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Minister Koenders of Foreign Affairs Friday in Moscow with Lavrov about MH17

Minister Koenders of Foreign Affairs Friday in Moscow with Lavrov about MH17
News | 05-06-2015

Minister Koenders of Foreign Affairs Friday in Moscow discussed intensively with his Russian counterpart Lavrov. They talked among other things about MH17, the situation in Ukraine, the travel ban for members of parliament and the conflict in the Middle East. "It's not an easy call because we disagree on many points. But these are discussions to be conducted, "he said.

"As for MH17 is very important that we build on Security Council Resolution 2166 in which the international community is committed to the investigation and trial of the perpetrators," said Koenders. "I firmly emphasizes that it is crucial that we follow up on this resolution as soon as possible undertake, precisely in the interests of kin." "Minister Lavrov has today reaffirmed that Russia prejudice is behind what has been agreed in Resolution 2166, 'he said after the meeting.

The Minister Lavrov also briefed about the recently completed repatriation mission and his efforts to garner international support and maintain for the prosecution of the perpetrators. The minister will also with other members of the Security Council emphasize the importance of the resolution. "It is our responsibility to pull out all the stops to keep the attention of the international community MH17.This we owe all the victims and survivors. "

Koenders said during the conversation also the entry ban for Russian parliamentarians denounced."I've said that I do not agree with setting this list, and have insisted on full transparency and objection possibility for people who are on the list" he said. Earlier, the EU condemned Russia's entry bans, too. "Last week, the Chargé d'Affaires of the Russian Embassy has been summoned to my office, but it's good to get this message even further personally to my colleague."

Koenders and Lavrov also discussed the deteriorating situation in eastern Ukraine. "I insisted that Russia's commitment to full implementation of the agreements reached in Minsk to the conflict in eastern Ukraine durable finish. This is a prerequisite for any reconsideration of the sanctions, "says Koenders. The minister is very concerned about the continued violence in eastern Ukraine. "The people in the area suffering for far too long under the fighting. The parties concerned must abide by the agreed ceasefire, withdraw their heavy weapons and are open to inspection by the OSCE observers. "

The ministers also talked about the dramatic situation in Syria. Koenders stressed the importance of the UN process, led by envoy de Mistura. "The contacts that Russia has with regional actors to contribute to the promotion of the necessary process of political transition."

On 17 July 2014, flight MH17 ( Malaysia Airlines ) crashed in Ukraine on his way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. On board were 283 passengers and 15 crew members.Among the 196 passengers were Dutch. Information from the government about the disaster Is here.

Victims and survivors
Cause and research plane crash
Role municipalities and mayors
Repatriation Mission in Ukraine

The repatriation mission MH17 in its current form completed . In March 2015, a total of 296 victims of the disaster of flight MH17 identified .

Read more on the page What does the repatriation mission in Ukraine?
Video impression of quest at crash site

Download this video
Bodies of victims returned

The first repatriation flight arrived on July 23, 2014 . After that 8 flights with victims arrived at Eindhoven Air Base.

Read more on the page How the victims are repatriated?
Phone numbers for relatives
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (special telephone number for relatives of the Dutch victims): (070) 348 77 70
Victim Netherlands : 0900-0101
D-Reizen: (023) 554 25 55

Question and answer

Where can families of the air crash MH17 get more information?

Survivors of the MH17-air crash can seek information on a special website of Victim Support Netherlands. Also relatives have set up their own organization: Foundation aviation disaster MH17.

Where can I find the list of names of the victims of the plane crash in Ukraine?

Malaysia Airlines has released the names of the passengers of Flight MH17. The list can be found on the website of Malaysia Airlines.

Where and how can you express your sympathy to the disaster MH17?

You can still leave a personal message of condolence to the relatives of flight MH17. This register is the Ministry of Security and Justice.

What is the cause of the plane crash with the MH17?

Research is needed to determine the exact cause of the plane crash with flight MH17 has been. It seems that the plane was shot down.

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