Monday, May 11, 2015


Monday, May 11, 2015 Alex Zhuravko

I want to share with you the impressions of a trip to the border of Ukraine and Russia. What immediately catches the eye are hundreds of cars from Western Ukraine, Vinnitsa, Transcarpathian, Volyn, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, Kyiv. It is chock full of buses too. The ride is clearly a long time, carrying children, household objects. And all in the direction of Russia, and not vice versa. Somehow these people jumped and shouted: "Who does not jump, the Muscovite." They all concentrated on the border.

So as they completed thier documents at the customs post, I would to ask people a series of questions and asked them directly: "Why do you go to Russia?" The answer was a question: "And where are we to work and how will we live under fascism?"

Almost all said with one voice that they have relatives there and are still there. I asked a second question: "What about Europe do you not accept?", To which it was said that they're not wanted in the EU. "But the Maidan rode on Independence from Russia." In response to this only silence ... I ask the question: "Where are you from?" I said that I was from Kherson.

But most importantly, I saw that every passing car with Ukrainian numbers were Ukrainian national flags with the arms, and they had not been removed. Because they know - in Russia, such savagery as in Ukraine. Nobody breaks the machine due to the yellow-blue flags. But quite often in Ukraine they do break car windows when they see inside the Russian tricolor and St. George ribbon.

I call it bestiality and lawlessness.

When we were smoking on the street, I asked: "But you were fighting for independence, hopped on the Maidan. Now to see that very often foreigners in the ministries? ". You know, what was the response? "We were deceived."

When loosened their tongues! You can not imagine that they are now talking about Europe and in words akin to diarrhea. We heard 8 people talk and from not one I have not heard a good word about the present government.

When he returned to the question, "But you train rode on Independence", one of them volynyanin Ivan said: "If we knew what would happen, would shed blood and we will be unemployed, we'd still have a gold Yanukovych bought a loaf." And others, who stood nearby, silent and did not speak.

Well, as we saw it? It appeared Ukraine will gradually be rid of all their working population. Adults often in search of work, young people running away from war and devastation. You know how sad it was to see and understand - a significant portion of them will never return to their homeland. Not even to visit. Quite possibly in a couple of years, Ukraine will remain without any of the working population. Maybe this is why so many are seeking a new power?

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