Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How the Iran P-5 deal works into the US's Anti-Putin Agenda

How the Iran P-5 deal works into the US's Anti-Putin Agenda


It should be obvious to anyone tracking the WhiteHouse's "Euro-Pivot" that in order for Washington to build a viable European ban on Russian Gas, they would need a fresh supplier from the middle-east that like the Saudis won't flip-flop around aimlessly over the feeling of being totally subservient to the West. A hedge bet, if you will, by playing both sides of an age-old conflict that pits enemies in a gas war benefitting America's Anti-Russian Gas War in Europe.

It happened in Ukraine and I for one would not be surprised if Hunter Biden is suddenly a board member on a major Iranian oil exporting company even before the embargo is officially lifted.

Another angle is the one that has the US in serious need of Iran's cooperation in order to quell the ongoing Iraqi instability monster it created in ISIS. Israel's credibility has become overwhelmingly impossible for Washington to keep under wraps. So theirs, being the major objection, based on the fear of Iranian aggression, is baseless from a hypocritical standpoint.

If you carefully investigate the Syrian situation, one will find that regime change is still at the forefront of the Geo-Political agenda being carried out via the Neo-Con Zionist New World Order cartel of corporate and big banking interests.

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