donbass?

ARTICLE. Mother of a conscript-ATO Shnika: Who did our boys kill in the Donbass?

(Author: Irina Lashkevich) 

Donetsk journalist Iryna Lashkevich on her Facebook page has published a recording of a conversation with a friend about the situation in the Donbass. They spoke with the familiar news of the Central Ukraine (literally). - Our boys dying here yesterday, they came to work, they say three or more were killed in a neighboring village. So I said to her: - If sitting at home, working on the tractor, they would have been alive today.

This is not the Donbass miners that have come to your village and killed children. They came to kill and were killed in Donbass. There is a war, didn't you know ? - Did they kill our boys? - And they make a half years of war, do you think? - Well, I do not know, tell us more ... And if my son will go on the agenda, what do you say that ... and kill him?

You let him go to war, so he came to kill people in the Donbass, they killed. Here is a war, how do you not see? - He goes to protect Ukraine from the Russian army, but not to kill people. -

Let me tell you a secret war, the Russian army is not in the Donbas. He goes to kill ordinary people. They are waiting for the Russian army, but it is not helping us. - Ahh ... so they are waiting for the Russian army? It is our land! - In this land live 8 million people, or it does not count? They are telling Us our land is not fucking ours? Then why are you surprised that those whom you have deleted from this land, for the people do not believe, have taken up arms? - 

Well, I do not know ... We need peace, they say ... - And then, to the people every day killing more the APU kills ordinary civilians not caring who dies... the world does not need this, do not you think they do? Do you think they enjoy hiding from the shelling? Do you think, They like to live under the bombardments and burying their old men, women and children? -

I think that our guys do not kill anyone, that they themselves ... - Do not look TSN, e * neshsya! The tube sniff. After a pause, it: - I want the island of unwanted people, the kind of movie you watched? I'm useless person ... Maybe you will agree that we have brought coal? No coal for the winter at all. Let them our coal, and we give them meat, milk, potatoes. What they need, all will gather! 

They're without our grain starve to death! - So did you watch TSN? Knotted, chokneshsya! On the Donbas not moonscape. Here in addition to mines and steel mills, luxury field. By bombing the harvest gathered, it is a very rich region, TSN says about it? - I do not know ... stop shooting, we need peace. - Let go tractor home, and will not be war, Donbass home and protected, where it should leave to Ukraine calmed down? Talk a stalemate. 

It became clear that coal I did not have to, she told me no meat, potatoes. Outside, began Destination. The shells fell in the Kiev region ... so at this moment someone died, someone has lost his home, someone runs into the basement with a child in her arms. All have gone sooner. Donetsk is ready to go through another terrible night, his teeth, clenching his fists. Near howled signal Metallurgical Combine, change has finished. 

The fall is closer ... those who so need coal, bombed in full. Bombs and amazed - why militiamen shelled themselves? It's like a craze. Believe in what ourselves and our boys ne strelyayut can only people with a severe form of insanity. TSN continues to do their bloody work ...

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When you're on a special operation, but you see that calls from mom...

When you're on a special operation, but you see that calls mom

Minsk Today Died: Even the parts which were originally performed are now discarded

today at 12:40 pm

Minsk Today Died: Even the parts which were originally performed are now discarded
The war is on the threshold. In Donbass they are now restless. Artillery shellings in the last two weeks are on the rise, the number of calibers used increased. Many new Killed civilians, killed by Nazi soldiers. Hospitals and clinics primarily evacuate the wounded before the fighting begins the overflowing. 

All forces are on high alert and ready at any moment to advance in accordance with the disposition of the items staffs If the war can not be avoided ? Talk about summer campaign began immediately after Debaltseve. Built justification cited calculations. But the war did not start. Kiev finished with great difficulty mobilizing wave (by the way, now just ended). He graduated with shortfalls. I spent two waves of demobilization and preparing to host the third. 

Prior to October 1, according to statements by Poroshenko. And the rioters mobilized third wave is already released from harm's way. So, the meaning has to rebel. Republic during that time ended their mobilization, and the soldiers have undergone initial training (at least 3 months). A war is not started, and did not start. Political aspects. Minsk talks. The war will not start without a good reason. You can arbitrarily negative about the Minsk process (I, too, from the first day do not believe in this format), but today it is a factor of the war in the Donbass, which rely primarily Europeans. 

They do not need war, under any scenario, they are kept for this factor, hoping that the Minsk talks end with something tangible. Although, perhaps, more in words. Minsk today died. Even those parts of the agreements, which were originally performed, have already discarded. The political part of Minsk, after much maneuvering and voting perverted not suit anyone (that it was necessary to try so). On the nose elections, stated in February, but they have already announced such that contradict the initial agreement. So, the Minsk-2 died.

Speaking of elections. Kiev goes to the local elections. Official campaign should start in a week. But so far, there has been unusual for this time of political lull. No statements made ​​in the run-up, no conventions, and other arrangements. And this after Poroshenko announced the decentralization and the new local authorities should receive the alleged megapolnomochiya by sawing budgets. Kyiv political beau monde obviously waiting for something. Not all cards on the table, the situation may change, so it is unclear whether the elections themselves, and if so, is the slogan for the main stage of the case. 

Such a situation of balance favorable Poroshenko. He knows exactly what will happen or what will not be, and therefore safely locked with a "hit" and divides the political arena of the country. In this case, Kiev is extremely profitable, not from war to keep military pressure on the front line (exactly what happens). On the other hand the "Popular Front" Yatsenyuk announced that they are taken to the reserve. That is, they would lose all their influence on the processes in the country. And it is not only the prime minister, but Avakov and Turchinov. That is, two people who could easily provoke a war, if it be the will of the "hawks" in Washington. 

Do not forget that in the United States started a major political race for the presidency. And it is now defined, with some slogans each of the candidates go to the polls. Ukrainian war for the "hawks" can now be the way. And by the way, it can be ... all the race. And even the defeat in the war they are 100% pay for their own benefit, destroying policies of Obama on the "soft power." In the distant / near the northern capital. Moscow present situation in generally satisfied. 

Yes, Minsk-2 died, but her main task he fulfilled: the effects Minsk-1 overcome Kiev can no longer put pressure on the toes of the Kremlin. In fact, creating and providing BCH, Moscow did not formally penalized, and Kyiv can not formally prevent it. But recall that for Moscow Minsk-2 was not an end but a means to the situation translated into a new channel. Russia opted for a long scenario in which "HUNTOVSKAYA" Ukraine is slowly dying economic and ideological (that we are now witnessing). 

And then it's time for a quick and dramatic change of tactics. And this time, X may happen at any moment. Because Kiev quietly and peacefully does not want to die. He simply did not allow Washington. Economic aspects of economy of Ukraine is not to please neither Washington nor the junta, much less population that feels it all in their own skin. In the spring and summer of 2015 did not happen stabilization. The fall in GDP in the second quarter relative to the first, the military showed the failure of hope. This is the best possible quarters, and that will be in the fourth, when the industry will rise again, and the population will start to pay / no pay for utility tariffs? Chance of rebellion, which must repay or lead.

By the way, the US is preparing cadres for all possible options. Including this. But the problem with the economy is not only in Ukraine but also in Russia. The decline in GDP in the same quarter left 4.6% compared to the previous. Yes, at times it is easier than in Ukraine, but nonetheless palpable. There are also problems in the economies of the EU. The sanctions imposed on Russia to supply the United States, beating all. Local business rages and demands "adequacy" of their governments. Governments in the US puppets in Europe more difficult to justify a hard line toward Moscow. Peace for this is the worst background. 

Now, if a new war, then it would be easy to justify all: and sanctions, and their strengthening. And as a consequence of further weakening economies in Europe and Russia. Yes, it will finish the Ukrainian economy, but it and so the pipe. The only beneficiary of the war in this respect are the United States, and they have all the strings that you can pull over. The war as a means of political maneuver. There for Washington and another plus from the close of the war . With an unsuccessful campaign can easily make one change to the other puppets. Fast and reliable. And then to freeze the conflict ... until next needed. Thus, Ukraine could become a reusable tool for solving problems of the US. 

I'll just periodically start and finish phase of the war. In any case before the US presidential election in Ukraine, which will leave at the same time, enough is enough. When constructed scheme Russia and the republic will not be able to avoid war. VSN will tread on the front, and the US in geopolitics. And so on until such time as Russia did not dare to qualitatively change the game itself, throwing map new ideas and new energy. 

While this desire is not there, so ... Conclusion. In general, the situation is heading for war. And the war want to just those forces that it can easily start. The fact that the junta will lose the war at the front, I have no doubt. But at the same time, activity BCH new territories and cities will facilitate short-term goals the United States and Russia to complicate the task. And Russia will be pushed to this by all means. Already pushing. The military aspect I understand that is expected of me this aspect. But my opinion is. Just the military aspect of the future potential of the campaign, and the least important. 

I'm not sure that large-scale offensive operations will be, but to speculate "about nothing" can not. First, I completely do not believe in the possibility of a successful offensive APU. Military junta so demoralized that no "encouragement" is not able to stick it in another bag. Such a scenario would be enough to place for Moscow and the republics, I do not believe in it. 

I am sure that if the junta would be similar plans, management VSN even pave the parts junta green corridor in one direction (as almost happened east Volnovakha week ago). So do not let the "distant fiction," and talk about the "reality" that is possible, but not guaranteed by the logic of events. Points, which can and should beat a lot, and all of them are not able to protect the APU. repeatedly stated that hold the front length of 400 km, 40-50 thousand in the two lines is not possible. 

Definitely, there are breaks in which you can easily enter part of the breakthrough. Example - Marinka June 3rd. It was the breakthrough that was not planned, no one was needed and therefore not developed until the end. The Power of Artillery VSN is high enough to quickly destroy the strongholds in the breakout point.Next will panic (as we have seen June 3). And panic is anyway. 

Shadow Ilovaysk, Debaltseve firmly covered APU soldiers, and they were not able to really assess the situation. wedges Kantemir Tank Division will haunt them wherever they appear 10 tanks BCH. Psychologically, APU has already lost the war. When it started, I do not expect the stubborn resistance of at least half of the units of the junta. The moral of their fallen far below the levels that were in the winter. A significant part of the soldiers do not know how to fight. In fact, the annual seat in the trenches gives no knowledge of the soldiers, but to the experience of survival in the shelling. Such an army can neither attack nor defend actively (especially losing an artillery duel). 

On the other side of the BCH are not large enough to drive large-scale offensive action. There are several reasons. Firstly, the size. With 40-50 thousand trained soldiers advance on a broad front is pointless and dangerous. And deep and overturning junta raid Kharkov Moscow will not allow sanctions. We can only take / release or destroy important points for Ukrainian industry to worsen the economic situation in winter 2015-16 gg. Four of these points: Lugansk TPP Uglegorskaya TPP TPP Kurakhovskaya, Mariupol. This conjecture is confirmed by the constant "work" in this direction in recent weeks. 

Personally, I would choose Kurakhovskaya TPP. Why. First, move aside the front od Donetsk, secondly, it is the only major "shunting" TPP of Ukraine, who now works in the third, cut the last rokadnaya highway between the southern and the northern front, but because the maneuver reserves in autumn and spring will dramatically complicated, fourth, access to the borders of the Dnipropetrovsk region, which would complicate the internal situation there. It is not in the affected area of the main types of artillery systems such as Uglegorskaya or Lugano station. A Mariupol? He is too politicized. Implications for Russia would be enormous. As it is, I do not know. I have not been reported. 

Expert: The possibility of offensive aggression by ATO is expected in the region of Donetsk

Expert: The possibility of offensive aggression by ATO is expected in the region of Donetsk

According to intelligence DNI, offensive APU can start in Kiev for a great date - August 24, the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Over the past week or one day a self-proclaimed Republic of Donetsk was not without casualties. As stated in the Ministry of Defence of the DNI, the number of attacks has decreased only 10 of August. But the next day the attacks resumed with renewed vigor.The situation in the south-east of Ukraine are increasingly re-called explosive. The target of the Ukrainian military are now not only the position of the militias, but also peaceful neighborhoods, sleeping areas, hospitals and kindergartens.
In this regard, there is plenty of reason to talk about the impending attack Ukrainian troops. At the same time , Security Council Secretary Alexander Turchinov said earlier that Kiev is ready to impose martial law to the full mobilization and transition economy on a war footing.
Military commentator Alexander Alexandrov in the studio LifeNews noted that the statements of staff of militia, including Edward Basurina, Kiev is not only the withdrawal of troops and armament from the contact line, but frankly have to pull together additional heavy artillery.
- Now there is contracted by about 430 tanks and 830 artillery pieces. Offensive APU should be expected from the two sectors. This sector Yasinovataya - and Starognatovka Gorlovka - Mariupol - Talakovka - Telman. And the last line can be considered as a priority the APU as the sector is close to the Russian border - said Alexander Alexandrov.
However, according to experts, offensive APU will be the first sector.
- About Horlivka already about 20 battalions of soldiers, about 800 units of armored vehicles, about 230 tanks. And a core group of contracted near the village of Avdeevka and sand. And this is the direction of Donetsk. This symbolic territory for militias and the most tasty morsel for Kiev. So this is where we should expect the onset of the APU, - said the military expert.
In addition, the expert called the expected date of the Ukrainian side. - According to intelligence DNI, offensive APU happen in Kiev for a great date - August 24, the Independence Day of Ukraine. And Ukrainian nationalists that date to the rank of sacred. In any case, massive attack - it is a matter of one or two weeks - said the expert.
He also noted that the only way to survive the DNI - is missing some categories of Ukrainian troops to their territory and already there to take them into the environment.

- It is likely that there will again boilers, which were, for example, Debaltsevo, - the expert explained.

Children go through the ruins of the house, Poroshenko, These babes, he calls the terrorists ...

Children go through the ruins of the house, Poroshenko, These babes, he calls the terrorists ...
People's Militia of Donbass (Pavel Gubarev)
Today at 10:05 am

Children go through the ruins of the house in search of their parents are living in basements ... Many have no hope, no mother, no grandmother ... No one ... Their lives took a war ... These babes Donbass for Poroshenko and others of Kiev creatures call- the terrorists ... # Donbass Ukraine # # punitive junta # # children
13,812 viewsAngel.Pesnya the children of Donbass

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Russian Ministry of Defense conduct "precision bombing" training for more than 300 pilots

Time to clear some space to breath...Russian Aviators Practice Precision Bombing near Ukraine Borders
During the exercises will be practiced blows to strengthen the position of the enemy and engineering structures.
Russian Ministry of Defense spends at the border with Ukraine in the Rostov region of army aviation doctrine "precision bombing", said the Russian Defense Ministry.
In the Southern Military District conducted planned aircraft tactical training, says the country's Defense Ministry.
The exercise involved more than 300 pilots, onboard specialists and aircraft ground services of military units 4 Army Air Force and Air Defense Forces, stationed in the Rostov region.
"The exercise involved about 20 of aircraft, including Sukhoi Su-24 M, transport helicopters and Mi-8 transport and landing of Mi-26", - said in a statement.
During the flight to the training and combat use of aviation testing ground "Kopanskii", located in the Krasnodar region, the crew Sukhoi Su-24 M to be done "precision bombing of a full-size target, simulating engineering fortifications, manpower and technology conditional enemy. Bombing will take place at altitudes ranging from 500 m to 2 km. "
"In addition to the practical bombing, pilots will practice methods of avoiding air defense imaginary enemy," the report said.
During the exercises, army aviation crews will make about 50 vertoletovyletov, will work with the task of sending the personnel, equipment and heavy loads on external sling to a place of teaching, landing on unprepared sites, as well as search and evacuation of victims.
The pilots will operate in an environment as close to combat, stress in the Russian Defense Ministry.
As reported, the Russian trained to drop bombs with the inscription "To Berlin!" . Earlier, Russia urgently brought to readiness 500 "Topol" and "Yarsov"

This writes the Russian Spring

US Secretary of State John Kerry: " Well, we did what had to, sorry " Apology to the U.S.

Kerry Spills the beans about the real objective with the Nuke Deal...
Kerry predicted rapid fall in the dollar
Posters Note: "You see the truth is that we are out of plans to keep the dollar afloat" what he really means to say. All of the Gold is gone and without the petrodollar being enforced militarily, we have nothing to back up our notes. Without constant war, how are we to bully the world into following our orders? 

Possible failure of the United States of a nuclear deal with Iran could have a negative impact on the status of the dollar as the global reserve currency, said US Secretary of State John Kerry. The statement was made in New York, in a speech at the event organized by Reuters in support of the agreement with Iran.
According to him, if the deal with Iran will not take place, the European Union and other foreign countries may be reluctant to support sanctions policy against Russia.
"The probability of failure will quickly become a recipe for the fact that foreign partners have left the United States to Ukraine, where they are already experiencing serious doubts and are willing to say to Washington:" Well, we did what had to "" , - said Kerry.
In addition, he said, the deviation of the transaction will also weaken the US dollar: "... If we reject the deal with Iran, and then say the Allies:" You must obey our rules and sanctions policy in that whatever the cost, "it will be very fast a recipe that the dollar will cease to be the reserve currency of the world " .
In his opinion, a possible shift from the position of the dollar the world's reserve currency "will not happen overnight." However, according to Kerry, Russia and China "are engaged in some kind of joint work in the light of the events in Ukraine" aimed to ensure that the world's reserve currency is not the only one.
My advice would be learn another language and defect from the USA ASAP

Vocalist of DeepPurple admitted to sympathizing with Russia and Putin

Vocalist of DeepPurple admitted to sympathizing with Russia and Putin

Former lead singer of Rainbow and Deep Purple declared his love for Russia and the Crimea. According to Joe Lynn Turner, Russian nature is very beautiful. He also admitted that he is encouraged by the love of the Russians to their country.

American musician arrived in the Crimea , which will give as many as three concerts. The day before the speech, he spoke to reporters. In his 64 stylish musician costume all the same as in the 70s in videos and promotional posters iconic Rainbow and Deep Purple. Rocker outfit accessories complement the unexpected - a badge with the portrait of Putin and a ring with a double-headed eagle. In an interview with NTV Joe Lynn Turner has admitted that the first visit to Russia took place during the Soviet period. 

According to his observations, the country has changed a lot. Today Russia, as noted by the American musician, is actively developing economy. 

"I am not afraid of sanctions," Turner told journalists, adding that the sanctions policy imposed on Crimea by the West is "unfair" and "against God."

Joe Lynn Turner : "I think God is now living in Russia. Russian spirit can never be broken. It is this (ring) is the symbol of the unconquerable spirit. I wear it with great pride. " He also shared his thoughts about the events in the Crimea. He noted with regret that due to Western propaganda, Americans and Europeans do not know the whole truth about the country, do not know about the beauty of the region and of the people themselves.

Joe Lynn Turner : "My mind grasped the essence of the propaganda of American newspapers. Personally, I saw a beautiful land, people who love their country and their culture. I was touched and inspired by this spirit, the force with which Crimeans regained his native country. It is very important. " According to Joe, he was tired of the media war, American channels constantly talk about the tanks in the streets of Crimean towns and terrible armed Russian, who occupied the peninsula. 

Reporter: "But at least one tank seen?" 

Joe Lynn Turner : "No . The truth is more important than propaganda waged by the West, where I saw firsthand a great earth, great people. " Information "flashing" Joe Lynn Turner contributed to his Russian wife, Martha. It did not help prevent the State Department "of the undesirability of concerts in the Crimea." Because of them on their tour of the peninsula already canceled electronics of Infected Mushroom, threatened, and the arrival of foreign musicians at the Jazz Festival in Koktebel. One traditional Russian question did not specify just could not. 

Reporter : "Tell me the Americans, what power?" Questioning the  musician was not confused, with a cult movie "Brother 2" Joe watched with his wife, his US-Russian transcription sounds like the name of the films "brothers." His Answer was not canonical, but also interesting. 

Joe Lynn Turner : "I listen to Putin, I listen to his ideology and agree with what he says, I agree with his position. I'm not saying it is specifically for the camera, I feel in my heart. Thank you very much President Putin! For what you stand for truth against the world. " The former Deep Purple vocalist called a halt to the shooting - should devote more time to the music. Music, in his opinion, "has the tremendous strength, the music is given by God to people." 

Joe Lynn Turner : "I felt human warmth, beauty, friendship, passion and inspiration. My concerts reveal these feelings. This feeling is superior to politics, it is above ideology, above all, that we impose. Music rises above this, that's why I'm here. " It is expected that in the next three days, a musician with a group of T.O.P. Gun performs in Feodosia, Sevastopol and Yalta.

He demonstrated a badge with the Russian national emblem, highlighting that he is wearing it on his vest not to amuse the public but to demonstrate his true solidarity with the Russians and their leader.

"I have many friends in Russia," Turner emphasized.

The singer revealed that he would like to move to Belarus, if Belorussian President Alexander Lukashenko permits him to stay in the country. Turner admitted that, unfortunately, he does not feel comfortable in the United States any more. The musician noted that it is not the same country his father raised him in. According to the legendary vocalist, America has undergone a number of serious negative changes.

Crimea's Culture Minister Arina Novoselskaya told reporters that all of the tickets for Turner's concerts have been sold out.

Joe Lynn Turner is an American melodic hard rock singer, best known for his work with Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force and Deep Purple. Turner played the accordion as a child and became an accomplished guitarist in his early teens. Joe Lynn Turner has been ranked 84th in Hit Parader's "Heavy Metal's All-Time 100 Vocalists" list.

The DNR have declared an all out emergency alarm for Dnepropetrovsk area.

The DNR have declared an all out emergency alarm for Dnepropetrovsk area.
All units are preparing for a full-scale offensive by the APU.

According to our source from the Defense Ministry leadership of the DNI, the DNI received a telephone message on many civilian and military targets in possible air strikes.

The information indicates a complete failure of the Minsk Agreement and has instead intensified fighting with heavy weaponry.

A letter to my Twitter Followers | By Adam Baum

A letter to my Twitter Followers | By Adam Baum

I've been posting many news stories on  my "Blog Sites" since the beginning of the Ukraine Coup. However, not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how long this travesty has lasted. I noted from the very beginning where the evidence incriminating Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt was so overwhelmingly and conspicuous, that it should have opened the eyes to the UNSC and the EU that the Obama administration was the instigator of this illegal action, and was purposely using Ukraine as a political weapon on Russia. What followed instead was something that changed my whole understanding of the world around me. Not only were the very institutions that I had believed would've straightened this out right away in an international court case, instead they were abetting the crime with outrageous lies and biased actions. Still they continue to turn a blind eye to the most obvious war-crimes being committed by the unlawfully appointed junta, Nuland had openly admitted to assigning.

 I'm at the point where nothing makes any sense to me anymore. If this was their goal, than it's certainly worked well on me. I am not one to normally choose sides in these type of "who's the enemy affairs," but this injustice has persuaded me to side with the people of Donbas who simply want no part of what is an obvious return to Nazism in Ukraine and soon Europe and who knows where else maybe even the US too. I personally am too old and disabled to have any fight left in me, so I do what I can on my Blog sites to awaken as many as I can to the tragedies unfolding all over the world lately.

I wish to thank all of you who have re-tweeted my posts over the last year and a half. Below is a list of my Blog Sites. I encourage you to share the links to the truth about Ukraine's illegal crimes which are being supported by the people we made the mistake of trusting as our leaders.