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#MH17 with a high degree of probability could have been shot down an Israeli missile "Python"

Accident Boeing-777: will fly whether Ukrainian Su-25 to Tribunal


Approaching the first anniversary of the tragedy in the skies over the Donbas: July 17, 2014 in the Donetsk region crashed Boeing-777 airlines Malaysia Airlines, was carrying out flight MH17 / MAS17 / KL4103 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The accident occurred around 16:30 local time, near the village of Grabovo, near the town of Torez, almost on the border of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, in the zone of armed conflict in the east of Ukraine.
On board the Boeing-777 had 283 passengers and 15 crew members, all of them died. It became the largest catastrophe in the history of aviation in the number of those killed since 11 September 2001 and the largest air crash of the XXI century.

Under tribunal

Two days before the tragic anniversary of Malaysia, which belonged to the deceased aboard, made to the UN Security Council a draft resolution on the establishment of an international tribunal to investigate the accident.Earlier it was reported that the Netherlands put forward and supported by Malaysia (the majority of the victims were citizens of these countries) the idea of ​​creating an international tribunal supported by three countries: Australia, Belgium and Ukraine.
Russia strongly opposes the creation of the United Nations Tribunal for Boeing. The Russian Foreign Ministry has called the proposal "premature and counterproductive" and created a tribunal - "inadequate mechanism."

What is the consequence of the creation of the tribunal Boeing

If we take as an analogue provisions of the statute of the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, there is, in Article 29 of the following requirements for the countries - members of the United Nations:
1. States shall cooperate with the International Tribunal in the investigation and prosecution of persons accused of committing serious violations of international humanitarian law.
2. States shall, without undue delay with any request for assistance or orders issued by a Trial Chamber, including, including:
  • identification and location of wanted persons;
  • The taking of testimony and actions for the collection of evidence;
  • detention or arrest of wanted persons;
  • the issuance or transfer of the accused to the International Tribunal.
Recall from Russia in the UN Security Council have veto power.

International version, it is also Ukrainian, "Buk"

Although the official investigation into the death of the aircraft flight MH17 is not yet complete, it seems, the world community is inclined to believe that the Malaysian ship was hit by a rocket from the ground and made it more likely the pro-Russian militias fighting in the Donbass against the Ukrainian army. The same version of the stick in Kiev.
According to international experts, Malaysian Boeing, likely was hit by anti-aircraft missile system "Buk-M" delivered to the territory of Donetsk People's Republic of Russia. Although the official report of the Dutch side, leading the investigation, has not yet been published, it is likely that the findings will be there just like that.
Arguments in support of this version was given a lot, they are all available online. There's a lot of photos, videos, investigations, certificates, etc. Non-professionals is very difficult to distinguish fact from here skillful forgery and fraud.
Supporters of this version is considered the "armor-piercing" argument in its favor "evidence" Igor Strelkov , the page in which the social network almost simultaneously with the fall of Boeing there was a record: "In the area of Torez just shot down the aircraft AN-26, lying somewhere in the mine" Progress ". Warned the same - not to fly in "our sky." And here's another video verification "ptichkopada." The bird fell for waste heap, the residential sector is not caught. Peaceful people do not suffer. And yet there is information about the second plane downed, like Su. "To record videos were applied, presumably, to the crash site of the aircraft.
Later the record has been deleted, and the arrow said that her appearance before the group page "Reports from small Igor Ivanovich" in the social network "VKontakte" has been hacked.

Russian version

Russia from the very beginning is trying to prove that the Malaysian Boeing downed Ukrainian military, as happened, for example, the Tu-154 in October 2001. Then, according to the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), the plane of airline "Siberia", flying from Tel Aviv - Novosibirsk, was accidentally shot down over the Black Sea Ukrainian anti-aircraft S-200 missile, launched from the Crimea during military exercises. Ukraine guilty to the crash and did not recognize.
With regard to the history of Malaysian Boeing, then there is the Russian version, for whatever reason, and from which he was hit by weapons, different.
Version of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation
Investigation Committee is considering a version that the liner could be attacked Ukrainian Su-25, driven by a pilotVladislav Voloshin . SC has already taken under the protection of a key witness - former Ukrainian aircraft mechanic Eugene Agapov , who testified, indirectly pointing to the possible involvement of Voloshin to the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing. There were also witnesses who saw themselves as Ukrainian warplanes attacked the Boeing-777. The most recent evidence of this kind has given British journalist Graham Phillips , who worked in the Donbass.
Developer Version "Buckow"
Almost simultaneously with the emergence of the Union of Russian version of his version and advanced developers "Buckow" - the Russian company "Almaz-Antey". Concern has published a report, which contains a version that Malaysian aboard was shot down from the plant "Buk", but did not belong to Russia and Ukraine, and from the territory controlled by the militia, and from the position of the Ukrainian army.
There were other versions, which, despite all their exoticism, were also supporters. Among them was, for example, is this: the plane, pre-packed with corpses, was shot down over the Donetsk Americans to substitute militias. Etc.

What is the purpose?

Here opinions differ. The western side is inclined to believe that ill-fated Boeing was shot down, probably by mistake: the militias simply confused him with the Ukrainian military aircraft.
Some proponents of theories about America's involvement in Ukraine or in the death of Malaysian aircraft also think it may have been mistakenly labeled as the firing is not Boeing, and Russia "board number 1," which Russian President Vladimir Putin about the same time returning from Latin America.
It is also considered a version history with Boeing was deliberate provocation of the Ukrainian side to discredit Russia and militias, which is why Ukrainian manager consciously led off passenger plane over the Gaza war zone, where he was shot down a missile APU.
To all the above versions, as well as to those of which we have not mentioned, it attached a huge amount of evidence: how photographic documents and videos, and expertise. At the same opponents almost each of these versions of their authors accused of fraud, the use of photo editors and other ploy to confuse the international community.

The latest report

Two days before the anniversary of the tragedy on the Internet there is another report, prepared according to the publisher, from an anonymous representative of the group of aviation specialists, at different times, taking part in the investigation of many air crashes. "The source of reliable, however, to disclose the names of the authors is not going to, if they want, they acknowledge authorship" - wrote a famous Russian blogger Lex Albert ( Albert Naryshkin ), lay out a report in his "Live Journal".
Fully with the report can be found in the author's LiveJournal, as well as the material of the Federal Agency of news devoted to this version of the catastrophe at Grabovo.
As for the conclusions, according to the authors of the report, Boeing-777 with a high degree of probability could be shot down an Israeli missile "Python", which was fitted with a Ukrainian Su-25. "From the whole range of well-known foreign guided weapons complex set of characteristics most closely matches (including the likely applicability) Israeli missile of class" air-to-air "type" Python ", - reported aviaeksperty. - It can be assumed that the presence of the airspace in the area of ​​armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine of the modernized Su-25 missiles "Python" on the suspension could have gone unnoticed. "
In comments to the report, Albert also leads Lex movie project Polit Russia «Russia opposed the establishment of an international tribunal to investigate the case of Boeing."

Irina Petrenko

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