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June 15, 2015

Now comes the truth? The million-dollar reward for information on the shooting down of flight MH-17 led allegedly to success.

Debris of the MH 17 in a field in eastern Ukraine Photo: Getty Images

The man who can provide evidence allegedly to shoot down the passenger plane MH-17 disappears on a folding bike. Right, left, small ways to narrow for a car could follow him. The Swiss is back and smiles. In his pocket, he plays with a torn dollar bill. His clients will be satisfied. He talked to the informants in private for 20 minutes. That was enough for him.

The Swiss is certain: This is the man, to whom they have been waiting for. Which they had put a million reward in prospect and will pay off. For evidence that can prove how the Enlightenment was obscured since the launch of the aircraft on 17 July 2014 in which all 298 passengers died.

"Our clients have got the information that they wanted to get," says Josef Resch. "So my job is finished." The Lübeck private investigator had already been paid out by the Swiss middlemen, against silence. The hardships of the past months have noted the 66-year-olds. Many threats were there.Against him, his staff, his family. Dubious meeting, flashy cars around him, people who followed him. An employee says: "We may have a political dimension to the contract underestimated at first." 


A slight dissatisfaction with swings. Still do not know Resch, who are his clients what they intend to do with the purchased information. He does not know their intention. Are its clients politically motivated? Or economically? Will someone just clarity? Or find a possible traitor, before he turns to others? Buying information, before they can do damage. He just do not know. And that gnaws at him.

In September last year Resch was commissioned by a Swiss man, a reward for information on the circumstances and on the groups behind the launch of the MH 17 auszuloben: 30 million dollars. Had exposed more than the US authorities'm upside of Osama Laden then. Resch is known for his unorthodox methods of investigation, he operates in a legal gray area. He works with high rewards, relies on the greed of accomplices. Even the then volatile punters Florian Homm he has driven in this way for more than five years in hiding to the public.

But this time everything is different. He hunts no alleged fraudsters. His customers are not cheated investors, not corporations. It's a great unknown with a lot of money. And the enemies he makes, is powerful. The truth that he seeks maybe no one wants to hear. Because they could have the potential to trigger a political earthquake. Before he accepts the order, it goes through your mind: "Maybe I should indeed be only the useful Depp in a collusion." Nevertheless, he accepts the order. "What can be bad about finding those guilty of the death of 298 people," he calms down. The fee wipes away the last doubts.


In November 2014, the Swiss occur again up to him. "We need a second Edward Snowden" , Resch says then. Someone from the services who could prove that the education is hampered. The know what should not be publicized. For this information the anonymous client provide an additional 17 million dollars.

Still the official international team of investigators has been able to provide any evidence led by the Netherlands. Even today, nearly a year after the disaster, is still not fixed, what exactly happened at noon of the 17th of July 2014.

There are only theories. Credible, and what looks strong after the conspiracy. The most common and most plausible is that the machine has been brought on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with a Russian ground-to-air missile, a BUK from heaven. Whether Russian army personnel or pro-Russian separatists have fired it, remains unclear. Videos and images that circulate on the net, should demonstrate how the BUK system was brought from Russia in the Eastern Ukraine. And there, was fired on that Thursday around 13.20 clock. Media are on their way to the Ukraine, speak with alleged witnesses, research at venues. But who and what can you believe?

A man, a cliche: private investigator Josef Resch Photo: Jens Bold

His clients are professionals. Or have looked too much James Bond. Communication with the Swiss man running mostly on codes on websites. From phone booths numbers are dialed abroad, who often belong to restaurants. Messages are stored there. One of the first meetings Resch is a dollar sign. The Swiss then it breaks into two parts, right through the signature, one half Resch that henceforth he should carry with you enough. The other half he is a. It could be, says the Swiss, that employee by him appeared in the investigators in order to exchange messages. They would always half of the dollar there. Who anspreche him without the dollar bill, do not come from him.

As a reward for the information on MH 17 is world public, Resch is buried by an avalanche of emails, calls and letters. Its server breaks even at times under the weight. Documents are served on him, sometimes better, sometimes worse falsified. Conspiracy theories of all kinds get to hear the investigator. "We have needed weeks to sift and sort. 99.9 percent were clearly mark off as nonsense, "said Resch.

Each chain of evidence can be apparently refutes. Photos are exposed as forgeries, the revealing evidence later turn out to be amateurish. Russia presents images of Ukrainian military jets, occupy 17. Credible analysis bound for MH, they are fake. The governments in Kiev and Moscow do everything possible to prove the guilt of the other. The truth remains on track. The silence of the United States are the most mystery. A war zone on the eastern edge of Europe should not have been meticulously monitored? Hard to imagine. And the impotence of the international investigators can doubt. Should something be covered up?

Resch and his team arrange several meetings with alleged informants. Each appointment meticulously prepared. Mostly in Germany, in hotels around Lübeck. Here Resch feels safe. It's his pitch. Invitations to come to Ukraine or to Russia, he ignored. "Who really useful documents, and wants to sell it, which also comes to Germany," is his credo.

Some informants log in to the lawyer of Resch. Meetings take place in the firm. As in December, when two black SUVs ancestors with British license plates. Three men get out, introduce themselves as the head of a security company that has been working for the British government in Ukraine. The spokesman is titled a lord. On the website of the company, there are movies, like storming heavily armed mercenaries homes and buses. And a note that the company was involved in military, defense, and intelligence and care close ties to the British government.

For the government in Kiev, the company, as the British, the Russians have the communications recorded and evaluated. This finding that the Russians had shot down 17 MH. There were even videos. The evidence should be only for cash but there. The legend: The private company wanted a gild his acquired in the service of the Crown evidence. For plump, find Resch. A second planned meeting in Zurich, it can burst.

At the same time also held meeting with a Russian-speaking man, according to Resch. Twice they had taken about 35 to 40 year olds. He would each have a thick folder with documents, copies of documents with stamps and the references "top secret" had it. Alleged Sender: the Ukrainian secret service SBU. The man, as he had said, had many contacts in the forefront of Ukraine.

According to an informant, the original documents should have been destroyed long ago. This arrangement also to be found in the documents again.Capital could inspect them. In the submitted documents whose authenticity can not be verified, referring to the launch of MH 17, reported the arrest of witnesses, redeployment of forces. In an arrangement of 24 July 2014 the Director of the Directorate of the SBU in the Lugansk region states that one of the military personnel have made video recordings of the event. The man was identified and vorläufug arrest.

The informant did, however, insisted on speaking directly with clients Resch. He also tried to drive a wedge in Resch team. A former detective chief was an informer of Ukrainians, he claimed. The investigation had revealed. Resch broke off contact with the Russians, liked him as a not credible.

A few weeks ago came the contact to have now led to the breakthrough. The man had been in the morning at 9 clock unannounced in front of his house, says Resch, and asked for an interview. That you have then done in a public place. About the contents of the talks must not talk Resch. He must submit a confidentiality statement to its clients.

The Informant seemed so credible that it was first the Swiss husband ordered the next meeting. It was the man with the half dollar bill. And supposedly it was to bargain. The end of May was Resch, he says, paid his fee and set the search.

Four days later it rings again at his door. A gentleman who introduces himself as an employee of a major German law firm Resch makes an offer for its information gained. "That could have been a test of my clients be" suspected Resch. Or the lawyer was working on behalf of a public authority.

After ten months of investigation Resch is pleased that the case is closed. Who shot MH 17, he can not say. Resch shrugs. He was no longer privy to the details of the last informants. At least, says Resch. Until then, there had been well-crafted documents for each version. ". The longer we have identified all the more opaque it was" But, so Resch added: "I expect that very soon something will happen. Who pays that kind of money for information which they do not keep to himself. "

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