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Ukrainian Idolatry is a Deep Core of Modern Satanism / And Nazism


Ukrainian Idolatry is a Deep Core of Modern Satanism / And Nazism

The other day in Kiev on the occasion neyubileynoy date of the birth of Taras Shevchenko was arranged a real coven. The role of the High Priest of the cult action took over Poroshenko. He and his cronies molded from Taras sinister figure. Like a spell, read excerpts from his works, containing including incitement to violence. What to do, like sin Kobzar ukraiynsko land ...

And then smart enough to dress Shevchenko in modern camouflage and present it as the sacred warrior so-called "ATO". Imagine that in Moscow in 1941, Pushkin and Tolstoy would rites Red Army uniform, - pure nonsense!And in Kiev Shevchenko - nothing got away. 

Maydanutye shamanists generally created from it idol, Superman. That is showed to the world an example of Satanism Ukrainian spill, because one of the signs of Satanism is the worship of the superman, superman. And in fact - the Antichrist. 

In many works of contemporary Ukrainian nationalist ideologues one of the characteristic features of Ukrainians called the presence of a "national deity" - Taras Shevchenko, which they refer to as "father of the nation" and "people in miniature", that is the archetype of Ukrainians and Ukrainians. 

In itself this a moot point, because the Ukrainians - a new phenomenon and artificially created. So that to a full archetype is not mature enough, since the latter is formed for centuries and even millennia. 

By the way, Archpriest Andrei Tkachev, who on television for many years led a nightly sermons "to sleep", once said that the statement of Taras Shevchenko instead of Nikolai Gogol's spiritual leader the Ukrainians have a great misfortune for the people of Ukraine. And he is absolutely right. 

First, no one can declare any man-god or personification of the nation. This inevitably causes great disasters. As for the opposition Gogol and Shevchenko. We are familiar with the work of both and know that Gogol was a man of deep churched, and an ardent supporter of all-Russian unity while preserving the complementary features of the Great and Little Russians. 

In the works of the same Shevchenko many incorrect statements against other ethnic groups, including "Moskal" and calls for rebellion and bloodshed. The passages in each can easily be found in books Shevchenko. 

In addition, it was characterized by a sense of pride and sadness, which is also sinful and characteristic of "the prince of this world", ie Satan. So the legacy of Shevchenko should be approached with great caution. 

In Ukraine, it has long been something of a "sacred cow": very few people read, but read all obliged. But widely read Gogol trying to rewrite or at least correct in favor of nationalists. Shevchenko should be read objectively, without bias and without calf enthusiasm. 

It will be clear and understood its true place in history and culture. That in itself would be a strong blow to the National Satanists. Especially notorious for their messianism. After all, despite the inordinate claims is considered the birthplace of the world if you do not, then European civilization, Ukraine has nothing to offer the world. 

It is absolutely devoid of any original civilizing mission. Unless, of course, do not take Tripolye pots that enthusiastic nationalists drove across Europe, trying to prove that they are evidence of the birth of the world culture is in Ukraine. Polite Europeans in response smiled, nodded. 

And then away from the television cameras will likely eloquently wheeled finger to his temple. Except, in fact, a fundamental contribution to world culture works the same Shevchenko, Mark Vovchok and the like. After all, outside of Ukraine with the exception of specialists nobody knows. 

Ukraine is not able to offer any and original ways of socio-economic development. Especially since she repeats the experience of some African countries ruled by ignorant leaders, distinguished boundless cruelty and greed. Against the background of spiritual poverty and intellectual poverty of the spiritual leaders of the only available ukronatsii chose their path - the path of Nazism. 

And Nazism - is one of the most striking manifestations of modern Satanism, with its cult chosen nation and "infallibility" of its leaders. Believing in the greatness and infallibility of the Bard, and much easier to believe in other "leaders": Bandera, Doncova, Shukhevych and even, sorry, Yarosh, Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk. 

In misery and poverty mentality spirituality is a natural phenomenon. This is acknowledged even the representatives of the nationalist camp of those who are smarter. The same Kanygin, author of "The Way of the Aryans", somehow open up: "Ukraine is mired in an absurd, surprising the world ... We, proprietary writers, ie members of the National Writers Union, about 1,700 people. 

And read something, in fact, nothing. We in the defense of scientific thesis itself applicant pays opponents. If they can slow down the "scientific" City Slickers? We have the highest national awards are given for the absolutely worthless works, and it is clear to everyone .... " But back to Shevchenko. 

At the time, the attitude towards him has already expressed a talented writer Oles elder, who, based on authentic documents, showed the world are far from unattractive features of the "Ukrainian god" as ingratitude, tearfulness, ability to adapt and live for others, and the like. 

Such is currently "Messiah"! For his true opus Oles Elder was severely beaten fascist agents. In our time, it is likely to be burned or moved the tank. One can not encroach upon the idols of the nation. Especially that the idols always crave blood. 

Such idolatry is a deep core of Ukrainian nationalism. But his followers have not grown to a truly Christian ideals. Yuri Zhukovsky

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