Friday, May 22, 2015

APU military staged a mutiny on the Yavoriv training ground, where the joint exercises with the US

APU military staged a mutiny on the Yavoriv training ground, where the joint exercises with the US

APU soldiers staged a mutiny just before the American instructors

While at the Yavoriv training ground in the Lviv region unfolding US-Ukrainian exercises involving the National Guard under mobilized in APU soldiers staged a mutiny, blocking the way to the training part.Military demand from the country's leadership, or give them a form and start learning, or dissolve the new wave of recruits to their homes.
According to the Ukrainian edition of "Today" with reference to the wife of one of the rebel soldiers, mobilized soldiers outraged by the actions of the General Staff, who once again sided with the volunteer battalions : leadership training the National Guard under the soldiers arranged by American instructors, provide them with food and clothing, and the regular army conscripts to ignore.
- Today, exactly one month, how to mobilize the guys are out there, the form has not got a lot of running on the teachings in slippers or flip-flops, - quotes edition of the word wife of one of the soldiers. - On the shooting they were taken only four times. Training Battalion set patriotic, but none of them wants to be cannon fodder.
Recall, on the Yavoriv training ground passes six Ukrainian military training under the guidance of instructors from the United States. The Americans have prepared the soldiers for the National Guard under the program, similar to the last month of the basic course of training in the US Army, but in the first two weeks it was found that skills of Ukrainian soldiers is not enough. So far, the Ukrainians are taught to cut the barbed wire, knock the door with the help of scrap, used the radio and do not throw fellow soldiers on the battlefield. There are videos on the frames of which the US Marines at the site near Lviv taught men to use the APU to the Soviet RPG-7, which was adopted more than 50 years ago.
Problems with the equipment of the army of Ukraine remained the same as a year ago, as the Ukrainian General Staff used to systematically save on their troops. For example, a battalion of "Phoenix" were armed with mortars 1943 issue, but several teams have given militants rusty bullets. In August last year, the Ministry of Defence has spent 3.5 million dollars on the vests, which Prosecutor General's Office found to be unsuitable for use in the area of ​​so-called anti-terrorist operation. Moreover, in October, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has sent to the front line "helmets Paintball": coldaty APU read in the instructions that the fragile equipment is not designed to protect against bullets.
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