Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ban Ki-moon noted the contribution to the preservation of Putin and Russia's commitment to peace

Ban Ki-moon noted the contribution to the preservation of Putin and Russia's commitment to peace

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the May 9 saw the pride on the faces of the proud people who participated in the celebration of Victory Day in Moscow, and noted their commitment to peace. According to Ban Ki-moon, he "would like to congratulate Putin on this achievement," Russian President Vladimir Putin, is Number 1. "Interfax".

"And after the parade (Victory Day Parade - a comment." Heathcliff! ") I saw that the streets were hundreds of people. And at first I thought they demonstrate against your government. But then I saw that there is, on the contrary they welcomed your government, "- said the UN Secretary General, participated in the celebrations on Red Square. He added that Putin really "deserved the love of the people."

The President in turn thanked Ban for his presence at the celebrations on May 9 in Moscow and noted that the participation of the head of the UN in this festival was "quite naturally". "I mean, what the victor countries and Nazism was founded this organization, created precisely to such tragedies in the world will not happen again," - said Putin. He also expressed his gratitude to all who work at the United Nations for its efforts to maintain peace.

May 9 Red Square Victory Parade was held, which was attended by the military equipment of the Great Patriotic War, as well as the latest Russian military vehicles, including a tank T-14 "Armata" BTR platform "Kurganets" anti-tank missile complexes "Kornet- D "aircraft. Later, in the center of Moscow began the procession, "Immortal regiment." Hundreds of thousands of people holding pictures of their relatives who fought in WWII, followed by a column from the Belorussky railway station to the main square of the country.

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