Wednesday, May 27, 2015

President of Poland: to Poroshenko, I have no time to meet with a Loser

President of Poland: to Poroshenko, I have no time to meet with a Loser

The new president of Poland, the first thing "sent" Poroshenko clear: there is no time to meet with the loser new Polish president, followed by the European Union, "put the instrument" to Ukraine and its president. No sooner had the Polish Central Election Commission announced changer Komorowski won the presidential election, both Duda immediately from this height spat in the soul of the great Ukrainian people. And Poroshenko, who announced the meeting with the new Polish leader, had to wipe.

Suddenly it became clear that the President of Poland do not have time to communicate with Maidana losers. Scheduled for Wednesday, May 27 at the Warsaw meeting of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, with the winner of the presidential elections will not take place Andrzej Duda. 

It is reported by the Polish agency PAP, citing its own sources close to the newly-elected head of state. "previously planned meeting with Andrzej Duda, however, will not take place ... The decision was made ​​because of the many duties of the newly elected president and believable because of the need to travel Brussels, "- said the agency and recalled that Duda is a deputy of the European Parliament. 

Everything is logical: the new leader of Poland's first compare notes with the EU, which demonstrates the fatigue and irritation of the Ukraine, and then will decide how to deal with the "lackeys" . By the way, before leaving Duda sent a clear signal to Kiev. 

He stated that: - Poland will not allow its soldiers to war in Ukraine - Ukraine will have to reconsider the glorification of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army fighters, cutting Poles in Volyn. In general, Poroshenko, who apparently will be the last president of Ukraine will have to while away the time in the company today the same loser: Pastry and retired president of Poland together look the final match of the Europa League.

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