Friday, April 24, 2015

What will you do when the conflict in the Donbas spill over its borders?

DNR | Novorossia
What will you do when the conflict in the Donbas spill over its borders?

Today at 7:01 am

04.24.15. Posted by volunteer "Motorola". "For the" Geniuses "from other parts of the former Ukrainian! What will you do when the conflict in the Donbas spill over its borders? Soon the war comes to those regions which have never thought that next to their homes will tear shells. To you come thousands of angry men with guns ... angry deaths of their children, wives, mothers, friends, killed Ukrainian missiles and mines in the trolley, apartments, hospitals, schools, on the streets. 

You, gentlemen, Panov, take then the liberty to declare them in the eye, that their children and mothers killed militia, not Ukrainian soldiers? Do you living in hundreds of kilometers from Donbass enough arguments to prove to them that everything happened exactly as you told the Ukrainian TV? What arguments will you convince men of Donbass not shoot at your city? After all, they see eye to eye who shot from guns and hail their home. 

You morons who are now indifferent comment on the deaths of civilians phrases like: "This is war, and War without accidental deaths do not happen, "will call whether the death of his close" absurd coincidence? " When the militia begin to bomb your city, which under the guise of peaceful citizens will hide the remains of aspiring punitive, if you can just as easily look at the bodies of their children and their mothers? or you'll cry, scratching the ground helplessly: "They are something for what ?! 

For what my babies, angels innocent, bombs and shells ?! " You get smart somewhere in Cherkassy or Uzhgorod, and wishing victory of Ukrainian troops ... you've ever seen the torn bodies of their loved ones? They buried the broken shards mother? Stood under fire in line for humanitarian aid, in order not to starve to death? No? And Donbass sees it almost every day! For all his pleas to stop the fire and save the lives of innocent people, you meet patriotic smile! 

Will you just grin when the bombs fly on your head?Let each of you will ask yourself this question, before sending another batch of curses against the Donbass and call for war against the citizens of an independent country of New Russia. "

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