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Russian leadership has not yet proceeded to escalate for a year the food sanctions against the EU in response


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War sanctions. Fracture: Moscow increased rates

In this review, the blogosphere would like to highlight two events environment. Firstly, on the Decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to extend for a year the food sanctions against the EU in response to the extension for six months EU sanctions against Russia, adopted a landmark day - June 22. Secondly, on the creation of the EU Foreign Service EastStratComTeam special unit to coordinate information and kontrpropagandistskoyraboty against Russia.

Although Vladimir Putin accepted the decision to asymmetric sanctions rather quietly passed by the federal mass media and has caused great excitement in the community, as a matter of long-expected, in fact it is the decision of the Russian leader is revolutionary. Never before in the past since the collapse of the Soviet Union, while the Russian leadership has not yet proceeded to escalate the conflict with the West and did not raise rates first. What was constantly criticized by "patriots", they say, it's time to give high-handed in the teeth to the West. On that "peacekeepers", whose position I share, answered - of course, we give, but not now.

The fact that Stalin could not start in 1939 war with Hitler - the Soviet economy in general and the military industry, as well as the army, were not yet ready, as we're not ready for the summer of 1941. That if we could postpone the war until 1943, then convinced the enemy was driven back to the border immediately. But since there has occurred. Therefore, the retreat of Moscow and flirting with the West that we have seen since 2000, was determined entirely similar factors - Russia, its economy, industry and army were not ready for a head-on confrontation with the West. Putin had to win time and to focus the country. What to do, of course, with many nuances, but the strategic course it was.

Every time the Kremlin has raised rates to a certain level to check the level of resistance of opponents and making it, stepped back. Then the situation is repeated, and so again and again, with one small "trifles" - rates were rising all the time. Behind the scenes, a little bit, but not lowered and raised. First, opponents experienced geopolitical and historical Card gamblers, this is not scared and even amused - for a long time they have not seen such a "novice", which would be so aggressive bluffing and anticipating how to raise rates, they undress him naked. But it was not there. "Bluff" was delayed and ended the Olympics, and then bloodless and voluntary return of the Crimea to Russia. Here at the world Card "wealthy man" started to attack epiphany - like so, like and fighters for the "boy" to be seen, then where such exorbitant insolence?

But Vladimir Vladimirovich and then showed tact and did not want to even dip opponent's face in the dirt from under the hooves of their own. And given the opportunity to save face and to establish mutually beneficial dialogue with Russia without "steps". But it was not even dokrichatsya ... West biting at the bit ... and continued to ram obstinacy beat the keeper. Here on this background, after another idiotic action by the EU and adopted "asymmetric" decision not to extend the sanctions for six months, and once a year. And rightly so, why waste time on trifles? As long as you sow, yet the harvest gather until you sell, just a year is needed.

Frankly, I've been waiting for the moment when Russia will not respond symmetrically and raise rates. Because to be second in the dialogue - a secondary, and the main thing - to follow the rules of the game. But to raise interest rates - which means to formulate and create new rules of the game, the opponent will have to comply with any or will play initially. Now, this point is likely to come, and "peacekeepers", more than any other branch of the domestic space were more faithful to the discourse, which is not formulating for many years personified the Kremlin.

About this behavioral strategy wrote a few months ago, Sergei Smirnov in the article "What will happen to the ruble, or the last move of Putin": "It is worth noting that all the time Putin's strategy can be summarized in four steps. Step one: Putin offers a mutually beneficial compromise. Keyword -vzaimovygodny. Step Two: If the partner refuses, Putin is doing, so that conditions become favorable and unfavorable to him partner. Step three: Putin offers partners a compromise on terms unfavorable to the partner. Step Four: Putin takes consent from a partner or otherwise, offering him to hang on the scarf »( ..).

Now we see that the fourth step of the Kremlin began to do, and at the top level of geopolitical struggle. It says only one thing - that Russia focused and strengthened so that we can raise the stakes against the whole West. In essence, this means a psychological turning point in the war, we were the last twenty five years. If before we scare the West with sanctions, propaganda, exceptions, limitations, etc., then this decision Vladimir Putin has shown that under this line be drawn strip stories, and not just - as thick line.Now, for each move against Russia, we will meet a doubling of rates, with the result that the sanctions will not under Russia and the West.

United States, of course, is far away, but that's Europe, namely Europe (for Ukraine) we are now fighting US nachet in full fall into the "alignment". And Europe will run and jump into the legs is not the one who will be her stroke on the head, and who feasibly will clamp in a vise what kept "Koshcheeva needle." In my unprofessional opinion, the valve must defeat the machine. Of course, too early to draw conclusions, but it seems that the engine went in the opposite direction to the West. And next month (BRIC and SCO summits in Ufa will take place very soon - on July 8-10) will show exactly - how it is.

The fact that the train moved in the opposite direction, and indicates an attempt to Europe and the West in general to limit the influence of Russian media to the Western audience. The fact that the West is beginning to lose not only the information confrontation with Russia, but also aware of this situation, it is best to say it made in the last year trying to limit the penetration of the Russian mass media, especially electronic on territory under its control. West was afraid of the influence of Russian media asWesterners on a comparison with a very thin trickle until Russian news began to see the lies and hypocrisy of the Western media.The fact that attempts to turn the tide in their favor have not been successful, said the new initiative and the establishment of the West in the foreign service of EU EastStratComTeam special unit to coordinate information and kontrpropagandistskoyraboty against Russia.

We are talking about the alleged Russian propaganda. But this is just a play on words, and again attempt to impose its own rules, its own glossary of terms. And because this game is quite simple, we probably also need to go down this path - to declare all the Western media propaganda machine, which is especially true given the very limited number of beneficial owners of these media, and by looking at the Western sanctions against Russian media , raise (to start) twice. Restrict sales in Russia of all these glamorous, to put it mildly, publications. Strike on the pocket and at the same time to clear the clearing for domestic producers.And so, step by step, to displace the West with the country's information space.

In general, the creation of "jamming", namely this is now actively engaged in the "evil empire", never bring the desired effect.Liberty, equality, fraternity, the main ideas and ideals of democracy (for which, incidentally, fought people of the world throughout the history of mankind), which is a symbol of today's world is not sodomitskie US and Europe, and Russia, sooner or later strikes their way, and we can free from the yoke of tyranny oligarchic-digital Western nations.

Yuri Ram 

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