Friday, June 5, 2015

Hackers are selling the web recording from the cockpit "Buka", shot down Boeing

Hackers are selling the web recording from the cockpit "Buka", shot down Boeing
JUNE 5, 2015 15:51

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation recently named the chief witness the crash of the aircraft Boeing-777 "Malaysian Airlines' near Donetsk. Two days later, the network has a kind of "answer": Exchange of information auctioned materials of the tragedy. As the seed is offered video from the cockpit "Buka".

The video lasts fifteen minutes. It begins with the complete darkness. "Board on the approach, according to the time" - sounds a male voice in Russian. "Yes. Time - 16.07. It must be 160 kilometers away from us, "- responds, as it will become clear," the commander. "

The first voice asks: "Is not it time to transfer alert?".

"We have time," - with a kind of confident and impressive intonation says "commander" in response.

Then the picture becomes clear. Images are in the cockpit of some combat vehicle: see the different devices, sensors, tumblers. Review closes the head of one of the soldiers in the headset.

"Operational time: 16.07, 17.07 in 2014. Willingness to number one. Turn on the equipment, "- says the" commander ". In response to the "first" and "second" statements in turn reported that "adopted". Located to the cabin begin to produce some operations. They will switch some tumblers, something start. It becomes very noisy.The remaining 30 seconds of video can be heard only the work of a powerful machine, the people are silent.

"Soon the site new auction will be held with details on Boeing-777 flight MH17", - a message appeared on the official page of "Exchange of information" on Twitter. Website positioning itself as a platform allowing monetize basic value asset of the XXI century - a significant credible information.

"We stand for freedom of speech, so the main purpose of creating the exchange is to publish information of public interest in the public domain. Our platform helps avoid unnecessary risks and to remain anonymous, to implement any information to the buyer interested in her. We, in turn, act as guarantors of the deal, "- said in a statement on the home page of the resource.

It is there that you can buy, for example, text messages, Dmitry Medvedev, with his Iphone stolen or photos from the birthday of her husband's press-secretary of Russian Prime Minister Alexander Budberg. Calculations are made in the online currency - Bitcoins (one Bitcoin is worth about 12 thousand rubles).

Meanwhile, experts have put into question the veracity of the recording. Remove the clip could anytime, anywhere."Yes, it seems to combat the cabin, but where is the guarantee that this is not yesterday removed? Voice Commander announces? I also lay out a record tomorrow then and there on September 11 call, for example, will be discussing? "- Reacted strongly to the video military commentator Nikolay Rykov.

In addition, some experts believe that the emergence of such material almost immediately after the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin said the name of the chief witness crash Boeing (Ukrainian military engineer Yevgeny Agapov) looks very strange.

"You can theorize long. Confirmations no no, but let's rely on the facts. Let the commission, which is investigating the accident, examine the record, let determine when and by whom it was removed, and then talk with Agapov.Only it must be done quickly. A year has passed, where are the results? "- Asks a fair question Rykov.

July 17, 2014 last year, Boeing-777 airlines Malaysia Airlines flew from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam. In the sky above the Donetsk region, where at that time held the military conflict between the security forces and militias Ukrainian Donbass, the plane crashed. All the 298 people who were on board were killed.

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