Monday, May 11, 2015

This Victory Day in Kiev fear was defeated!


This Victory Day in Kiev fear was defeated!  

If you are told that Kiev crushed by fear and completely subject to the power of color painted Nazi regime, do not believe. I was born in Kiev and has lived here for many years. I've seen a lot of celebrations for Victory Day, but it was exactly the event.Always cheerful, bright, but - organized. May 9, 2015 was different. This number of people who came to the park of Glory, the Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the behest of the heart, without any organization, despite the intimidation, I have never seen. 

Several hours by people of different ages flow moved to the streets of Pechersk Obelisk of Glory. ... Even in the early morning, when the streets of the central part of the city and the metro "Arsenal" were half-empty, conspicuous incredible number of police officers who had been brought, apparently, from all over Ukraine. Officers with the rank of major to colonel stood in the cordon. Employees of the APU in a camouflage with the police closed the passage to the Eternal Flame and blocked the entire roadway. Laying flowers not allowed. 

Young volunteers handed out a new, invented power emblem - a red poppy with a black hole inside. Local wits dubbed the symbol "dream proctologist," but jokes aside, and yet no one has estimated the harm brought to work on the change of consciousness in which etched the memory of the victory of the once united people. In recent months, the heads of people invested at times blatantly crazy things like that Ukrainians have been cheated because Moscow and fought on the side of the enemy - the Soviet Union. And yet the people of Kiev did not behave as expected power. 

Suddenly I saw near the "gun Arsenalski" a group of people with portraits of family members - participants in the war and is attached to the portraits of St. George ribbons. On the ribbon glances standing nearby military camouflage. Glances, but said nothing. And when I asked a solid police colonel, why we do not miss the Eternal Flame, one grunt answered and escorted the answer with a nod to the black car SBU: "So there is this ... guarantee."That was called "parade" is a pathetic. Under the bravura marched Ukrainian military musicians and three guest orchestra from Poland, Lithuania and Estonia, for whom he marched from nowhere Orchestra emerged from Jordan. There were roughly played weak. 

Finally, to the delight of a tired cordon, the sovereign leaders imperceptibly left the Park of Glory. The precipitate from the "parade" quickly dissipated, and then, in fact, started the holiday. I saw the people of Kiev, going with a special mood. The faces we read: "You make us celebrate your opinion, and we will celebrate our way." Then, back home, I thought, where is unprecedented multitude? This rise? And I realized.Victory Day May 9, 2015 in Kiev, there was a demonstration of contempt - contempt for those in power. To those who intimidates, reaches into the soul, into the memory of the family. To those who did everything to defile the memory of the past. And yet this multitude authorities stated: "We are not afraid of you!" Two words about George Ribbon. 

At first they were rare. But at the Eternal Flame, without fear of reprisal promised, tens and hundreds of people of Kiev were moving, wearing the symbol of the Great Victory. They walked past the grave of Marshal Rybalko, the monument Kovpaka next to the graves of these heroes and to each plate with the name of the hero laid flowers. Thousands of colors. Near the Eternal Flame were so many flowers that they formed a human wall. Immediately, at the eternal flame, waving red flags of the two compounds of the Great Patriotic Guards. 

There were songs of the war years.People came and went ... the flow of official speeches almost was not. Several people were from the Communists and Socialists. People quite strongly supported the slogans "Glory to the Soviet people-winner!", "Long live the Soviet Ukraine!". And, again, it was all spontaneous, at the behest of the heart. Of course, not without hysterics, no hysterical outcries, but they immediately drowned in the chorus voices: "Glory to the Great Victory!" I did not expect this, but the general mood of celebration was cheerful, brave, cheerful ... Then they approached Kiev priesthood, the bishops led by the Primate-Metropolitan Onuphrii. 

After the priests moved the laity with icons of St. George, St. Vladimir, St. Seraphim of Sarov. Many were inspired when on the day of the holiday, and on the eve of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Onuphrius in the face and his associates showed to much needed today fearlessness. At a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on May 8, Metropolitan Onuphrius with two bishops - Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanichem) and Bishop Jonah (Cherepanov) - condemned the war and pointedly did not stand up when Poroshenko read out the names of the "heroes of ATU."

Thus the Church has set an example of courage his faithful children. At 13 hours Moscow time on the hills resound: "Christ is risen from the dead!" began a memorial service for the repose of the fallen in the Great War. Hundreds of priests and thousands of people of Kiev repeated: "Eternal Memory!" Maybe someone saw the other day. Surely, Kiev TV people, "chicks Kolomoisky and Pinchuk," show another picture.

 However, I saw just such Kiev - not scared, and focused on the domestic opposition to the authorities charged a protest against the defamation of the memory of the "holy war." My late father started the Great Patriotic War in the battles of Kiev. Sometimes I used to feel ashamed in front of him - for our indifference, cowardice. So, today, in the May 9 Victory Day, I was not ashamed. Kiev, May 9, 2015

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