Sunday, May 10, 2015

Obama made a big mistake by refusing to come to the Victory Parade in Moscow

American Veteran: Our relationship to Russia's Victory Day,  is now a shame for the United States and President Obama

Connecticut Veteran Alfred Marder Leo in an exclusive interview told LifeNews about why Washington rewrites history of the Second World War.

World War II veteran and president of the International Association of Cities - Messengers of Peace Leo Alfred Marder held at the front for four years, participated in a meeting of the allies on the Elbe and still belongs to the great human love and respect for the Soviet soldiers with whom he procured alongside victory over fascism. To celebrate the 9th of May, he arrived in Moscow from Connecticut, and 93-year-old Marder simply does not believe that the president of his country - Barack Obama - did not have time to simply congratulate the Russian veterans.

- Obama made a big mistake by refusing to come to the Victory Parade in Moscow. And the fact that he did not find time even to congratulate the Russian veterans - it's just a shame - indignant veteran. - US President ignores the lessons of World War II and intentionally doing everything to divide the nations defeated fascism.

For most of Alfred Marder visit to May 9 in Moscow was a matter of principle. Veteran still keeps in memory the time is not yet victory, but her apprehension, and the memory for him is inextricably linked to the exploits of Soviet soldiers, which he could personally congratulate on Victory Parade this year.

- I know very well how Soviet soldiers killed during the war, so their achievement should not be underestimated - says the American. - By the way, I was the first soldiers who saw the Soviet troops enter Austria. At that moment I realized that winning really close.

Marder acknowledged that previously could not even imagine that Washington will rewrite the history of World War II, fully offset by the contribution of the Soviet people in the defeat of Nazi troops. Now, according to the veteran, the US started to unleash the Cold War, as the main instrument to support its militarist ambitions chosen falsification of the past. At the same time, it emphasizes the Marder, the situation with Ukraine was only a pretext to divide brotherly peoples, because the interests of the United States are in a slightly different plane.

- The US government has always wanted to not only compete with Russia in the sale of gas and energy, but also to become a leader in this market. Because the US was advantageous to shift past the Ukrainian government and get the opportunity to place its armed forces closer to Russia's borders, to take over the situation - he explains. - But Ukraine should become truly independent and prosperous state, not a puppet in the hands of supporters of Obama, encroaching on Russia's wealth.

Meanwhile, Mr. Marder sadly admits that the situation in world politics it is more like a pre-war balance of power era. The modern world is very fragile, says the veteran, and if we miss this moment, we can not find it again.

- I have dedicated my life to the struggle for peace, but the atmosphere today reminds me of the one that preceded the Second World War. The scope of propaganda in the United States - it is something incredible. Washington portrays Putin as a person who dreams to revive the empire, but the Nazis in Ukraine in emphasis does not see, - complains Marder . - In our organization, there are still people who think independently and act for peace, but I fear that we have too little to turn the tide.

Recall, US President congratulated the Russians on the Day of Victory over Adviser. FOrme of congratulations displeased diplomats around the world. In accordance with international practice to make such statements made ​​in person, rather than pass through aides. About congratulatory telegram of congratulations from the veterans in the Kremlin, Obama also did not report.

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