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US is deploying troops worldwide, seeing only enemies everywhere they have an embassy

US is deploying troops worldwide, seeing only enemies everywhere they have an embassy

US developing and implementing a new military doctrine to maintain the status of a world power in the new geopolitical conditions, writes Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. Washington is convinced that his enemies and friends can easily be swapped, so the United States must place all over the world their soldiers and military equipment for rapid response to any potential threat.

The US Army must be able to promptly accommodate soldiers and military equipment anywhere in the world and respond to the actions of a hypothetical enemy. Thus the United States intends to maintain its status as a world power in the changing geopolitical conditions, writes Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.

To this end, the military leadership of the United States is developing a new doctrine, the key provisions of which are set out in a document entitled "Victory in the complex world of 2020-2040," said the publication. At the same Washington assumes that began in 2001, the fight against terror will continue around the world indefinitely.

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As recalled by the author earlier in America took place a fierce debate over whether the United States if the president is authorized on the basis of possible links to the September 11 attacks to use military action against any country or any group. According to the newspaper, the current practice shows that the new strategy is working, and the mission of the military training in the Ukraine - is not an isolated incident, but part of the system. To it also applies placement of soldiers and military equipment the United States in Eastern Europe as part of a military program Atlantic Resolve, argues the author.

The basic concept of the new US military doctrine reads as follows: "The enemy is unknown, its geography is unknown and his coalition known" . As the newspaper writes, in the XXI century, the United States intends to rely only temporary allies. "Every friend can become an enemy. Friends and enemies can somehow change places, " - the article says.

In addition, the US military document says that the enemy will use a variety of traditional, non-standard and hybrid strategies to harm the national security interests of the United States. It also reported that the threat may come from nations that international terrorists, insurgents and criminal organizations.

To succeed, you must take into account many factors, continues to Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.In particular, the US Army has to be active in social networks and control how to cover the conflict.You also need to develop a program to combat hacker attacks. In addition, the need to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the publication lists.

According to the US document, by 2030 60 percent of the world's population will live in cities. On this basis, it is concluded that the purpose of the "enemy" will be megacities, the author writes. Many city administrations are not able to adequately control the cities and high unemployment combined with rapid population growth makes the city vulnerable. "US security forces will have to operate in the cities of decentralized," - the newspaper notes, based on the contents of the American document.

This particular threat to the United States sees in China, the paper reported. In recent years, Washington has expanded military and economic cooperation with India, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Japan, the author writes. This led to the fact that China feels threatened by America because the region is currently eight US military bases.

As a second major enemy assumed Russia, the newspaper says. In the Ukrainian conflict and the Crimea Moscow has shown how important for the country ground troops. "They based the power of the Russian army," - the author stresses. According to the article, US intelligence agencies and NATO officers have long been "openly admired the way is a hybrid war, Russian President Vladimir Putin" , and want, finally, to oppose him something decent.

The whole concept of the new US military doctrine is based on the fact that American troops should be in the zone of conflict before his eventual start summarizes Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. As the author explains, this means that "the United States sent its troops around the world and place weapons in shelters and on the bases, in the event of war, to be able to respond as quickly as possible" .

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Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten :

Buntspecht : megalomania and paranoia always go hand in hand - as the world's history. I wonder why all the governments of the European Union blindly follow a madman.

Ute : It is obvious that the United States suffer from paranoid disorder. Their perception of reality is distorted in the direction of the hostile attitude to the world. It must be terribly tedious - to be so tormented by greed, persecution mania, distrust and quarrelsomeness.

Stephan Achner : 300 millionth people want to own the world? Do not we already seen this in the last century, only with a smaller nation? With regard to this document, the United States' victory in a complex world "I can think of only one (in a free presentation on the" Asterix and Obelix "): they go astray, these Americans.

Dr . Hans - Ulrich Jauchner : This is a political psychopathology in its purest form. Who has such "friends" that do not need enemies. Angela Merkel will probably find for this frenzy warm words when again crawl out of their hiding places.

Helmut : This is a classic Anglo-Saxon imperialism. England in XIX century had built its empire, which collapsed in two world wars. This is not an enemy. Anyone who pursues its own interests and prevents imperial domination, will be destroyed.

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