Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Captured Russian in Ukrainian Hospital has a New Mysterious Injury

Captured Russian in Ukrainian Hospital has a New Mysterious Injury

Kiev, May 19.

In Happiness is detained a former Russian milita, Yevgeny Yerofeyev told us during his interrogation that he got injured his right hand wanted to blow himself up with a grenade.

This information became known to a small movie that has published adviser to the head of the SBU Markiyan Lubkivsky on your page Facebook. On the record shows how Yerofeyev gives recognition of who he is and what he would do. This he said during interrogation, from which videovyderzhki unveiled on his page on Facebook
"As we opened fire, he was wounded in the arm, the bullet. Bone shattered, fell for a time lost consciousness. Woke up, began to crawl, not crawled, soldiers came from the trenches "- said the" commando ".
He said that during his detention he thought that he was immediately killed. And allegedly wanted to blow himself up with a grenade.
"I wanted to undermine the grenade itself - right hand does not listen, could not reach. Could not the left - no chance, "'said Yerofeyev.
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Well, but the hands SBU shnikov could reach Yerofeyev later, when he was taken to the hospital. Judging by the photo, which replicate many Ukrainian media, you will notice that when a man was in the hospital he did have a gunshot wound of the right hand, the left was great. A little later there was a photo which clearly shows that the left hand Yerofeyev significantly swollen and now plastered.

Ukrainian media, in particular Odessa "Timer" and on the "Kharkiv" began to suspect that Yerofeyev could be tortured, but that's to hide the traces of these people did not even try. While previously the director of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights Alexander Brod said that while detained Yerofeyev and Alexandrov being treated in hospital, their lives and health is not threatened.

What is wrong in these photos?
Thus, the chief editor of "Timer" Yuri Tkachev on its official Facebook page has published two photos Yerofeyevwith various injuries, with the caption "What is wrong in these photos."

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