Monday, May 4, 2015

U.S.A. The Rapid Road to Default

U.S.A. The Rapid Road to Default

Realizing that such an astronomical national debt as 18 trillion. USD decent and powerful country like the United States have positioned themselves to have simply a disgrace, the US launched an extensive PR propaganda campaign whose aim to debunk "the myth" of financial insolvency States and close their economies to default.

The question immediately arises - why, for whom is this bravura hype in the media and on the Internet? On the major financiers, speculators, big investors or finance ministries of other countries? It is absurd, because there are intelligent people sitting far away, perfectly understands and realizes the real situation. If the emphasis is on the public at large - too strange, since most of the world in general do not care about the state of the US economy. It can be on its own inhabitants? Perhaps, however, they assess the situation in their own country according to their own wallets and long deceive their "naked optimistic "difficult. Nevertheless, the US is trying to convince one and all, and first of all, yourself that it is all well and public debt problems are far-fetched, and it is generally enemies of the Stars and Stripes.

The propagandists of the US State Department "with a straight face," trying to reassure his opponents that the national debt equal to almost the entire annual GDP of the country (97%) this is not a harbinger of default. They say that there are countries in which it exceeds it, and nothing to live and thrive. This statement is similar to the comfort of the patient with cancer in inoperable stage - say live people with the same disease, and nothing at the same time omitting that death sooner or later all the same inevitable. To confirm this prediction is sufficient to take the database of the IMF, which has all the information on the national debt already since 1800. In cases where it has exceeded one hundred percent mark of 63, but in 52 of them it ended in default and a serious economic crisis. About the same situation we are today USA.

Avoiding disaster in this country could balance a number of ways . Either due to the colonies as it was until the mid twentieth century, which could be used as a source of income, while almost completely destroying them. Today, however, this is not possible. Then, due to the rapid typesetting loans, although a temporary measure and is very risky, but it allows to delay a complete collapse.You can even cut back domestic spending, for example, in the social sphere, but it is also a risk, as it can lead to a social explosion in the population and then derailed fly has everything. Either due to the outbreak of war, which, as you know, any spur the economy, rebuilding the industry on a war footing and opening up new sources of revenue. Judging by the vectors that have chosen for themselves in terms of US foreign policy, most of them "cute" is the last option, but frankly to go this route is the White House afraid. 

Only one thing - the default, that is classified bankruptcy . Moreover, it is possible to say with confidence - not just the United States can not, but never intended to pay its debts. Confident in his own "chosen" and exclusivity Washington does not come to mind that you can behave honestly, under international law, if any problem can be solved with a position of strength.Destroy lenders is much easier than to dodge and look for money to pay debts.But the consequences of default and devaluation of the dollar will be, and the complete and irrevocable. States themselves do not produce anything, and the conversion of their currencies into worthless pieces of paper imports from oil to food, on which rests the whole US economy will be unavailable due to the unaffordable cost.

And there is no place for world domination, and, as they say, "not to fat, I would live to be." Straw, in the form of US government bonds, which they expect will not pull the country out of the economic swamp. President of the World Bank is very influential PMorgan Chase & Co Jamie Dimon said this "hope" because the United States: "One morning the market of government bonds will go against the United States. This is guaranteed. The US can not borrow indefinitely, regardless of what people think about this in Washington. A hundred years of the country bankrupt thought they could get out because they were the main currency of the world and the strongest army in the world. They are behind the times, without noticing how everything in the world has changed, and live yesterday. And to pay for such carelessness would have an exorbitant price. "

But the State Department continues to lie, telling the world and its taxpayers that the US economy - the largest and most stable in the world, and can not fail, although according to the IMF the largest and most developed economies, China has today. Moreover, Washington has said that the growth rate will soon overtake the US and the world economy as a whole . However, even the most mediocre economist proves that chance to do that in America about the same as winning the lottery billion. Around the same section of the "fiction" and forecasts for the US economy, but with the caveat on the obstinacy of the Congress, which could destroy them if you do not allow raising the debt ceiling. But the problem, according to the PR from the State Department, is completely solved. His train people agree.

But analyzing it all States forget about the external factors that could push the country into an economic abyss with just one touch. For example, the same China, if the relationship between Beijing and Washington for some reason deteriorated sharply, can throw on the overall market its portfolio of US Treasury and simply derail this whole market, depreciating the wrapping paper to the level. Almost the same in strength and shock can cause rejection of the dollar as mutual sought by many countries. The process of giving up the "green" still in its infancy, but it is rapidly accelerated Ways to beat out of America's financial footing is more than enough. After all, if the dollar will cease to be necessary for calculations in transnational transactions and US exports in the global economy is minimal and not taken into account, to whom they will be needed? For internal use only in the United States. Following this and lose their attractiveness US bonds. And then America because its economy will collapse like a house of cards.

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