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Hillary Clinton, Subpoena or cards on the table!

Hillary Clinton, Subpoena or cards on the table! 

As I have written in this blog today, all the major political events in the world somehow correlate with the events surrounding the electoral campaign of Hillary Clinton, as she was not only embodies the party of war, but it is the informal leader. Stroke her election campaign in conjunction with the course, and other sorts servergey bengazigey until recently was the best indicator of proximity to mankind a new world war, and stylistic analysis showed that someone very like her personally intervened in the entrance to the events in Ukraine, Syria and North Africa. 

Suffice it to recall Jesuitism, which were thwarted by the Minsk Agreement, 1.0, when illegal armed groups, in accordance with these agreements subject to disarm and disband, there were only militia of Donbass and ukronatsisty Yarosh were "legalized" and began to behave brutally, so to speak, a "legal". 

It is true a few days ago Jesuitry fired on their inventors in Mukachevo and Lvov, but a year ago it worked with a bang and the whole world are at a loss, wondering if Poroshenko had any diplomatic skills. But of course they were wrong, and subsequent events have shown that he is unable to, as there is a visible hand of the master, a possible new US president who on charges of lying under oath, in spite of the overwhelming evidence of her guilt. And in the last week the global war party has received several such attacks, that I want to believe in her complete defeat, and not randomly, but as a result of a carefully planned operation of a global peace party. 

Well, let's say that the incident in Mukachevo is pure coincidence, but firstly we should not forget that the accident is unconscious necessity and moral and political qualities pravosekov led by the Pan Jarosch are such that the accident was indeed imminent. But besides the above logic correlations clearly requires that such fundamental defeat of the war party on the same continent necessarily led to its defeat on the other, and what may be a more visible expression of the defeat of the global war party but successful completion of negotiations with Iran? 

Besides the incident in Mukachevo closes really fundamental question of marginality of the Nazis in the Ukrainian government, as well as the question of who exactly it destabilized, it "coincidence" with the successful prevention of conflict with Iran, the United States due to the latest development of the atomic bomb, zastavdyaet assume catastrophic decline Rated Hillary Clinton. 

Furthermore this agreement allows Shiites LIH do not childish, do not care that it blends in with the moderate Syrian rebels are armed zalaskat and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And that is the triumph of peace is exacerbated by words of gratitude to Vladimir Putin for assistance to these achievements, which announced Barack Obama, suggests the infamous gathering Hillary out of the race and the family moved to Alaska, like the Clintons German Sterligov move to Nagorno-Karabakh. 

However, nothing similar to the rating, and Alaska does not occur, but a shame everything is in order. Although this news is not lit big beeches on the pediments big newspapers, but this time, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton received a subpoena on 28 and 29 July, respectively, to testify under oath. There is no doubt that if Hillary Clinton in the courtroom dare to behave as she behaved at a congressional hearing devoted to the investigation of the death of the US Ambassador in Benghazi Stevens, she would be arrested right there on the spot, and if the judge she was caught to lie under oath, he can be sentenced to it and quite a long prison term is called the spot. 

Impeachment is not required Moreover, the circumstances are presenting this agenda, it is unlikely that someone from the American Bar doubt that Larry Klaymanu, who himself is a former federal prosecutor, was so easy to convince the judge that he has serious evidence against the Clintons in the case of «Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations» (organized racketeering and corruption) , the more that he is the founder and president of two very influential in American jurisprudence of human rights organizations Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch. 

And the indictment is no longer charged with the safety of subordinates preneboezhenii Secretary Clinton and other effects of these charges. Voves anyway dismiss them as the political will is simply impossible. Moreover, under the terms of the consideration of the case of Hillary Clinton, responding to questions, will not know what the charges against her are put forward and what Larry Klayman has evidence against her, and she would have to cut a plain truth from beginning to end, but that it should do and without agenda. Bushes have accepted the challenge and is called «called the bluff» (required put the cards on the table), and the law of correlation seems to have found himself another confirmation. 

PS But that's not all, and if confirmed conspiracy theories that the war party is ready to respond to the arrest of Hillary Clinton's transformation has already begun maneuvering "Jade Helm 15" in the military situation, or even in the military action against the State of Texas - the "home" state Bush - the already existing charges will be added Larry Klayman charges of treason and armed rebellion, but it is not a prison. Moreover, this plan is doomed to failure, as Texas has successfully conducted mobilization Guard Staff and quickly through the quiet this combination will not be able to spend in any case, and thanks to Chuck Norris all of America knows that Texas did not want to separate from the US, but does not want to repetition of the tragedy in Waco by a factor of 10 or even 100 PPS has just published an article whose title "Email correspondence Hillary Clinton has allowed her to catch a smoking gun at the scene" (Benghazi, where he was killed by US Ambassador Stevens) ", Have described how the above-mentioned Judicial Watch caught trying to hide in the State Department to investigate critical Pismo Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Source Related Posts Bilderberg, or dark side. The "disappearance" of Putin and the failed coup In the area of ​​special influence Debaltseve: Command APU is not learning or trying to fill up the corpses of the DNI? Russia can once again surprise the West The burden of victory

Source: http://q99.it/4l9K4jp

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