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The #Ukraine Crisis #Video ( ~ "I was wrong " ~ ) is gaining popularity on the Internet

The #Ukraine Crisis #Video ( ~ "I was wrong " ~ ) is gaining popularity on the Internet

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Apr 28, 2015 at 3:32 pm

We were Knocking, but the "international community" will not think their Govt. have ordered this, and by in large they do not care about us dying... But we thank you Igor with enormous gratitude for the beautiful uplifting trance, and to show the truth in the video. The video " I was wrong  "(" I was wrong ") is gaining popularity on the Internet. The first images show the peaceful life of Donetsk: shiny stadium "Donbass Arena", mothers with children walk in the park Scherbakov, the flow of vehicles on the main streets. And a sharp change of scenery - peaceful life ended. Shells flew work "Grads", thousands killed, shot 17 frames trolley, burning churches, kindergartens and destroyed the airport ... Author clip DJ Rha, a resident of Donetsk, a linguist by training.

In his 40 years, he recorded an album, but the theme of his trance was peaceful. Until the war came. He was in his native Donetsk and saw what made ​​his military action. He did not remain silent. - In my house three artillery shells hit. His family was forced to move to another housing, - said "KP" Igor Ilnitsky, the author of the clip. - I am surprised by friends who went to Kiev, and now there they told me that in Donetsk militia fired home. 

But I know that the city Avdeevka Ukrainian missiles flew into my house. As for all the inhabitants of Donetsk for a life divided into "before" and "after" May 26, 2014. That day began shelling the airport from which the skeletons were incinerated. - When the military flew Avicenna, I realized that the Ukrainian army, which is to protect its people, sent us weapons. It turns out that what we deducted the taxes? To us for our money killed?- Indignantly said Igor Ilnitsky. 

Then came to him the realization that Ukraine, which he loved, which believed, had betrayed him. - I do not love my country. Until recently I did not believe that the Ukrainian army will shoot. And when I heard from a friend of the SBU, the guys will not risk their own lives and to lead an operation to clean up, and will hit the whole city, I realized that I was wrong in the country. 

This phrase has become a key and track - explains the author. Donetsk Donbass artist calls for the release of the Ukrainian army. Under the clip in social networks a lot of positive comments, they are mainly from residents of Donbass and the CIS countries. - It's a terrible truth, but it somehow it is necessary to communicate to the honest people in Ukraine, - wrote Zinaida Smelkov. 

However, those who continue to wish the death of Donbass, write it zakazuha, and wonder why the song in English. The author teaches and Russian, and Ukrainian. However, the latter does not want to use. A song «I was wrong» specially recorded in English to inform the public about the main idea that needs to be rescued from the Donbass Ukrainian army. 

His video, he even sent deputies to Germany. Because he understood that residents of Donbass clear and without words on Ukrainian channels will not take a clip, so let the whole world is watching. In Germany, according to him, began to break the germs of truth Merkel after a meeting with Putin. - I believe that we dostuchitsya to the world community. I can even get to the "hit list", but not afraid of anything

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